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The Empress Tarot Card Meaning – Upright and Reversed

The Empress Tarot Card Meaning – Upright and Reversed

The Empress Tarot Card Meanings

The Empress Tarot is the third card of the major arcana Tarot cards. It mainly symbolizes femininity, creativity, and abundance. The Empress definition cannot be specified as such but we can know The Empress Tarot card meaning in various aspects of our lives.

For example, The Empress Tarot love meaning can indicate the possibility of having a supportive lover and a committed relationship. But this is the case when the card appears in the upright position. To interpret The Empress meaning in The Empress reversed love position, we need to have a different approach. It points out a jealous and clingy lover in your life. Similarly, The Empress card is interpreted for other life aspects as well.

If you are seeking a straight answer to any question and want The Empress Tarot card to guide you, then you can rely on the prediction of The Empress yes or no reading. This card also predicts someone’s feelings towards you when you get The Empress as feelings.

There is a lot to know about The Empress Tarot meaning that we will discuss in this blog. And we will also see what it means to have The Empress Tarot reversed in a reading. By the end of this blog, you will be able to gain a better understanding of The Empress reversed meaning.

So if you always wonder about what does Empress means, keep reading.

The Empress Description

If you want to understand The Empress Tarot card meaning, it is first necessary to know the interpretation of the figurine and various elements drawn on this card.

It depicts a confident yet humble female figure sitting on the throne. And her vibrations are peaceful and tranquil which can be felt in the surroundings. The figure on The Empress card wears a crown with twelve stars embedded. These are symbolic of the connection and harmony between the real world and the higher realm. It depicts twelve months of the year or zodiac signs.

The poise establishes the connection of The Empress Tarot with the powers of mother Earth which enhances its nurturing nature which supports life. The surroundings of the female figure show fresh harvest. This makes The Empress meaning clear that it also represents abundance.

Apart from that, the robe of the female figure in The Empress Tarot card depicts fertility and the Venus cushion she sits on symbolizes love, harmony, and grace.

This is The Empress description when it comes to decrypting the image on the standard size of tarot card, Rider waite. Now let’s know The Empress Tarot meaning in various life aspects.

The Empress Upright General Meaning The Empress Reversed General Meaning
Spirituality, Nurturing, Motherhood, Abundance, Creativity, Femininity Insecurity, Deficiency, Ignorance, Lack of Self Love, Disharmony, Under Confident

The Empress Upright Tarot Meanings

The Empress Upright Tarot Card Meanings

Upright Love Upright Career Upright Finance Upright Health Upright Spirituality
Nurturing, Supportive, Committed, Loyal, Comfortable Stability, Creative, Growth, Supportive, New Energy Materialistic Growth, Financial Independence, Generosity Good Health, Fertility, Notice Physical Changes, Mental Health Connection With Higher Self, Intuition, Follow Spiritual Path, Relax

The General Meaning Of Empress Upright

The Empress definition when it appears in the upright position in a reading indicates femininity and motherhood. This means that the person who received The Empress Tarot card should focus on the tender and nurturing side of their personality. This one among the major arcana Tarot cards suggests you show some self-love.

Another aspect of this card comes up when you get it in The Empress yes or no tarot card reading. It clearly states that you should do what you have been planning to do for a long time. There will be high chances of getting impressive results from your efforts.

The Empress wants you to connect with your feminine side and experience satisfaction, fulfillment, and pleasure. This is basically the gist of the general meaning of Empress upright.

Apart from this one, The Sun Tarot card meaning also depicts positive emotions. So getting it in your reading in the upright position is equally desirable.

The Empress Upright In Love And Relationships Readings

When it comes to interpreting The Empress Tarot love meaning, it is quite clear. This card points towards the loving and caring nature of your partner or lover. There are high chances that they are financially stable and secure. Along with that, they are the one who appreciates beauty whenever they see it without fail. The interpretation of The Empress card as the love reading shows that you are in a comfortable relationship with your partner. These are the things that The Empress upright in relationships readings shows.

The Empress Upright In Work And Career Readings

Getting The Empress Tarot in the work and career reading is a good omen. This is especially when it is received in the upright position. It means that you are having a great time at work. This is because of the hike in your creativity and productivity. The Empress Tarot card also shows that you have been blessed with supportive colleagues who are adding up to your success. Apart from the human factors, the overall vibe of your workplace is very welcoming which keeps you motivated to achieve your goals. That’s how The Empress upright in work and career readings work.

You will be surprised to know that The High Priestess Tarot card meaning also points towards your creative side at work.

The Empress Upright In Money Readings

When you consider The Empress meaning in your financial readings, you must know that this card shows materialistic growth. It also points towards a secure and comfortable financial position where you don’t have to worry about your expenses. With The Empress upright in money readings, you must know that you are blessed with abundance. Also, it is the right time to share your blessings with friends and family. The Empress definition in line with your finances is something that you will appreciate. You must respect what you have and aim to achieve more.

The Empress Upright In Health Readings

The Empress Tarot meaning in health reading indicates overall good health. But at the same time, it points out the need to listen and identify the signals that your body is giving you. The Empress Tarot wants you to notice them and take responsibility for your physical and mental health. It also strongly indicates that there are high chances of conceiving as it is the card that is related to fertility and nurturing. So if you have been trying to get pregnant, then this card is a good omen. All this together constitutes the meaning of The Empress upright in health readings.

