Typical Tarot Card Size and Its Dimension

Typical Tarot Card Size and Its Dimension

02 Dec, 2019 / Tarot

Typical Tarot Card Size and Its Dimension

What do we not know about Tarot? It is a question around which we often wonder, once we are complacent with the knowledge of Tarot. Of course, the Standard Tarot Card Size comes next!

Brief Introduction of Tarot Cards & Tarot Card Size

Let’s see what is all that we have learned before learning about Tarot Card Size?

  • History of Tarot
  • Facts about Major and Minor Arcana
  • Details about all the Tarot cards.
  • How to initiate a Tarot Spread?

We would try to brief our Tarot learnings slightly before moving onto the next big question - What is the standard Tarot Card Size? The size of a Tarot Card, the lessons we learned, the points about time and space are all questions for us to answer.

Evolution of Tarot Cards with Time

As soon as you have made a Tarot card deck, your own, the size of a Tarot Card begins to impact your life significantly. These cards becomes a way to the astral planes.

Near 1370: Tarot Card is mentioned for the first time in many European cities, and during this time Tarot Card Size is the standard card size, same as the one used to play card games.

About 1430: Italian courts receive the first set of cards similar to our Tarot decks- 22 Trumps and 56 other cards.

1505: Tarocchi word takes shape, in Italy, giving way to the words, Tarot of France and Tarock of Germany. Tarot Card Dimensions pretty much do not change.

16th century: Images appear for the first time for the Tarot of Marseilles. Notably, Antoine Court de Gebelin finds out for the first time, the esoteric dimension of Tarot Cards. Tarot Card size was kept constant even during this period.

1781- Eliphas Levi connected Tarot and Kabbalah for the first time. During this time, Paul Christian too, linked Tarot with astrology and the name “Arcana was introduced by him in the world of Tarot.

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Mid of the 19th century- Ely Star spoke about Major (greater) and Minor Arcana.

1889- Oswald Wirth created the first esoteric shop. Tarot Card Dimensions remain constant throughout this period.

1909/ 1910- The Rider-Waite Deck, the most popular Tarot deck took shape; Tarot Card Dimensions were stabilized with the coming of this deck.

1944- Crowley Thoth published the “Book of Thoth.” This Fourth Dimension Tarot also kept the Tarot Card Size constant.

1970- The Tarot slowly rises to popularity. Hundreds of varieties have taken shape by now in this field.

1983 - Salvador Dali publishes his rich Tarot cards retaining the Tarot Card Dimensions pretty much to the available dimensions in those times.

Know How to read tarot cards

From 1979 to 1996 - Franco-American artist Niki de Saint of Phalle contributes to the Tarot phenomenally. In Capalbio in Tuscany, a Tarot Garden was constructed by her. She depicts the motives of the Major Arcana through sculptures and monumental sculptures. Major Arcana deals with essential aspects of your life. Your career Tarot Reading is one of the main fields.

Different Tarot Card Size

Types of Tarot Cards Based on Their sizes

Over the last century, the Tarot Card Size was being experimented. There is all sort of sizes now in the market. Some of the Tarot Card sizes available are

  • Giant Tarot Cards
  • Regular Tarot Cards
  • Mini Tarot Cards
  • Pocket Size Tarot Cards

The Major and the Minor Arcana Cards are always of the same size, so all the 78 cards are packed together with an information leaflet called the White Book, with the Tarot Card Dimensions remaining the same for all of these cards. Major Arcana talks a lot about your love life and love compatibility. The Minor Arcana, on the other hand, deals with lesser and more day to day problems that might involve your finances to handle, and you can always counter them through a good finance Tarot reading. Let's note the standard Tarot Card Size- It is between 2   inches to 3 inches wide by 4   inches to 5 inches tall. This is always the golden standard of Tarot card dimensions. Now coming to the ones put in regular use, we find a few regular Tarot card size being put to daily use.

1.GIANT TAROT CARDS usually present in almost all decks are used for big gatherings where people contribute together to Tarot Card Reading. Nearly all the decks provide Giant Tarot cards.

A few Decks to name the ones that provide the giant Tarot cards for its readers include Rider-Waite Tarot, Gypsy Cards, Vintage Tarot Cards, and many more. The Giant Rider-Waite Tarot card size is 1.2 x 4.2 x 7.2 inches.

