How Many Cards Are In A Tarot Deck - Types of Tarot Card Decks

How Many Cards Are In A Tarot Deck - Types of Tarot Card Decks

27 Nov, 2019 / Tarot

Number of Tarot Cards in a Deck

If you dive into the Tarot World, are you aware How many cards are in a Tarot Deck? Well, the answer is 78 cards. Yes, you are right; it takes 78 cards to know what is in store for your life. Are these cards a one-stop solution to all your problems in life? “No,” they are not! Instead, they are a sketch of your life. By living your life, have you ever been able to come to a one-stop solution to your life’s troubles? I am sure your answer is “No.” So, Tarot is your choice since it does not provide you the one-stop solution but instead a whole picture of your problems.

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Types of Tarot Card Decks

Tarot Decks are generally a set of 78 cards, often with their interpretations inscribed within them. They are personalized versions of the cards, and they are more concerned with how one man or a group of men have interpreted the cards at a given time. How many cards in a Tarot deck is not a great challenge but instead requires just a few minutes of your understandings.

The major Tarot decks which became popular in due course of time include

  1. Rider-Waite-Smith Deck- Designed by Pamela Smith using instructions of A.E Waite and published by Rider Company. The designs are simple, and the Tarot Decks was published in 1910.
  2. Angel Oracle Deck - Part of Oracle Tarot Decks, the first set of cards, was developed by Marie Anne Adelaide Lenormand. They originated in France in the 19th century. The Angel Oracle Tarot Decks comprises of 36 illustrated Angel Cards in the deck.
  3. The Universal Marseille Tarot - It is based on Swiss Tarot Decks, and these cards are created in 1751 by Claude Burdel, retaining the Woodcat look about it is infused with more natural color shading.  
  4. Druid Craft Tarot Deck  - The Druid Craft Tarot form comes from the natural druid and Wiccan practices, and they hold the spirit of a Wicca in place.
  5. Renaissance Tarot Deck  - Brian Williams Renaissance Tarot combines European Renaissance Culture with classical Greek and Roman stories. They depict the Olympic Gods along with other Greek and Roman deities.
  6. Wild Unknown Tarot Deck  - This form of Tarot Deck is used to explore the natural mysteries of the worldly human, animal and plant world. It has the minimal style with images meant for deep contemplation.
  7. The Legacy of the Divine - Ciro Marchetti, a talented artist and creator of the Gilded Tarot Deck and Tarot of Dreams, created these cards. Divine Legacy is portrayed very well with the use of realistic yet very magical digital style.

The Major Arcana  Tarot Deck  

Major Arcana-Reveal bigger picture of your life

The Major Arcana Cards of Tarot Decks talk about your life’s biggest challenges. Your entire life cycle, life’s major decisions and challenges. Tarot card reading tells what each Card would mean when they appear in your draw. You can use the table below to identify How many Tarot Cards are in a Deck.

