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3 Card (Past, Present & Future) Tarot Reading For Beginners Guide

3 Card (Past, Present & Future) Tarot Reading For Beginners Guide

Since ancient times people want to know their past to improve their present and work on their future. Although, most often, during divination, they want to uncover the secrets of what has not yet come. In fact, it is important to understand the present more deeply and to understand what has already happened in order to know what is about to come.


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Amidst all the prediction practices, Tarot is an ancient effective remedy for fortune-telling.

There are many ways to ask a question about your fate with their help – fortune-telling three-card spread of the past, the present and future is one of the most well-known. So, if you are on the path of learning tarot cards and tarot reading, then you must know about how to read the 3-Card Spreads to determine the past, present, and future.

Here, we have tried to throw light on the same. Let’s take a look at the beginner’s guide to 3-Card Reading.

Tips To Begin Divination With 3-Card Spread (Past, Present & Future)

3-Card Spread (Past, Present & Future)

1. Create A Comfortable Environment

Before you start divination with tarot spread, it is recommended to create a comfortable environment for yourself. So, sit comfortably, turn on the light and turn on still music to create the right mood.

2. Prepare Your Tarot Deck

In order to learn about the past, understand the present and predict the future with Tarot, you need to use a tarot deck. A tarot deck comprises of 22 Major and 56 Minor Arcana cards.

Go in a separate room and focus on your desire that you want to receive a true prediction. Shuffle your tarot deck carefully for a few minutes. So, the energy connection with the tarot cards is established.

3. Understand The Querent’s Goal

Another important circumstance that must be considered when interpreting fallen tarot cards is the goal that a person faces. Understanding the querent’s question is really important in such readings. Past, present and future tarot may be of interest from different points of view.

4. Doing the Past-Present-Future Reading

During the past, present, future tarot reading session, it is important to focus as much as possible on the subject of interest. This will increase the reliability of the results.

No need to divide the tarot cards into good and bad. Each has a special purpose and each card depicts a different scenario for different individuals. Do not be afraid to make a mistake if you have a feeling that you are assessing the situation incorrectly, you do not need to hurry, Take your time to think and then come to a conclusion combining your intuition and the interpretation of the card.

In order to correctly interpret the meanings of the cards received, sometimes it is necessary to make considerable efforts.

It is important to know that there may be a situation when the result reading on tarot cards is not pleasant or, for example, looks too vague. In this situation, it is not allowed to immediately perform the same procedure. However, it can be repeated in a few days.

How a Past-Present-Future Tarot Reading is Done?

Past-Present-Future Tarot Reading Explained
It is usually proposed to choose which set of tarot cards (full tarot deck or only Major Arcana cards) will be used. Then it is possible to randomly select one card each to interpret the past, present, and future. This choice can be organized in various ways. Sometimes this is done in the form of a sequence.

After the result is obtained, it is necessary to interpret the way the 3 images obtained to describe the situation that was the subject of consideration.

This three-card spread answers questions about your past, present, and future. When choosing one of three options, think about the question to which you would like to receive an answer or the problem you are having. While reading the meanings of each card, think about how they relate to the question you are asking or the situation you are facing now.

1st card (Past):

This card reflects your situation – why you are and where you are. It often means the person or relationship in your life that is probably the reason behind your question. This tarot reading can help you rethink previous relationships, break free from old regrets and learn from your mistakes.

2nd card (Present):

This tarot card presents a current problem, usually as a direct result of your past. Pay special attention to the second card, as it can show you things that you missed before. It will help to assess the current situation and give a true assessment of your desires and needs, as well as those qualities that you can use in the situation of your question.

3rd card (Future):

The last card in this scenario contains recommendations for overcoming your problem. It can provide options that you did not consider, or resources and people that you did not consider. This card indicates the most likely outcome of your current situation and represents the future in this tarot reading. Ask it for specific suggestions on how to manage your destiny, to always be in the right place at the right time in the society of the right people, to achieve your goals and solve the issue or problem favorably.

After you have selected and read the meanings of the tarot cards, go back to the original question. And think about how the information obtained matches with it and what impulse for actions it can give.

Importance Of This Reading

At first glance, it may seem that our past is not a secret. However, as a result of the procedure, indications can be obtained on things that were previously unknown.
The value relating to the past helps to better understand where and on what basis the current situation arose and what is important in it.
The image that characterizes the existing situation, allows you to better understand it and determine how to understand what is happening at the time when you are making divination with tarot.
The received information about the future will tell you what will be important for some time and what can be expected in the future.


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By learning the 3-Card Spread (Past-Present-Future) reading, you can achieve an important milestone in your journey of Tarot Reading. So, what are you waiting for? Get the tarot cards and start your insightful analysis!

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