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The Emperor Tarot Card Meaning – Upright And Reversed

The Emperor Tarot Card Meaning – Upright And Reversed

The Emperor Tarot Card Meanings

The Emperor tarot card is one of those major arcana tarot cards that represent authority and responsibility when it appears in a tarot card reading. The Emperor tarot card meaning majorly revolves around this theme only.

The Emperor card points towards a male figure who is in an authoritative position. Moreover, The Emperor tarot shows a disciplined approach towards situations where it needs you to be focused on your goals in any aspect of your life.

While talking about The Emperor definition, it points towards the ruler who is there to take all the decisions necessary for a better future. You should know that where The Emperor tarot meaning in the upright position shows responsibility, it is not the case in The Emperor tarot reversed position. The Emperor meaning changes completely in The Emperor reversed readings.

For instance, The Emperor tarot love meaning in upright position shows logical decisions in a traditional relationship. And in The Emperor reversed love reading it suddenly changes its meaning to a power struggle with an overbearing partner in a relationship. This can be identified through free love tarot card reading by an experienced professional.

Another aspect of this card comes up when it appears as The Emperor, yes or no reading. This is a typical card that gives yes as an answer to the closed-ended questions related to any aspect of your life.

Now if you are wondering what are The Emperor tarot card meanings when the question or concern is about how someone else thinks about you, we have an answer for that too. It lies in The Emperor as feelings reading. And for this, you really don’t have to know the other person’s zodiac sign by name. This card interprets the situation in its unique style.

Now since you have an idea about this card, let’s move forward and find out what does Emperor mean in different aspects of your life.

The Emperor Description

After knowing the gist of The Emperor tarot card it will be easier for you to understand The Emperor tarot meaning once you know what the image and graphics on the card represent.

The Emperor card represents a male figure or king who is sitting on the throne. He has the calm necessary to deal with any situation. The Emperor tarot card’s connection with the zodiac sign of Aries can be identified by the four ram heads on his throne.

The king figure rules a kingdom, or in this case, the specific area of life. It is evident from the orb or stick that he holds in one hand. His other hand holds an Ankh which is the symbol of life in Egyptian culture. This gives an altogether new face to The Emperor definition.

The king’s robe in these major arcana tarot cards represents passion, energy, and power in life. This does not mean that he is unaware of the potential threat, in fact, he is prepared to deal with it with the armor underneath his robe.

One thing that is worth noticing here is that despite such features, a king figure is an old man with a long white beard. This brings up another aspect of The Emperor tarot card meaning by showing wisdom and experience. Whatever The Emperor has learned, he has gained through experience and acquired through knowledge. And now the king is using that for the benefit of his people.

Now talking about the surroundings of the throne, there are mountains and rivers. The mountains show the grounded nature of the king and his resistance to change or stubbornness which is one of the significant parts of The Emperor meaning. And the river shows the tender side of the king which is difficult to bring to the surface. These are the aspects that together constitute the interpretation of The Emperor tarot love or any other reading.

Now let’s move forward and see what does Emperor mean in the best tarot app readings for love, career, money, health and spirituality.

The Emperor Upright General Meaning The Emperor Reversed General Meaning
Authority, Structure, Stability, Control, Disciplined, Practical, Focused Dictator, Dominant, Stubborn, Reckless, Undisciplined, Abusive, Egoistic

The Emperor Upright Tarot Meanings

The Emperor Upright Tarot Card Meanings

Upright Love Upright Career Upright Finance Upright Health Upright Spirituality
Traditional, Conventional, Logical, Unexpressed Leadership, Structure, Routine, Discipline Disciplined, Aware, Watchful, Controlled spending  Too harsh on yourself, Strict physical rules, Punishments Losing spiritual track, Reconnection, Being materialistic 

General Meaning Of Emperor Upright

The Emperor tarot card meaning when it appears in the upright position points towards the presence of a father figure in your life. He is there to guide you and show you the path. But sometimes The Emperor tarot card also shows the stubbornness of that figure who has high expectations from his subordinates or younger people around him. Here The Emperor as feelings may become a bit bitter which can lead to differences in relationships. Even when The Emperor card is not associated with a person, it shows that you are using more logic than emotions which is a good sign. This is one of those major arcana tarot cards which also shows that despite all the hard work, you need focus and stability to manifest your ideas. This all constitutes the general meaning of Emperor upright card.