Tarot Cards Inner Qualities Outer qualities
The Fool Tarot Card in Tarot Deck
  1. Asks you to have a naive belief in Nature
  2. faith in your inner instincts
  3. the energy of a child
  • a new beginning far from the last ending
  1.  a novice in search of the inner free-spirit
The Magician Tarot Card in Tarot Deck It asks you to believe in the magical world An emanation of power, intellect, and strength
The High Priestess   Tarot Card in Tarot Deck
  1. Mysticism
  2. Divination
  3. Understanding of the internal meaning of life and world,
  4. Evoking the intuition, generation of inner power
  5. Understanding the soul
  • Living life with the understanding of the realities of the world
The Empress Tarot Card in Tarot Deck
  1. Development of the feminine side
  2. Connection with the Yin energies of oneself
  1. Generation of external power
  2. Indicates inflow of resources
The Emperor  Tarot Card in Tarot Deck
  1. The flow of generosity and  
  2. Exudation of strength
  1. Future grounding and
  2. Stability
  3. authoritative position
The Hierophant    Tarot Card in Tarot Deck
  1. Maintaining traditions in the world.
  2. Fostering goodwill
  1. Your Yang energy build-up
  2. Strengthening of Beliefs
The Lovers  Tarot card in Tarot Deck
  1. Availability of Choices in Life
  2. An indicator of Good Times
  3. Expressing Harmony and Peace  
  1. Romantic establishments
  2. Blessing from above and  
  3. An uplifting time is nearing you
The Chariot Tarot Card in Tarot Deck
  1. Movement is indicated
  2. Progress is indicated
  3. Choosing one path to move forward is available
  1. Inner Understanding of the paths you must take
  2. Dominance in your work
  3. Control your steps and calculatingly move forward
Strength Tarot Card in Tarot Deck
  1. Wielding courage for outer development
  2. Remain unfazed even when in trouble
  3. Keep calm
  4. Generate patience
  1. Wield Inner Power
  2. Try to use your inner strength to subdue the beast
  3. Take a leap of Faith
The Hermit Tarot Card in Tarot Deck
  1. Stand aloof
  2. Judge the scenario
  3. Show the way to others with your experience as a beacon.
  1. Strengthen your judgment skills.
  2. Go deeper into your problems
  3. Strike a balance
The Wheel of Fortune   in Tarot Deck
  1. About to get a breakthrough
  2. Destiny would smile down upon you finally
  3. Either in work or life, some hurdle can be crossed.
  1. Good fortune is soon going to bless you.
  2. Life is going to become easier.
  3. Mental peace, physical and spiritual health will be all yours.
Justice Tarot Card in Tarot Deck
  1. If you are innocent, justice would be done to you; if your actions are not enough, judgment will turn against you.
  1. Your inner balance needs to be restored; if you have strayed from it, you need to understand that your actions can impact others to a great extent.
The Hanged Man  Tarot Card in Tarot Deck
  1. Halt whatever you are doing.
  2. Take a step back
  3. Be still
  4. Try to see a thing upside down
  1. Understand what are you surrounded with,
  2. Develop compassion for yourself and others.
  3. Develop your intellect to understand the spirit of life.
Death Tarot Card in Tarot Deck
  1. An end is near.
  2. A new beginning is in the corner
  3. You have suffered losses that need to be considered into life.
  1. Your inner realm is undergoing deep understandings.
  2. You are gaining more and more insight about the dead things in your life.
  3. Survey them and move forward, do not plan to cling to dead things.
Temperance Tarot Card in Tarot Deck
  1. An excess of some material possession or your ego is currently present in your life.
  2. Temper it down.
  3. Temperance can help you survive longer.
  1. Your inner soul is gurgling with something bitter and noxious.
  2. Temper it down, tone it down, it is not helping you
  3. Serve no other point, except your own welfare.
The Devil Tarot Card in Tarot Deck
  1. This shows the damage is done, and you cannot recover from its debt.
  2. The damage might be on the monetary front, personal front, mental, or moral front.  
  1. Your inner changes are in place, they are destructive at the moment or not aligned to the real you.
  2. This damage that is done to you will take time to heal. If possible, try to get out of whatever you were doing, if it’s your work, or your life or the people.
The Tower Tarot Card in Tarot Deck
  1. The Tower is crumbling down.
  2. There is too much load on the Tower that you have built around you
  3. You have to temper down, throw off random pieces.
  1. If emotions are a problem, throw them down.
  2. 2) If mental weakness is a problem, try to regain strength.
  3. Build a new tower or rebuild the old tower at least, if you can’t do anything else.
The Star Tarot Card in Tarot Deck
  1. This is the time to set your goals and aspirations.
  2. To tunnel yourself towards your goals and your efforts should align with your goals now.
  1. The time when you can create hope within your inner circles.
  2. You can build faith and desires.
  3. Without thinking about anyone, create your boundaries, and slowly build your empire within.
The Moon Tarot Card in Tarot Deck
  1. The Moonlight is soothing, yet there is decreased vision and clarity.
  2. Everything is still not clear; all does not make sense.
  1. You are not clear within yourself; your wisdom is still clouded.
  2. You need to wait for the morning to shine upon you.
  3. The shapes and forms that you see now would change as time passes.
The Sun Tarot Card in Tarot Deck
  1. The Sun is shining, finally.  
  2. You need to rise and shine.
  3. You need to understand that now the reality has finally dawned upon you.
  1. Soak yourself in the warmth of the Sun.
  2. Stand and soak its Light.
  3. Slowly, the positivity will come back to you; gradually, the soul would be filled with Light that would never again fade.
  4. Your intuitive understanding, your wisdom will rise to its most significant height now.
Judgment Tarot Card in Tarot Deck
  1. Your work will be judged
  1. People will put you through trials if you are wrong
  2. If you are right, your please would be heard and considered. It will bear good fruit
  1. Try to to see a scenario impartially
  1. Try not to pass judgment over others
  2. Try to make life better but take care; it must not be at the cost of any other person.
The World Tarot Card in Tarot Deck The World is a beautiful card; it can emphasize your life; growth is indicated through this card. The Card indicates an inner fundamental change; the card is a sign of expansion, a symbol of unexpected developments.

