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The Fool Tarot Card Meaning – Upright And Reversed

The Fool Tarot Card Meaning – Upright And Reversed

The Fool Tarot Card Meanings

The Fool tarot card meaning is simple. It wants you to live every moment of life with joy. Also, when we talk about The Fool tarot card as a person, then it shows one’s ability and willingness to take risks. It is one of those major arcana tarot cards that want you to leave all the unnecessary burden behind and move on.

The Fool meaning is easy to decode as it is all about fun, freedom, and spontaneity. But as good as it may seem, it is not always the case. Sometimes when The Fool tarot card appears in your tarot card reading, you must prepare yourself for a lot of mental strength and courage that you will require to let go of things.

Overall, getting The Fool cards is a good sign as long as it appears in the upright position. This is because it shows that the required courage is within you and you just have to identify and employ it where necessary. But The Fool tarot meaning changes completely as soon as it is drawn as a Fool reversed card. The Fool tarot meaning in this situation means that the childlike, carefree, and innocent mind is more naive and gullible which can be taken advantage of.

Even when we talk about love, The Fool card in an upright position mentions a light-hearted happy relationship whereas The Fool reversed love means a risky relationship. We’ll see more about how The Fool tarot love is interpreted in the later sections of this blog. And we will see how The Fool as feelings works in a free love tarot card reading.

Apart from The Fool love reading, when it comes to The Fool, yes or no it does not give a certain answer, rather the answer will depend on what and how you have asked something. But the good thing is that it does not change its interpretation based on the position in which the card is drawn. The Fool reversed yes or no will also tell you the same thing as when it will appear in the upright position.

The good thing about tarot cards is that you don’t have to know your zodiac sign by name to get a genuine reading. Say, for example, when we talk about The Fool tarot it connects your energies with the card and then reads it. Here the rising sign meaning is something that can be taken into consideration for reference.

Whether we talk about The Fool tarot relationship, career, education, or any other aspect of life, The Fool strategy revolves around the fact that you must leave all the negative things behind and follow your heart to embark on a new journey.

The Fool Description

So, now since you know the gist of The Fool tarot card meaning you need to understand what the image on The Fool tarot card depicts. This will make it easier for you to decode the meaning when you will get familiar with every element shown on The Fool tarot.

The Fool tarot meaning can be depicted by the body language and behavior of the protagonist shown on The Fool card. He is symbolic of a joyful soul who has no clue about what he is about to encounter. This is evident from how The Fool tarot shows a carefree walk almost off the cliff.

The Fool loves to leave the burdens of the world behind as he only carries a small bundle of worldly possessions in The Fool tarot card.

Another element that impacts The Fool meaning is the white flower that he carries. It shows the purity of his intentions and freedom from negativity. Next, the clothing patterns in The Fool card points towards the potential and ability of The Fool. It is one of those major arcana tarot cards which contains the elements of power and carefree attitude in one place.

Moving to the next element of the card that determines The Fool strategy, it shows a little dog at his feet which symbolizes loyalty. It can also be interpreted as the warning sign for The Fool who is walking in his own tune.

And lastly, the mountains behind The Fool when it appears in the tarot card reading show the challenges that are yet to be encountered.

Whether it’s a free love tarot card reading or face-to-face interaction, all these things combined with the nature of your question depict your situation. Whether or not you know your zodiac sign by name, these things still get you the best reading.

But remember the appearance of The Fool reversed card will change their meanings. For example, what The Fool tarot love means in an upright position will be nothing like The Fool reversed love interpretation.

Here the exceptions are The Fool yes or no and The Fool as feelings readings. It remains the same even in the case of The Fool reversed yes or no and Fool feelings. Also, it should be noted that tarot card size doesn’t change the The Fool tarot meaning, however the types of tarot deck used in the spread or a reading does.

So this is The Fool description which can be used in The Fool tarot relationship, career, finance, success, or any other reading. Let’s move further to see them individually.

