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Meaning of Tarot Cards & How Do They Work

Meaning of Tarot Cards & How Do They Work

Tarot is a complex prediction system used in the world. Although many imply the ancient origin of the cards, no one is absolutely certain where they came from. Concepts, mystical knowledge and meaning of tarot cards are eternal, but the practice of using cards for predictions is subject to debate.

What Exactly Are Tarot Cards?

Tarot cards is a deck of 78 cards, divided into 22 Major Arcana cards, which symbolize the main events of life, and 56 Minor Arcana cards, giving a detailed view of more daily situations and events.

By choosing a card, we penetrate into its archetype, read its essence, which synchronously corresponds to the energies of our life. You can pull out one or more cards to get advice about the current situation for yourself or others. Many people are fond of predictions, one of the most popular and accurate ways to know the future is to make a balance on the tarot and then interpret it.

Learning Tarot Card Reading

The first and foremost step to learn tarot reading is to know the detailed meaning of tarot cards. Beginners are recommended to study them in-depth if they want to be accurate in your readings. Having gained experience, you can interpret the cards with the help of your intuitive vision.


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It is wonderful that anyone can do fortune telling. Tarot cards speak of your intent. They cannot tell you what is not in your subconscious, because you give your energy to the Arcana card, and they simply reflect it back.

Tarot reading learning can begin with a study of the meaning of each card, it is important to understand its meaning. But, when you start practicing tarot card reading and get to know your deck better, it will start talking to you with its special individual symbols.

So, do you want to learn about all the tarot cards? We have simplified the task for you. Here is a quick glimpse of the two types of Tarot cards, i.e. Major Arcana and Minor Arcana. Let’s take a look.

What Are Major Arcana Cards?

Major Arcana Cards
There are many assumptions about what Major Arcana cards are, but there is no common agreement. Some believe that they reflect our journey through life, the movement from the Fool, through trials and disasters and its completion on the World. In this way, we acquire knowledge about specific hard lessons and arrive at the final awakening of divine fulfillment.

In the classical tarot cards system, there are 22 Major arcana cards. Depending on the deck, their position and name may vary, but the essence remains the same.

Here is the Major Arcana tarot. They are listed in the sequence in which they are most often found in decks:

The Fool The Lovers The Hanged Man The Moon
The Magician The Chariot Death The Sun
The High Priestess Strength Temperance Judgment
The Empress The Hermit The Devil The World
The Emperor Wheel of Fortune The Tower
The Hierophant Justice The Star

Major Arcana tarot card meanings do not imply the concept of hierarchy. They are equal and constitute an indissoluble circle of transformation. Major Arcana cards come to hand as signs of destiny – exceptional people, events, chances that we need to pay attention to.

There are spreads intended only for Major Arcana cards, for example, the forecast for the year, personality characteristics, and card of the path.

Most often, tarot readers use the entire deck in the spread to give the cards a warning about the importance of this or that person and the event.

It is very important in which position is the Major Arcana card during the tarot reading. Meanings ​​will be very different if the card is in an upright or reversed position. But, it is necessary to note that many mistakenly believe that in the reversed meaning the card is interpreted the other way around.


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For example, if the Wheel of Fortune fell in the upright position – you are lucky if in the reversed – loss and disappointment awaits you. This is absolutely wrong, and everything here depends on neighbor cards, the spread and the questions.

The Major arcana tarot card reading consists of:

  • Meanings ​​of the card itself
  • The Context for the situation
  • Position in the spread (upright, reversed, the question)
  • The Position regarding other cards
  • Combinations with other cards

When you begin your tarot learning, Major Arcana cards should be the first thing you should study about. It will help you gain clarity on other aspects of tarot reading, as well.

What Are Minor Arcana Cards?

Minor Arcana Tarot Cards
The Minor Arcana tarot cards symbolize various everyday situations. Tarot readers should not underestimate the importance of the Minor Arcana Tarot in the process of divination, because the meaning of these tarot cards, in combination with the Major Arcana cards, adds details to the overall picture, making its interpretation clear.

A Tarot deck contains 56 Minor Arcana cards. This group is divided into 4 suits and into two parts: numerical and yard cards (figures).

There are four suits in the system:

  • Wands
  • Cups
  • Swords
  • Pentacles

Each of them is responsible for its sphere of influence on human life.

1. Suit of Wands

Wands mean fire, creativity. Fire can have a creative function. But it can also be a destructive force if not controlled. Usually, this suit indicates the magic moment of beginnings. If you are confronted with the dominance of wands in fortune telling, this means that the time has come to realize your creative dream. This does not necessarily mean painting or writing, it means that you can achieve the impossible with your creative and innovative abilities. These Tarot cards can give a hint that it is time to start your own business, and take the risk.

2. Suit of Cups

Cups talk about relationships, about emotions. When you see that Cups dominate in the scenario, it means that something happens in the sphere of relationships. But, at the same time, Cups can indicate that you follow your emotions, and not logic or thoughts. The element of the suit of cups is water.

3. Suit of Swords

The energy of Swords appears at a certain point in the life of each person. We all have conflicts. We fight with ourselves and with others. Swords personify logic and intelligence. Sometimes our minds are at war with our hearts, and sometimes our hearts are in danger from the power of our intellect. Swords reflect the financial part, it is a suit of logic and calculation. Its element is air.

4. Suit of Pentacles

Pentacles symbolize work and prosperity. This could be work for income generation or work that you do in your home, supporting your family and relationships. It depends on the context, but, in most cases, Pentacles are related to work that gives monetary benefits. As you might guess, the element of this suit is the Earth.

Elements also have a feature like a variability. In tarot reading, this helps determine how quickly a process will evolve. Wands are part of the impulse, the Cups are also very mobile, although less. The suit of Swords still slows down the process, and the Pentacles ends the process with its material embodiment.


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Each and every card in a tarot deck represent one or the other aspects of the journey called life. An in-depth study of these cards can empower you to manifest a life that you always wanted to!

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