Differences: Major & Minor Arcana Tarot Cards

Differences: Major & Minor Arcana Tarot Cards

26 Jun, 2019 / Tarot

You shuffle them, you play with them but did you know they can predict the future? Yes, we are talking about tarot card reading. This reading or cartomancy altogether uses these cards as well that we use to play.

Who knew, these cards for our amusement will be the most reliable form of knowing what our destiny beholds for us. Tarot cards have traveled a long way to mark their journey in foretelling fortune.

It surely is a bit different way of making prophecies. It works on the grounds of energy. Just like the materialistic world, there is this energy world that is correlated to everything tangible.

Tarot Cards find their fuel from this energy world. They work on the power of interpretations. If something has to be sheer in tarot card readings then it is the power of gut feeling and faith.

Let us know more about these cards:

What are the Types of Tarot Cards?

Types of Tarot Cards

Based on conventional Rider-Waite deck of tarot cards, there are two categories of these cards. These cards can be bifurcated into:

  1. Major Arcana Tarot Cards
  2. Minor Arcana Tarot Cards

Each of these cards is intuitive in telling different dimensions of the life of a person. Collectively, these cards are 78 in number. While in a reading session, these cards are laid out in a different combination of spreads to help a person in their concerned field.

Tarot cards must not be misunderstood as an asset of future predictions. Our present creates the foundation of our future and we must always remember this. Tarot cards can help you know what can you do to improve your future. Try to understand this in the following way.

Life is a pathway. We have already walked over in our past, we are walking in our present, and tarot cards are the lantern that is illuminating our path of future.

Many people are curious to know the difference between these two categories. Hence, this piece of information may gratify the information seekers.

What are Major Arcana Tarot Cards?

Major Arcana Tarot Cards 22 in number, these cards are the ones that cover major aspects of one’s life. Just as the name suggests, all of the major transitional phases of life can be explained with these Major Arcana Cards.

Following the pattern of the Hebrew alphabet, these cards are numbered from 0-21. Sometimes, these cards are even represented by Roman numbers. These cards are representative of the overall journey of life of an individual. The journey commences with the first card (The Fool, numbered at 0) and culminates at the last card(The World, numbered at 21).

Certain small events add up to make a bigger one. Or rather we can say there are less major events as compared to the minor ones in our lives. Indeed, this is why the Major Arcana Cards are less in number.

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The bigger aspects these cards cover can be love, hopes, tradition, religious beliefs, etc. Sometimes these cards may represent individuals or well wishers that are connected to us in the sphere of life. These tarot cards penetrate deep into the core of one’s soul.

Major Arcana Cards reveal the traits we already possess but are unaware of the same. These cards then help us shape these traits in the best ways. And if we own some of the negative ones then we shall be guided to tame them. Major Arcana talks about the energy that is connected to us.

Knowing more about the meanings of each of these cards may require practice and trust in the universal powers.

What are Minor Arcana Tarot Cards?

Minor Arcana Tarot Cards 56 in number, these cards are the ones that cover daily life issues of an individual. Just as the name says these cards are intended to talk about the minor issues or influences of our lives.

Minor Arcana Cards are simply the zoomed-in lens of our lives. What affects us, what emotions we are going through currently, the qualities we possess, etc are foretold by these cards.

Our life is a sum of small events that occur for us. Each of these small events is described by these cards. This is one of the reasons these cards surpass Major Arcana in number.

Our passions, emotions, actions, people, decisions, and other things that are present in our day to day activities are all represented by these 56 cards. These small steps add up and create our entire life. These cards are as important to be deciphered as the major ones are.

Minor Arcana talks about the energy that can be controlled by us and generally we are aware of that energy. They are associated with crucial elements of life which are Air, Water, Earth, and Fire.

Minor Arcana Cards are subcategorized into four suits:

  1. Suit of Wands
  2. Suit of Pentacles
  3. Suit of Cups
  4. Suit of Swords

Each suit is further divided into 14 cards. The ten cards are simply the numbered ones and the remaining are court cards.

Each of the minor cards has numbers to entitle them. The numbers range from one or ace to ten. The other four cards are the court cards. Each suit has them. These court cards are Page, Knight, King, and Queen.

Minor Arcana Cards deal with emotional, mental, spiritual, and materialistic well being.

Now that we are almost done with these tarot cards.

You can refer the tabulation below to go through the broad differences between the two:

Major Arcana Cards Minor Arcana Cards
Focus on large aspects Focus on small aspects
22 in number 56 in number
No further bifurcation Further divided into different suits
Elaborative focus and throws light on the bigger picture of life Focuses on the trials and tribulations of day to day life
Not entitled by a number Entitled by a number like ‘Four of Cups’

The basic differences between the two cards have been discussed now. For a successful tarot card reading session, the involvement of both the major and minor arcana cards is important.

Both of these types of tarot cards are highly influential in successfully shaping our lives. Signs of the universal assurance are everywhere, you just need to establish your trust in this.

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