All About Minor Arcana Tarot Card and Their Meaning

All About Minor Arcana Tarot Card and Their Meaning

18 Jul, 2019 / Tarot

A set of 56 Minor Arcana Tarot cards following the 22 Major Arcana cards, have the power to define an individual’s life based on the symbols depicted in these cards, and how they affect different aspects of life. The Major Arcana, also called as high potential cards in a tarot reading, define the direction of the reading, while the Minor Arcana cards play a supporting role in giving a deeper meaning to the outcomes of the reading.

Simply put, if the Major Arcana cards are the bold, most prominent colors on the canvas of your life, the Minor Arcana cards are the lighter shades and tints that play an exceeding role in introducing artistry and assortment in your life.

What Does A Minor Arcana Card Mean in A Tarot Reading?

A Tarot card reading is based on the cards, picked up from the deck of 78 cards. The 56 Minor Arcana tarot cards in a reading indicate towards the daily life situations that are currently affecting your life. They help in adding a direction to the reading, since these type of tarot cards represent the experiences, learnings, interactions, emotions and feelings that you experience as you carry on with the journey of your life.

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Whatever circumstances an individual is going through in their lives, the Minor Arcana cards remind them that this situation is not permanent and it will pass, but how it will affect you will depend on how you choose to act on it.

The Minor Arcana Suits & Their Meaning

56 Minor Arcana tarot cards brings certainty and definition to your lives through tarot card reading app. These 56 cards are divided into four suits of 14 cards each, that mirror the four major elements of life, and every suit represents different aspects of your personality and express which part of our life they affect.


Different Types Of Minor Arcana Cards:

Each suit in the Minor Arcana cards offers important insights about different life aspects. These aspects are related to daily life and can be very helpful in making decisions for every day life situations. Here is the list of four suits of Minor Arcana Tarot cards in order.
Types Of Minor Arcana Cards Element Aspects
The Suit of Cups Water Relationships
The Suit of Pentacles Earth Career and Wealth
The Suit of Swords Air Strength and Power
The Suit of Wands Fire Life Purpose and Beliefs

The Suit of Cups

The Suit of Cups represents the Water element. This Suit is correlated with your emotions, intuitions, inner feelings and imagination. The Cups often shows up in readings related to your sentimental connection and relationships with others and yourself.

The Suit of Pentacles

The Suit of Pentacles represent the elements of Earth. This suit is linked to the possession of material things, finances and your work life. The Pentacles often show up in the readings about career and wealth.

The Suit of Swords

The Suit of Swords portrays the Air element. This suit is associated with your expressions, intentions, words, actions and thoughts. The Swords often comes up in readings related to decision making, communication and affirmation of strength and power.

The Suit of Wands

The element of Suit of Wands is Fire, and they represent your spirit, energy, inner-passion and your natural inclinations. The Wands cards often come up in readings related to spirituality, life purpose and beliefs.

List of Minor Arcana Cards- Explained!

56 Minor Arcana tarot cards are divided into four suits, with every suit having 14 cards. Every suit is numbered from Ace to Ten with four court cards- The Page, The Knight, The Queen and The King. These are in a sense similar to the suits of a playing card deck with an extra card in each suit.

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While the number cards of different tarot suits define and depict different aspects of your personality and your current life situation. The court cards generally represent the people who play a major role in influencing your life in the current situation.

Understanding the Suit of Cups


The basic element of life is Water that symbolize human emotions and imagination. Just as life is beyond the bounds of possibility without water, an individual cannot move ahead in any domain of life without the presence of his emotions, creativity and imagination. Every card in the Suit of Cups describe the different levels at which our lives are affected and governed by our emotions.

Let’s take a look at this list of Minor Arcana Cards from the Suit of Cups-

  • Ace of Cups- expresses the potential and opportunities for divine love, intimacy and compassion.
  • Two of Cups- is a card of Duality, depicts the formation of new partnerships.
  • Three of Cups- is a communication card, focuses on your relationships with your friends and other people of your community.
  • Four of Cups- represents your disconnect and points that stability in your emotions can come through meditation.
  • Five of Cups- indicates situations of loss, regret and bereavement.
  • Six of Cups- is a growth card that represents the emotions attached to growing up- childhood memories, revisiting the past and nostalgia.
  • Seven of Cups- is a signal that you need to come out of the fantasy world and have faith that your creativity can help you crack up the new opportunities.
  • Eight of Cups- represents changes caused due to disappointment, withdrawal and abandonment.
  • Nine of Cups- brings the comfort and satisfaction of bringing your goals to fruition.
  • Ten of Cups- indicates to the happiness drawn from the alignment of ideas.
  • Page of Cups- represents the hidden messages in your imagination and using them to attain your goals.
  • Knight of Cups- suggests using your charm and grace to move ahead in life.
  • Queen of Cups- shows that your actions are influenced by your compassion and intuition.
  • King of Cups- shows the influence of an emotionally balanced authoritative figure.