The Empress Upright In Spirituality Readings

It is one of those major arcana Tarot cards that tells you to stop and take a break from the hustle and bustle of your life. The Empress card indicates the possibility of your intuition telling you something. You must listen to it as it can benefit you in various ways. The Empress upright in spirituality reading wants you to keep moving on the spiritual path which can give you direction in life and establish a connection with your higher self. Also, it is recommended to get your roots planted deep within the mother Earth and feel nurtured.

It is somewhat similar to The Hierophant Tarot card meaning as it also shows that you should be traditional in your approach and keep your faith intact.

The Empress Reversed Tarot Meanings

The Empress Reversed Tarot Card Meaning

The Empress Reversed Tarot Card Meanings

Reversed Love Reversed Career Reversed Finance Reversed Health Reversed Spirituality
Clingy, Jealous, Possessive, Stagnation, Abusive Relationship Insecurity, Stagnation, Stale, Feeling Unwelcome at Work Perceived Financial Insecurity, Disturbed Mental Peace Bad Emotional Health, Disturbed Lifecycle, Laziness Regain Connection With Intuition, External Guidance

The General Meaning Of Empress Reversed

As positive as The Empress Tarot card meaning in the upright position, it is not desired in The Empress reversed position. It points out the possibility of insecurity creeping in. Apart from that, it may also make the person feel neglected or not cared for. Getting The Empress Tarot reversed also indicates a lack of growth and progress. When the caring nature of The Empress gets a little overboard, it makes you lose your own willpower and the ability to love yourself. This should be identified and taken care of immediately. All these things together constitute the general meaning of Empress reversed when drawn in the best tarot card app.

The Empress Reversed In Love And Relationships Readings

The Empress reversed love card is not something that anyone would want in their readings. It refers to a lover who is either clingy or too jealous. With The Empress reversed in your love reading there are chances that you are in an abusive relationship. This card immediately wants you to address the situation and do what is right for you. The Empress Tarot love card in reversed position says that if you continue to be in this relationship, it might suffocate you and can even become the reason for mental disorders. So getting The Empress reversed in love and relationships readings should not be ignored.

Apart from The Empress, another card that needs a lot of attention when it appears in the love reading in reversed position is The Lovers. You must know The Lovers Tarot card meaning to be able to handle your love life better.

The Empress Reversed In Work And Career Readings

When you get The Empress Tarot reversed for your career, it means that you are not at all satisfied at work. This may be because of the lack of desired growth or perhaps the ambiance of your workplace. The Empress meaning here depicts that you are getting a feeling of insecurity at work. This is putting your career at risk. There is a feeling of stagnation and you are also not receiving the desired recognition. With The Empress reversed in work and career tarot readings, you feel that all your efforts are wasted. You should ignore this and do what you think is right for you.


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The Empress Reversed In Money Readings

The Empress Tarot reversed when appears as the money reading shows that there is financial insecurity in your mind. But you must know that it is only in your head because The Empress Tarot meaning in money readings, irrespective of its position, points towards financial stability. You must let go of any fear as you have enough money already. And this unnecessary worry is only affecting your mental peace. The Empress reversed in money readings mostly indicates a perceived situation of opulence which should not be given much attention.

The Empress Reversed In Health Readings

The Empress definition when it appears in the health readings in the reversed position means that you need to take care of your emotional health. The Empress reversed in health readings shows that emotional instability is disturbing your eating patterns which may impact your physical health as well. Along with that there are chances that you are being lazy and laid back in your life. These are the behaviors that will impact other aspects of your life as well. So getting The Empress reversed in health readings should not be ignored. In fact, proper measures should be taken to correct the situation.

To gain more insights into current situations and possibilities, it is advisable to look into both Major and Minor Arcana Tarot guide. The cards in combination with the Reversed Empress Tarot meaning are vital to make accurate predictions.

The Empress Reversed In Spirituality Readings

If you wonder what does Empress means in spirituality readings when it appears in the reversed position, then your search ends here. It is a strong indication that you have lost connection with your intuition that has always been the guiding force in life. The Empress reversed in spirituality readings wants you to regain that connection. And for that to happen you might need external help, especially from a female whom you consider as the mother figure. If this situation is ignored for a long time, it may lead to a deteriorated quality of life. So The Empress Tarot card meaning tells you to use others’ wisdom for your own benefit.

The Empress As Feelings

Getting The Empress as feelings in your reading is a very positive sign. It is especially true if you want to know how someone feels about you. Unlike The Empress reversed love meaning, it points towards a situation where the other person has loving and caring intentions towards you. The Empress as feelings is the card that everyone would desire to get when they are confused about others’ feelings for them. Having such kind of Tarot cards in your reading gives you a sense of satisfaction which is crucial for your personal growth and inner happiness.

The Empress Yes Or No Readings

What does Empress mean when it appears in the yes or no reading! Well, now when you know that this is one of those major arcana tarot cards that are directly connected with motherhood, spirituality, nurturing, abundance, and everything positive, it is clear that it says yes to your question. In The Empress yes or no readings, it tells you to go and do what you have been planning to do for a long time. In The Empress Tarot love question or any other for that matter, The Empress yes or no will have a yes as an answer. This is consistent irrespective of the position of the card.

So now you know how to interpret The Empress yes or no questions. Also, there is no confusion about what does Empress means in The Empress as feelings reading. And this is not only known for the upright position of this card, but you also know how to decrypt The Empress reversed love card.

Although you are well equipped with the required knowledge, still I would recommend letting an expert Tarot reader guide you through the journey of your life.

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