The Emperor Upright In Love And Relationships Readings

In The Emperor tarot love readings, this card shows a positive sign. Despite having the image of a serious man, The Emperor tarot is desirable here. It points towards a traditional relationship where logic is used more than emotions. The Emperor upright love and relationship readings show that you are in a practical relationship. Another aspect of The Emperor meaning in this context may want you to give due attention to your relationship. When this card appears in the tarot card reading it may either mean that your partner is an old man who has difficulty in expressing emotions. Or an egoist who cannot empathize with others.

You can know what it means in your case in a free love tarot card reading. But it is best if you don’t expect partnership and unison in your relationship like what The Lovers tarot card meaning depicts. With The Emperor, there will be love, but in a more dominating and caring way.

The Emperor Upright In Work And Career Readings

The Emperor tarot meaning when it appears in the work and career readings shows that your hard work and disciplined approach is paying off. You don’t have to know your zodiac sign by name when this card appears in your reading. No matter what, your efforts will soon be noticed and you will be rewarded for them. The Emperor upright work and career readings want you to be consistent in your approach in anything related to work. Unlike The Emperor reversed card, it wants you to step up and introduce new ideas to your colleagues and subordinates to make things easier in a chaotic work environment. And do not hesitate to seek help from a more experienced person to succeed.

The Emperor Upright In Money Readings

The Emperor tarot card shows a relatively disciplined approach to managing your finances. Also, it wants you to know how and where each penny of yours is being spent. The Emperor upright in money readings points towards the necessity of creating a budget and some financial rules for yourself to be able to maintain a healthy financial position. The Emperor meaning here is clear, as long as you will be responsible and aware of the inflow and outflow of money you don’t have to worry about it. Also, try and avoid being a spendthrift. The Emperor card here also shows the possibility of an experienced person entering your life to assist you to gain financial advancement.

The Emperor Upright In Health Readings

In a tarot card reading when The Emperor tarot card appears in this context, it is a clear indication that you are going too harsh on yourself. It is the right time to listen to what your physical requirements are and respect them. The Emperor tarot meaning here points towards being logical in your approach rather than being stubborn. In The Emperor upright in health readings, medical treatments and doctor’s advice are also suggested wherever required. Being kind to yourself and not doing unnecessary hard work is the best thing that you can do for yourself right now. With The Emperor in your health reading one thing is clear that pushing your limits will only break you and not bring any progress to you.

Unlike what The Moon tarot card meaning suggests, you must not be under any illusion or confusion that this will make you better in terms of your health.

The Emperor Upright In Spiritual Readings

It is one of those major arcana tarot cards that want you to take a moment and think if you are sacrificing your spiritual life for more materialistic things. If so, then you are going in the wrong direction. As you know excess of anything is dangerous, similarly an unrealistically logical approach is also harmful. The Emperor upright in spiritual readings wants you to give due attention to the spiritual and divine side of your life. This will help you to know yourself better as well. The Emperor definition here is clear and it wants you to poke your emotional side while putting your rational mind at rest sometimes. You must protect your spiritual ground.

The Emperor Reversed Tarot Meanings

The Emperor Tarot Card Meaning_Upright and Reversed

The Emperor Reversed Tarot Card Meanings

Reversed Love Reversed Career Reversed Finance Reversed Health Reversed Spirituality
Dominance, Competition, Overdependent partner Abusive boss, Lack of concentration, Power game Indiscipline, Uncontrolled finances, No budget Rigidity, Stressed out, Possibility of injuries, Physical symptoms Desire for alternatives, Absence of spiritual guide

General Meaning Of Emperor Reversed

When The Emperor tarot reversed card appears in your reading, it brings up all the negative traits of this card. The general meaning of Emperor reversed points towards the possibility of a dictator influencing your life. Whether you get this card in The Emperor yes or no reading or any other, it is just not a good sign. The Emperor tarot card meaning here clearly shows that you are being dominated by an authoritative figure who is abusing their powers and position. The only type of tarot card readings where the meaning of this card does not change based on its position is The Emperor yes or no and The Emperor as feelings reading. In all other aspects, it is a matter of concern. Say for example in The Emperor reversed love reading it points towards a power struggle between the lovers. So whenever you get The Emperor reversed card, be careful.

The Emperor Reversed In Love And Relationships Readings

As also mentioned above, in The Emperor reversed love readings there is an implicit power game going on between partners. The Emperor tarot love card here shows an unnecessary competition that is ruining a beautiful bond between you and your partner. Another aspect of The Emperor reversed in love and relationship readings is that your partner is too dependent on you for their emotional, physical, and material requirements which is getting burdensome. When you get The Emperor reversed love card, you must analyze your relationship.

