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The World Tarot Card Meaning – Upright And Reversed

The World Tarot Card Meaning – Upright And Reversed

The World Tarot Card Meanings

The World is the last and twenty-second card of the Major Arcana tarot cards. It is a positive card that speaks of happiness, success, and completion. Be it love, career, relationship or business tarot card reading, The World Tarot card is a good sign. This card often appears when you have reached a significant stage of your life and is likely to celebrate your accomplishments. You may also feel confident to embrace new beginnings and plan new things to improve your life. However, the appearance of The World Tarot card Reversed is not as joyous as The World Tarot Card Upright.

Read the post to know about The World Tarot meaning in detail for the Upright and Reversed position. Know what The World Tarot card means in love, career, finance, health, and spiritual readings.

The World Tarot Card Description

The World Tarot Card Meaning Upright  The World Tarot Card Meaning Reversed
Completion, achievement, sense of belonging, wholeness, harmony, fulfillment Lack of closure, lack of achievement, emptiness, feeling incomplete

The World Tarot card has a dancing lady as the principal figure. She has one leg crossed over the other as the man in The Hanged Man Tarot card has. She is referred to as the female counterpart of him. However, the face of this woman is in the opposite direction to him. The dancing lady is holding wands in both her hands. It symbolizes stability and growth in a movement. Around her is a ring of green leaves that signifies success and accomplishment. There is a red ribbon on either end reminiscent of the infinity symbol. It inspires others to achieve collective greatness. Inside the wreath of glory, stars are scattered around the dancing lady. This signifies wisdom and represents enlightenment. Likewise The Wheel of Fortune Tarot, four creatures are inscribed on this tarot card also. The four creatures- Lion, Eagle, Angel, and Bull represent the four zodiac signs Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius, and Taurus. It also represents four elements, four seasons, and four corners of the Universe. They are guiding you from one phase to the next and bringing harmony to your voyage.

The World Upright Card Meanings In Tarot Reading or Spread

The World Upright Tarot Card Meanings:

Upright Love Meaning  Upright Career Meaning Upright Finance Meaning Upright Health Meaning Upright Spiritual Meaning
Feeling loved, fulfilling romantic life, feeling grateful Accomplishing career goals, satisfying career path Fulfilling financial life Recovery, healing from past health issues Getting Spiritually wiser, sharing spiritual knowledge

General Meaning of The World Upright Tarot

The appearance of The World Tarot card in a general reading is indicative of accomplishment, culmination, and progress. You have found the fruits of your labor and have reached the destination of your voyage. You have successfully completed a cycle and are feeling a sense of wholeness. The World Tarot Card meaning suggests that you have gone through various hurdles and tribulations and learned the lessons that are necessary to achieve success. Luck is on your side and you will see new opportunities coming your way. Grab them and make the most of your potential. The World Tarot guide tells that everything is as per your expectations and you are enjoying a whale of time. You have reached a point where you are surrounded by success, happiness and achievements. This time too shall pass and things will again bounce back to normal. Express your gratitude for all the good things and celebrate this period of accomplishments. Don’t rush to any new big project or goal until you feel ready to take on new challenges. The card also indicates that you have developed a sense of belonging. You know how you influence your surroundings and desire to make The World a better place. Traveling overseas for an extended period of time is also represented by The World tarot card.

The World Tarot Upright in Love and Relationships Readings

The World Tarot love meaning signifies a period of happiness and joy. If you are already in a relationship, then you are likely feeling a sense of gratitude and fulfillment. You are quite happy with your partner and enjoying security and stability in the relationship. The World Tarot love card suggests that you have achieved the goals that you have set for yourself regarding your relationship. Be it marriage, having kids, settling together, or anything else, you have accomplished everything that you have desired. Enjoy this phase and cherish the romantic moments with thankfulness. As per best tarot app 2022, The World Tarot relationship reading signals you are heading towards new beginnings after successfully completing a phase in the romantic journey. You and your partner may be setting new goals and looking forward to taking some big decisions regarding this.

If you are single, The Upright World Tarot card indicates a sense of happiness and fulfillment. You have overcome all the personal challenges and reached a significant milestone where you are calm, composed and confident about yourself. When you feel comfortable in your own skin then you can attract the right partner for yourself. The World Tarot meaning also signals numerous romantic opportunities to meet and interact with new people. There are chances that you will meet someone who is fond of traveling or maybe you will meet someone special during a travel trip.

The World Tarot Upright in Work and Career Readings

You have successfully accomplished your targets and enjoying your achievements, suggests The World Tarot meaning in Career. Your dedication and hard work have made you an achiever and you are feeling a sense of fulfillment in your present career position. Enjoy this time and celebrate your accomplishments. You are likely receiving the rewards of your labor. The appearance of Queen of Swords with The World confirms it. The Minor arcana meaning combinedly states that you are stepping up in your career. So, Stay consistent with your efforts and keep pursuing the growth opportunities that are coming your way.

If you are in a business, this may be a time of relief for you. The appearance of The World Tarot card indicates that after all the turmoil and uncertainty of the start-up phase, you are likely feeling happy and fulfilled. Take the moment to enjoy it and share it with the people who have helped you in achieving success and profits.

