Tarot Cards - Your Guide To Tarot Reading

Tarot Cards - Your Guide To Tarot Reading

05 Jun, 2019 / Tarot

Tarot Cards have always been a subject of curiosity. Cards once used simply as playing cards are now being used as an effective way of getting a glimpse in the future. Not only the future but signs related to present and past can also be disclosed by the same.

Each tarot card has a story to tell. The cards have specific pictures on them. Each picture says something. You as a reader are responsible to interpret the meaning of each of these cards.

There are 78 cards in all in a deck of tarot cards. These cards are further broadly classified as the Major Arcana Cards and Minor Arcana Cards. The one who knows tarot cards meanings will easily be able to decipher what the cards want to communicate.

Every psychic expert today was once a juvenile someday. For being known as a successful psychic reader, one must know the basics of how to do a tarot card reading.

When you connect yourself to the spiritual world, a lot of things change for yourself. You try to keep the esoteric-ism visible enough that space you reside in, seems coherent to your thoughts.

But being a tarot card reading expert comes with a set of protocols. One important rule to follow is to keep the cards in a healthy environment. As an interpreter, you must also know that the appearance of cards also matters a lot.

The list is a bit long and we shall try to cover them all in this article. But before moving to that part, let us first connect to the roots of Tarot Cards and its divisions. Also, after coming on websites, the tarot has made its debut on mobiles. There is an app named Tarot Life that may help you out.

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What are Major Arcana Tarot Cards?

Major Arcana Tarot Cards

Major Arcana Cards are used to draw the blueprint of the life of a person. The lessons we learn throughout the journey of our lives. The way we evolve gradually with time to be called as better human beings. Major Arcana tarot card reading covers the journey of an individual from birth to death.

We become aware of the existence of our soul. The spiritual growth that we acquire in our lives by growing up. We get to know about the deep meaningful lessons of our lives and the purpose of our birth. The major picture of your life is depicted by these 22 cards.

What are Minor Arcana Tarot Cards?

Minor Arcana Tarot Cards

Minor Arcana Cards are 56 in number. These cards are used to give in detail insights of the day to day happenings of the events. The reaction we give to a certain situation, personality traits, and other things are revealed with the help of these cards.

It is the everyday events that bother us more than long term ones. Our small struggles with our life, the way we behave with others, the love we are able to give and experience within our family, etc., are some of the events which may be disclosed by these cards.

Minor Arcana tarot card reading may suggest the steps you can take to manifest your goals. These cards are further divided into 4 different tarot suits.

The Appearance of Tarot Cards  

Appearance of Cards

In a deck of cards, the appearance of the cards matters a lot. There are two ways in which the cards show up in a tarot card reading. One way is upright, the other way is reversed.

The meanings of the cards change completely in a flash when they appear in the two opposite positions. This does not necessarily imply that a positive card becomes negative and a negative one turns positive.

If you have been doing your readings with the mindset of taking tarot cards meanings in reversals as dull and gloomy then sorry to say but you have been doing it all wrong. Reversals are negatives, this mindset needs to be changed because, on a serious note, reversals are NOT negatives.

It is just a matter of perception and the way of interpretation. You just need to be able to connect and communicate with your cards and your instincts and results will eventually be good.

How Should Cards be Kept for a Fruitful Tarot Cards Reading?

Fruitful Tarot Card Reading

Just as human beings have their own energy and aura, these tarot cards have the same. Once you let the cards enter your life, you should abide by keeping them as a part of your body and as a soul. Knowing only the tarot cards meanings for a perfect reading session is not enough.

You water your plants, feed your body, and do all the basic things that humans are born to do. No worries! Tarot Cards are not asking for this much from you but they want you to keep them at a place that is not dirty and open.

Let us understand it this way. You protect your expensive possessions, the same way you must protect your cards. Buy a beautiful closed box or a bag for them or keep then nicely covered in a piece of cloth. This is to make your next reading more productive.

The cards if kept properly will not lose their energy and they will always be ready to make fruitful predictions for you in tarot card reading sessions. This way, the aura of these powerful cards will be maintained at the peak. So the next time you open your cards, you may instantly feel the positive connection.

Now coming to know the meanings of these magical cards. There might be thick and informative manuals available for the psychic readers but why to invest in them? You may not find the complete manual informative and filtering out the content will take a lot of time.

But there is another easy and effective way that you can follow - use an app. Don’t get cold feet or second thoughts with the name of an app. The app ‘Tarot Life’ is highly trusted and is purely a genuine one.

Tarot Life - Your Pocket Guide (Application for Android & iOS)

Tarot Life App for Android & iOS

The app is developed with lots of gifting features. Yes, the features are no less than a valuable gift for a Tarot lover. The app is very handy and can be used anytime anywhere. You just need to pull it out of your pocket and start using it.

The meanings of each of the Major Arcana Card is explained in detail. Moreover, there are options with which you can perform quick Tarot Card Reading.

The app also works in the Numerology section. Overall, Tarot Life is an accurate and helpful app that is available for Android platforms. Download it now to simplify your life and do not forget to follow what has been said above.

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