2.REGULAR TAROT CARDS are used in almost all occasions. From a gypsy to a college-goer everyone can use the regular Tarot cards for divination and many more purposes. The regular Tarot card size is 7 cm x 12 cm (2.75 inches x 4.75 inches) generally.

3.MINI TAROT CARD SIZE is 2 x 3.5 inches or 4.4 cm x 8 cm. These are usually the smaller versions carried by Tarot practitioners while traveling from one place to another. These are also called travel Tarot cards.

They are extremely helpful when you want to practice meditation on one of these cards. You can meditate, focus, reflect upon the cards at the same time.

4.POCKET SIZE TAROT CARD: The Tarot Card Size pocket version is 31/2 by 21/4 inches in size, they are not very different from their mini versions, yet slightly expanded for regular use, for a touch practice and for crafting out a consistent image from these Tarot cards.

This variety of pocket Tarot Card is usually a sturdier version, and generally, tolerate wear and tear much better in almost all the decks that facilitate the pocket version of Tarot Card.

The Standard Tarot Card size pixels is 900 x 1500 pixels.

The Tarot Card size pixels do not practically change unless you have opted for a different Tarot Card size in inches.

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Understanding the Meaning of Fourth Dimension Tarot

The Tarot Cards designed are majorly three dimensional, and here we would try to understand Aleister Crowley’s Fourth Dimension Tarot. The Book of Thoth states, “There are three points, but there is no idea where anyone of them is. A fourth point is essential, and this formulates the idea of matter.” Further it says,“The Point, the Line, the Plane. The fourth point, unless it should happen to lie in the plane, gives the Solid. If one wants to know the position of any point, one must define it by the use of three coordinate axes. It is so many feet from the North wall, and so many feet from the East wall, and so many feet from the floor.” Thus for the first time, we see that the fourth dimension finds space into this new field of Tarot called the fourth dimension Tarot, through the Book of Thoth.

Reading Fourth Dimension of Tarot

You might be excited to know how the fourth dimension Tarot explains your condition better than the 3-dimensional Tarot card system. We would try to illustrate further about Thoth’s concept through the use of Tarot cards. Let’s say if you are creating a 3-card draw,

  1. The first card is You
  2. Your problem is the second card
  3. Your solution is the third card

The three dimensional Tarot fails to intimate you about the position of the three elements in relation to each other, in time space matrix. Thus, the introduction of the fourth dimension Tarot can create this fourth point for your convenience. This fourth point would be able to explain the relative position of each Tarot card with the other, thus giving you an accurate measurement in time. Hence the distance & time gap between your position and your problem can be solved easily. The distance & time gap can also tell you the exact duration of time for your problem to appear mathematically through the use of Fourth Dimension Tarot. Similarly, it would also be able to assess the exact duration of time during which the solution to your problem would appear. It would also specify the duration of time, during which the answer is available in your life to conclude the problem. Further in the Book of Thoth, we find that the Divine Mother and the Divine father are capable of creating active existence, by introducing a point in a predefined shape, known to be the womb of the mother.

This point after being introduced into the mother, is now capable of active existence, a self-conscious existence that can have past, present, and future timelines. The mathematics behind use of Fourth Dimension Tarot is complicated but not unachievable. The Book describes the new existence from the point and the womb in this manner, “It is able to define itself in terms of the previous ideas. Here is the number Six, the centre of the system: self-conscious, capable of experience.” It is interesting to note that the mother is represented by the Hebrew letter five and the father as the point in space.  The letters seven, eight and nine as per the Great book of Thoth draws relations from the Hindu system where Seven is Sat ( the essence of Being itself), Eight is Chit (Thought or intellect) and Nine is Anand (pleasure experienced by beings in the course of events).

Now, if you note a fully grown being (six) has acquired the essence of being (seven), thoughts (eight), and pleasure of existence (nine) merely by being bound to the periphery of five.

This is the essence of the fourth dimension Tarot.