The Fool Upright General Meaning The Fool Reversed General Meaning
New beginnings, Innocent, Idealistic, Adventurous, Spontaneous  Careless, Naive, Gullible, Dull, Foolish, Reckless

The Fool Upright Tarot Meanings

The Fool Upright Tarot Card Meanings

Upright Love Upright Career Upright Finance Upright Health Upright Spirituality
Carefree love, Light hearted relationship, No burden Fresh air in old work, New opportunities, New ventures Spontaneous spending, New opportunities, Learning Improvement in health, Prone to accident, Careless behavior New paths, New beginnings, Following your instincts

General Meaning Of Fool Upright

The first thing that The Fool tarot card shows when it appears in your tarot card reading is that new beginnings are around the corner and you are soon going to enter a new phase of life. Another thing that constitutes the general meaning of Fool upright points towards your sense of freedom and the original and ideal approach to life. Getting The Fool card is a clear indication for you to use your intelligence in whatever you do in life. It says that being casual is okay, but being careless can cost you some significant things. With this card, you must see each day as an epitome of new opportunities.

The Fool Upright In Love And Relationships Readings

With The Fool tarot if you have been single for a long time and looking for someone then be prepared as new love will soon knock in your life. Moreover, The Fool tarot card is the one that wants you to have a simple and light-hearted relationship. Fool love cards want you to leave the conventional methods and embark yourself on a new journey to experience what you have never experienced earlier in your romantic life. The Fool, upright in love and relationships readings, wants you to be prepared for the surprises and wants you to keep your senses open as you are likely to find love unexpectedly.

If this has amazed you, I am sure the Queen Of Swords tarot guide will grab your attention.

The Fool Upright In Work And Career Readings

The Fool tarot card meaning when it comes to working and career points towards new possibilities. You can see The Fool cards as a ray of hope if you have been thinking about getting into new ventures. Here you must understand that The Fool upright in work and career readings does not compulsorily bring new things, but it will certainly bring a positive change in the existing situation. The Fool tarot wants you to be at least aware of the new opportunities and taking them up or not is absolutely your choice. You must approach various dimensions of your career with courage.

The Fool Upright In Money Readings

It is one of those major arcana tarot cards that when appears in the financial readings, tells you that there is spontaneous spending at your end. Notice that The Fool upright in money readings shows that most of your spending is done on travel, adventure, and exploration. Also, you must notice that The Fool strategy here is as such it becomes easy for you to fund these expenses. Here The Fool tarot meaning for you is to make the most of the situation. You don’t have to know your zodiac sign by name to feed your curiosity especially because of the finances. 

The Fool Upright In Health Readings

When The Fool tarot card appears in your health reading it is a positive sign which comes with a warning. The Fool upright in health readings shows that if you have been struggling in matters related to your health then very soon you will see an improvement in your condition. But The Fool meaning here also says that the carefree or rather careless behavior of The Fool can make you prone to accidents. So with the appearance of The Fool tarot in the context of your health comes as a warning to be extra careful while doing something which involves the possibility of casualty.

The Fool Upright in Spiritual Readings

Just like The Fool tarot love indicates new beginnings for anyone, when it appears in your spirituality readings, here also it shows that you are standing at the beginning of a new spiritual journey. The Fool upright in spiritual readings is a clear indication of brilliant things coming your way. The Fool tarot here shows that there is a possibility that others will not understand what you are up to but at the same time it tells you to stay focused on your spiritual path. This will require you to try a lot of new things which you will be willing to do, so don’t hesitate to apply them practically when the time comes.

Just like The Magician Tarot Card points towards the possibility of manifestation, The Fool also wants you to work and move in the right direction by leaving every burden behind and carrying a carefree but cautious attitude.

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The Fool Reversed Tarot Meanings

The Fool Tarot Card Meaning - Upright And Reversed

The Fool Reversed Tarot Card Meanings

Reversed Love Reversed Career Reversed Finance Reversed Health Reversed Spirituality
Insecure love, Casual relationship, Risky partner Irresponsible actions, Impulsive decisions, Stagnation Unnecessary spending, Living in a perceived financial situation Alternative medicine, Improved health condition New path, giving up old methods, Indulging too much into it

General Meaning Of Fool Reversed

The appearance of The Fool reversed in your reading shows that you are not just being innocent but also naive in your life. The general meaning of Fool reversed can prove to be a dangerous situation in different aspects of your life. This is true whether you are talking about The Fool reversed love or The Fool tarot relationship readings. If the question is about your gullibility, then The Fool reversed yes or no points towards a big yes. Fool cards here come as a warning sign for you to get cautious.