Understanding the Suit of Pentacles


The Suit of Pentacles represent the element Earth, which represents the physical possessions like wealth, business, property, work and creativity. In a reading, the Suit of Pentacles signify the realization of goals, manifestation of success and prosperity.

Let’s take a look at this list of Minor Arcana Cards from the Suit of Pentacles-

  • Ace of Pentacles- represents a new opportunity for career and financial growth
  • Two of Pentacles- suggests time management, adaptability and proper prioritization of tasks at work.
  • Three of Pentacles- indicates teamwork, partnerships, collaboration and implementation of tasks.
  • Four of Pentacles- cautions that stability can be gained by conserving your resources and saving money.
  • Five of Pentacles- indicates distress caused by financial losses and poverty.
  • Six of Pentacles- highlights the generosity and the joy gained by sharing of your wealth.
  • Seven of Pentacles- indicates financial investments, and determination to achieve long term financial goals.
  • Eight of Pentacles- directs you towards skill development and perfectionism.
  • Nine of Pentacles- indicates financial abundance and independence, luxury and self sufficiency.
  • Ten of Pentacles- points to long term success in terms of wealth and family.
  • Page of Pentacles- suggests new opportunities for financial development, skill development and manifestation of goals.
  • Knight of Pentacles- indicates that hard work and self discipline are important to increase productivity.
  • Queen of Pentacles- points to the influence of a nurturer and financial provider.
  • King of Pentacles- signifies your obsession with wealth, power and security.

Understanding the Suit of Swords


The Suit of Swords depicts the element of Air, which represents an individual's thoughts, beliefs and attitudes. In a reading, the Suit of Swords meaning is often associated with ambition, courage, power, change, force and hardships.

Let’s take a look at this list of Minor Arcana Cards from the Suit of Swords-

  • Ace of Swords- indicates mental clarity, new ideas and judgement.
  • Two of Swords- represents avoidance, situations of difficult decisions and weighing out options.
  • Three of Swords- symbolizes sorrow, grief and heartbreak.
  • Four of Swords- suggests relaxation and rejuvenation through meditation and rest.
  • Five of Swords- points to you stubbornness for winning at all costs in situations of disagreements or conflicts.
  • Six of Swords- suggests releasing emotional baggage and being open for transitions.
  • Seven of Swords- indicates strategical reactions, deception and betrayal.
  • Eight of Swords- represents negative thoughts and imposing restrictions on self.
  • Nine of Swords- indicates anxiety, fear, depression and inner battles.
  • Ten of Swords- symbolizes crisis, betrayal and painful endings.
  • Page of Swords- represents the curiosity for new ideas and finding new ways of communication.
  • Knight of Swords- symbolizes action-oriented ambitions and drive to succeed.
  • Queen of Swords- represents unbiased judgement, direct communication and independence.
  • King of Swords- symbolize mental clarity, authority, truth and intellectual power.

Understanding the Suit of Wands


The Suit of Wands represents the element of Fire that mirrors determination, spiritual inclination, energy, actions, imagination, and strength. In a tarot card reading, the Suit of Wands depicts your personality, enthusiasm and personal energy.

Let’s take a look at this list of Minor Arcana Cards from the Suit of Wands-

  • Ace of Wands- represents potential, growth, new opportunities and inspiration.
  • Two of Wands- symbolize discovery, decisions, future planning and progress.
  • Three of Wands- indicate foresight, expansion and overseas opportunities.
  • Four of Wands- represents homecoming, relaxation, joy and harmony.
  • Five of Wands- indicate disagreements, competitions, tensions and conflicts
  • Six of Wands- symbolize self-confidence, public recognition, success and progress.
  • Seven of Wands- represents challenge, competition, protection and perseverance.
  • Eight of Wands- indicates major changes, movements and internal alignment.
  • Nine of Wands- represents courage, persistence and resilience
  • Ten of Wands- symbolizes hard work, added responsibilities and burdens.
  • Page of Wands- represents free spirit, inspiration, discovery and limitless potential.
  • Knight of Wands- indicates impulsiveness, adventure, passion and energy.
  • Queen of Wands- represents courage, confidence and determination.
  • King of Wands- symbolize high expectations, leadership and new visions.

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The Best Part Tarot card reading has been revolutionising lives with its amazing insights for centuries now. The different tarot suits depict the diverse elements and realms of human life, but the minor arcana tarot card meanings and characterization depends on the inner creativity and intuition of the tarot card reader. The presence of any of the 22 major Arcana tarot cards in a tarot reading portrays major life occurrences, and how people are affected by these situations in their daily lives is highlighted by the 56 Minor Arcana tarot Cards.

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