Fourth Dimension Tarot and Facts

Secrets of Fourth Dimension Tarot

The Book of Thoth claims that an atom possesses the memory of its existence. The atom, fortified with memory, is no longer the same atom; in fact, it has become something more. Thus by the lapse of time, and the attainment of memory this atom creates its uniqueness.  Thus, the famous equation of “naught-many-two-one-all-naught” comes right here.  Referring to the above equation, we find that the Book finds the Pagan form of living life in a circle contrary to the Hebrew system. The Hebrew System is pretty much close-ended with the emanation of the daughter and the son from the father and the mother. The number “Ten” is defined as the daughter in the Book, the pendant to the chain.

We can also see a glimpse of the four planes of the tree of life and this helps crystallize the entire thought process present in the Book of Thot.

  • Number 1 or the spiritual worldly plane.
  • Number 2 to 3 is the water world plane, the emotional development.
  • Number 4 to 9 to Air world plane, the intellectual development.
  • Number 10 is the Earth world plane.

The four numbers refer to the four worlds at some places- the Archetypal world, the Practical World, the Creative World, and the Formative World. The Book though, does not talk of any Tarot Card Dimensions or a Standard Tarot Card Size.

Thus to analyze the cards, we find that the four pillars of Thoth Tarot card reading involve:

  1. Energy
  2. Inner
  3. Career
  4. Sentiment

Here in Crowley’s Thoth Tarot, also known as the fourth dimension Tarot, the fourth card is taken into the picture and this card always holds special meaning.  Your daily Tarot draw for problems often require a general overview that might differ slightly between the Fourth Dimension Tarot and the ordinary 3-dimensional Tarot forms. There is a fourth card in picture that is almost always a blank page for you to write your own destiny. You may often require an in-depth precise analysis of your questions and the fourth dimension Tarot can comfortably take you through the more specific Yes-No Tarot.

General Alteration in Fourth Dimension Tarot Cards

How does Fourth Dimension tarot differ from real decks

The Four of Wands, Swords, Discs, and Cups have special significance in the Thoth Tarot Reading.  Fourth dimension Tarot has the following changes in the card structure though the size of a Tarot Card remains the same.  The Fourth dimension Tarot begins with Magus and ends with the Fool.  The eighth card is Adjustment instead of Justice.  The tenth and eleventh card is Fortune and Lust instead of Wheel of Fortune and Fortitude/Strength in Fourth dimension Tarot.  The fourteenth card is Art instead of Temperance.  The twentieth card and the twenty-first card is The Aeon and The Universe instead of Judgement and the World in Fourth dimension Tarot.

Use of Fourth Dimensions Tarot

Revive life with powerful Fourth Dimension tarot

Thus, there is a fourth card in the picture for all your draws in Thoth Tarot. Tarot card Dimensions in Inches remain the same even for Crowley’s Thoth Tarot Cards. Most people use it for love Tarot reading often, to claim the exact future when your love would emanate proper results.

We must know, we can always reach a point of higher understanding about how this world is formed, about the fourth dimension Tarot, how it exists, how it represents us in the long run of life. It indicates that given the life moves in a circle, then we are dangerously tied with time, and expanding or contracting too much cannot give us an answer. A balance provides an answer.

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Power of Four in Fourth Dimension Tarot

The number four holds a special significance in Thoth Tarot Cards. Let us have a look at the positive and the negative aspects of this number as per fourth dimension Tarot descriptions.

POSITIVE ASPECTS of FOUR as described in the fourth dimension Tarot: Reliable, stable, growth and expansion, ambition, victory. NEGATIVE ASPECTS of FOUR as in the fourth dimension Tarot: Oppression, slavery, stagnation, rashness, and bad temper.

We understand that the equilibrium between understanding and knowledge can still be reached only through the process of understanding of the fourth Dimension Tarot. This wisdom is the only way to reach the escape velocity of release from this cycle of Birth and Death. The fourth dimension Tarot is the process using which you can move away from the different pulls present in this world and is called Nirvana in Buddhism.

The fourth dimension Tarot, is heavily inspired by Hinduism and Buddhism contextually. Being aware of Tarot card Dimensions Inches, you can now count well upon your knowledge in buying the best Tarot cards for yourself.

You are aware of the Crowley’s Thoth Tarot deck spread, known commonly as the fourth dimension Tarot. You also know how the fourth dimension Tarot impacts the spread when you do a four-card Thoth Tarot reading instead of a three-card reading. Go ahead and make the astral travel easier by gathering all this knowledge from the Tarot cards.

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Shankar Saini

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