The Emperor Reversed In Work And Career Readings

The reversed Emperor tarot in career suggests that you are lacking your focus at work. It shows that maybe your boss is taking advantage of his power and position. He is being abusive which is against the work ethics. The Emperor reversed in the Rider Waite type of tarot deck is a warning that if you will not regain your focus and work with discipline, you have to face the consequences. Now if you are thinking what does Emperor mean here, you must know that your work is at risk.


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The Emperor Reversed In Money Readings

The Emperor tarot reversed in your financial readings shows that you are not disciplined in your approach when it comes to spending money. The Emperor reversed here is a clear indication that your finances are not in your control which can land you in bigger problems in the future. You must also know that you can get the situation in control. With The Emperor reversed in money readings the major problem is only lack of discipline in financial matters. It is suggested here to create a financial plan and set some ground rules and abide by that.

Here, unlike The Wheel Of Fortune tarot card meaning the situation is absolutely under your control and your financial position will not change unless you get disciplined in your approach. So getting up and doing what is required is the only way you can make things better for yourself.

The Emperor Reversed In Health Readings

If you are wondering about what does The Emperor mean when it appears in the health reading in the reversed position, then you must know that it is somewhat similar to its upright position. It basically means that you are going too hard on yourself in matters related to physical health. Whatever is your zodiac sign by name, but getting The Emperor reversed in health readings wants you to be kind to yourself or it may lead to the physical manifestation of the pain and harshness that you are showering on yourself. Being disciplined and taking care of yourself is the need of the hour with this card.

The Emperor Reversed In Spiritual Readings

When The Emperor reversed in spiritual readings appears, it points towards the possibility of exploring new spiritual paths for yourself. While doing this, you will come in contact with new guides who will give you a different perspective of life. But remember that it’s a big yes in The Emperor, yes or no if you ask whether or not you should consider what is best for you. This card wants you to be aware of what it is that you want for yourself and then move ahead on the spiritual path which resonates with that. Being aware will prevent you from getting lost.

The Emperor As Feelings

If you want to know how someone feels for you and get The Emperor in your reading, then you should be happy as it is a good sign. It shows that the person you are referring to loves you. The Emperor as feelings is also the card that shows that your partner wants to take care of you. The chances are they will not be able to show their love in a typical fashion but there will be ways in which they make sure that you get what you want. So The Emperor as feelings should really be the card that you must want in situations where you are uncertain about the other person’s feelings.

Here it is best recommended to not expect your partner to love you in a way that is depicted in The Empress tarot card meaning.

The Emperor Yes Or No Readings

The Emperor is the card that is symbolic of control and responsibility. This shows the authoritative nature of The Emperor which makes it a yes card in The Emperor yes or no readings. For the questions related to the most common aspects of life like career, money, relationships, etc. it shows a green flag for moving ahead. Even if you go for free love tarot card reading and get The Emperor, it shows that you must take the step forward and do what you have been thinking of doing for a long time. And the best thing is that you don’t even have to know your zodiac sign by name in cases like these.

Now you know everything about The Emperor tarot card and what it means in various aspects of one’s life. Still, I would personally recommend consulting a professional tarot reader for the best guidance. This will give you proper insights into what is happening and what should be done to make things better in your life.

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FAQs About The Emperor: 

1. What is Emperor?

The Emperor is the fourth trump card in the deck of tarot cards. It shows authority and confidence which are the essential things required for anyone to succeed. It is the card that anyone would desire in their tarot card reading online for various aspects of life.

2. What does The Emperor tarot card mean?

The Emperor tarot card meaning commonly points towards the possibility of having a father figure in your life. That person has the authority to take control of whatever you are doing. Another meaning of this card can show that this person is being a little too dominant who controls you.

3. How does Emperor work?

The Emperor tarot card works on the assumption that you are being protected by a strong and confident figure in your life. That person is mostly expected to be a male figure. Moreover, it also depends on the tarot card reader how well is she able to establish a connection of your question with the card. Also, The card in combination with the Emperor, be it from Major Arcana cards or Minor Arcana cards list, also impacts the readings and interpretations for a situation.

4. How to read Emperor?

While considering the ways to read The Emperor tarot card in a reading, you should know that there are two ways of doing it. Both of them depend on the position in which the card is drawn in the reading. The upright position shows authority and success and The Emperor reversed shows dominance and abuse.

5. What is the standard tarot card size for the Emperor?

The standard tarot card size inches between 2¼ inches to 3 inches in terms of width while 4½ inches to 5 inches in terms of length. This is the golden standard for any type of tarot card readings.

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