The Minor Arcana  Tarot Deck  

Minor Arcana- Insights into daily happenings

The Minor Arcana is a pack of 54 cards in a Tarot Deck. It has four suits, and each suit has 14 cards.  Read on to know how many tarot cards are in a deck when it comes to minor arcana.

  1. Pentacles in a Tarot Deck represent Earth, the merchant class, and rules material body and possessions.
  2. Swords represent Air in a Tarot Deck, the nobility and the military, and rules our reasons as well our passions.
  3. Wands represent Fire in a Tarot Deck, artisans, and the creative faculty and will power.
  4. Cups represent the Water in a Tarot Deck. It deals with our emotional aspect & our love meter.

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Wands in Tarot Deck Swords in Tarot Deck Pentacles in Tarot Deck Cups in Tarot Deck
The Ace of Wands The Ace of Swords The Ace of Pentacles The Ace of Cups
The Two of Wands The Twos of Swords The twos of Pentacles The Twos of Cups
The Three of Wands The Threes of Swords The three of Pentacles The Threes of Cups
The Four of Wands The Fours of Swords The four of Pentacles The Four of Cups
The Five of Wands The Five of Swords The Five of Pentacles The Five of Cups
The Six of Wands The Six of Swords The Six of Pentacles The Six of Cups
The Seven of Wands The Seven of Swords The Seven of Pentacles The Seven of Cups
The Eight of Wands The Eight of Swords The Eight of Pentacles The Eight of Cups
The Nine of Wands The Nine of Swords The Nine of Pentacles The Nine of Cups
The Tens of Wands The Tens of swords The Tens of PEntacles The Ten of Cups
The Page of Wands The Page of Swords The Page of Pentacles The Page of Cups
The Knight of Wands The Knight of swords The Knight of Pentacles The Knight of Cups
The Queen of Wands The Queen of Swords The Queen of Pentacles The Queen of Cups
The King of Wands The King of Swords The King of Pentacles The King of Cups

These are what the Minor Arcana cards in a Tarot Deck try to find out for you

Wands Action Invention Energy
Pentacles Money Family Health
Swords Challenges Intellect Mental Prowess
Cups Emotion Intuition Relationships

The Suit of Wands: Action and adventure rules this suit of your Tarot Deck. Creativity is a prime factor. Creative skills do not just mean your writing and your storytelling skills; it means your imaginative and creative skills of any kind, the ones which can move you through the difficult trails into more comfortable zones.

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The Suit of Swords- You would face mental challenges; you need to overcome those challenges. Your inner power will come to fruition with the appearance of upright cards from your Tarot Deck. But, you will have to fight and struggle a lot to overcome those unhealthy mental challenges. Your mind will strengthen up a lot.

The Suit of Pentacles- You would have money, family, or health, or you would have challenges in those fronts for your Tarot Deck. Either will be compromised on a single day, but then you must not forget every night has a morning.

The Suit of Cups- You would either be in an emotionally stable state or mentally imbalanced state for your Tarot Deck. Mostly positive results come from an upright position, a reversed position usually shows negative effects.  

Each of the 56 Minor Arcana cards can come to you in two forms each, one upright position, and one reversed position.  

This article can give you a clear view of How many cards are in a Tarot Deck? Sometimes, when we are stuck, when we have difficulty in overcoming obstacles, when we are self doubtful and in a questionable state, then taking guidance from an unknown source is the best option. By understanding how many tarot cards are in a deck and taking guidance from Tarot Cards is ideally the best option since they give you a range in which the factors of life work. A variety of ways in which you can understand what went wrong can be the best way to appreciate your Tarot Deck. It was not one way or another, but almost all probabilities that might have gone wrong.

Written by

Shankar Saini

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