The Fool Reversed In Love And Relationships Readings

If you are getting a free love tarot card reading done and you get The Fool tarot card, then it is a clear indication that you are in a risky relationship. The Fool reversed love shows that there is a lack of commitment between you and your partner. The Fool tarot card meaning does not show a very favorable overall situation. Moreover, The Fool reversed in love and relationships readings again warns you to be careful about the intention of your partner regarding your trusting nature.

Here you must also be careful about not getting into overthinking and ruining something which could otherwise be great. This is exactly what is shown by The Sun reversed card.

The Fool Reversed In Work And Career Readings

With the appearance of The Fool reversed in aspects of your career, you must understand that you are doing certain things at work that are impacting your team and colleagues. The Fool reversed in work and career readings show that you are getting the feeling of stagnation at your work but that does not give you the permission to do things irresponsibly. It is one of those major arcana tarot cards that warn you against your impulsive decisions regarding switching jobs.


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The Fool Reversed In Money Readings

The Fool tarot meaning when it appears in the financial tarot card reading it shows that you are being careless about spending money. The Fool reversed in money readings is a clear indication that you need to keep your research game strong before purchasing anything. Moreover, The Fool strategy wants you to be realistic and spend only what you can afford, otherwise, it won’t take much time to get your bank account off balance and leave you in credit.

If the Fool tarot appears in combination with any of Minor Arcana Tarot Cards, then they will together rule the message of tarot card reading.

The Fool Reversed In Health Readings

The Fool meaning in health readings shows that if you have been suffering from some disease lately and could not see any improvement in your situation despite everything, then alternative medicine is a good and favorable option for you. The Fool reversed in health readings makes you more prone to the possibility of accidents just like The Fool card in upright health position. So even in this reading, The Fool yes or no tells you that you should be extra careful for the time being.

The Fool Reversed In Spiritual Readings

The Fool as feelings in spiritual readings tells you that you are transitioning from one path to another and in the process, you are willing to give up your old beliefs. The Fool tarot loves to explore new paths and embark on new journeys. This behavior may leave people confused about your intentions and idea of spirituality. The Fool reversed in spiritual readings does not stop you from exploring new things but at the same time doesn’t want you to jump into anything.


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The Fool As Feelings

In a free love tarot card reading if you want to know how the other person feels about you and your relationship, then you must take up The Fool as feelings readings specifically. It shows that your current or potential partner loves you but they do not plan to settle down with you soon. This is not a bad thing altogether because here The Fool tarot relationship also shows that no matter what, they still like your aura. So if you are looking to settle down, they are apparently not the best person to be with.

The Fool Yes Or No Readings

The Fool yes or no reading is a little difficult to interpret. This is irrespective of the fact that it appeared in the upright position or as The Fool reversed yes or no. Getting a clear answer is not something that you can expect from this card. It gives you a green signal to do anything but that permission comes with a caution sign. Its interpretation totally depends on the nature of the question that you have asked and the situation that you are referring to. We can say that The Fool loves to literally confuse you.

Just for your information, this is not at all the case with the Wheels Of Fortune. It always gives you a positive answer while wanting you to be prepared for the future which will be different from your present.

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FAQs About The Fool Tarot card

1. What is Fool?

The Fool is considered to be either the first or the last card in the different tarot decks of tarot cards. The Fool as feelings shows an innocent and at the same time a careless approach to life. This makes the person carefree and gullible at once. Getting The Fool in your reading mostly wants you to see every day as a new opportunity for you and be careful about getting on the wrong track.

2. What does The Fool tarot card mean?

The Fool tarot card majorly functions on the basic theme of letting the burdens of life go and move ahead on a new path. This card tells various interesting things about different aspects of your life on its own. For instance, although it’s important to consider other factors, in a love and relationship reading, it requires you to know your partner’s zodiac sign by name to get accurate information. So the basic meaning of this card revolves around living your life while being careful at the same time.

3. How does Fool work?

The Fool tarot card when appears in your reading just like any other card leads your energy and emotions which gives it guidance. This is how every reading, even with the same card for the same aspect of life, when asked by different people, gives different interpretations. Getting the most accurate answers that are interpreted exclusively for you, you must have a good tarot card reader or the best tarot app.

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