The World Tarot Upright in Money Readings

When it comes to money readings, The World Tarot card in Upright position is an indication that the flow of money is likely good. You have worked hard and attained a position where you can enjoy stability and security in terms of finances. Possibly, you have invested well, paid off your debts, or saved money even after handling financial upheavals. Congratulate yourself and enjoy what you have accomplished. Alternatively, if you are making conservative investments or working on big projects, then you are likely to receive good returns or financial profits. You will find financial security after a long period of financial struggle. However, this does not mean you gamble or make risky decisions. Traveling for business purposes may also help in fetching profitable deals, suggests The World Tarot finance reading.


The World Tarot Upright in Health Readings

The World Tarot Card Upright in a Health reading is a great omen for recovery and healing. If you have been struggling with a health issue for a long time, then the appearance of The World Tarot card is a sign that your condition will improve and you will soon find relief from your physical and mental disorders. If you receive The World and Death Tarot card reading together, then it means that your sufferings will end and you will achieve your ultimate fitness goals.

The World Tarot Upright in Spiritual Readings

In a spiritual context, The World Tarot card upright indicates that you have learned your Karmic lessons and grew wiser. You have a better understanding of yourself and this is likely helping you to attain divine knowledge. You are in tune with your higher wisdom and feeling a sense of belongingness. You are now more inclined to share your knowledge and spiritual experiences with people who are feeling blocked.

The World Reversed Card Meanings In Tarot Reading or Spread

Learned different kinds of tarot cards meaning for the World Upright? Here are the meanings for the World when it is drawn in the reversed position.

The World Reversed Card Meanings

The World Reversed Tarot Card Meanings:

Reversed Love Meaning  Reversed Career Meaning Reversed Finance Meaning Reversed Health Meaning Reversed Spiritual Meaning
Missing something in relationship, priorities are not aligned with partner, taking partner for granted False measure of success, stagnant career progress, lost focus, disappointment Lack of efforts in the right direction, reevaluate the financial strategy Trying same tactics again and again, change the health approach Lack of progress in spiritual journey, need to reignite passion, make full efforts to attain knowledge

General Meaning of The World Reversed Tarot

The World Tarot card reversed in a general context speaks of disappointment and lack of fulfillment. It indicates that you have not achieved your targets and this is making you feel unhappy and dissatisfied. Possibly, you have not put your full efforts or invested your energy into something that was not worth or working for you. There are also chances that you have opted for the easiest path but it didn’t help you to attain the results that you have expected. The World reversed tarot meaning also signifies that you are close to achieving your goals but due to some reasons, you are losing your focus and energy to do it. Re-energize yourself and make most of the little time that you have right now. Don’t be scared to push your limits and take on challenges as this may help you find the success that you have always been longing for.

The World Tarot Reversed in Love and Relationships Readings

In a love tarot reading, The World Tarot card reversed means that something is missing between you and your partner. There is a sense of incompleteness in your relationship which is making it burdensome for you both. You and your partner should make an honest conversation and talk about the things that you have been ignoring to discuss for so long. The World Tarot card relationship meaning tells that you need to make extra efforts to your relationship and see if you are making the right approach. Are you still seeking closure from your past relationship or not able to accept your partner fully? Look for loose ends and try to tie them up as soon as possible. You are close to achieving a happy and long lasting relationship, so don’t lose hope. If you receive The World Tarot in combination with a Temperance Tarot love card, then patiently handle relationship issues and take a middle way to sort them.

If you are single, the reversed World Tarot card meaning indicates a period of loneliness and hopelessness. You may be dreaming of meeting your soulmate but not making enough efforts in terms of your relationship. The World Tarot love card is a sign that you should let go of your fears and be more outgoing. You should meet new people and interact with them in order to find your potential partner. If you are stuck in your past and have not received closure from your past relationship, then it is the time when you should move forward and embrace the love opportunities that the Universe is sending you. Open up yourself for healing and look forward to a new beginning in your love life. .

The World Tarot Reversed in Work and Career Readings

The World reversed Tarot card meaning in career is indicative of lack of completion. You have failed to achieve the goals that you have set for yourself regarding your career. You may have lost the vigor or didn’t put in the required efforts to achieve your targets. Possibly, your inner fears are restricting you or you have set your goal too low that you feel bored to pursue. If you have received Strength reversed yes or no with The World reversed career tarot, then it confirms that you have not handled a difficult situation gracefully in the past. Thus, re-evaluate your career goals and think out of the box if you want to leave a mark at work. The World Tarot card indicates that you have the power to reach the pinnacle, thus, stay strong and make the most of your potential.


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The World Tarot Reversed in Money Readings

In terms of money and finances, The World Tarot card reading indicates stagnant financial progress. You may have to change your approach in order to boost your monetary flow. However, this doesn’t mean that you should gamble or take shortcuts to attain quick and big profits. Work hard, make wise and rational decisions and invest carefully in the funds. If you have fallen short of financial goals, don’t be disappointed. Stay practical and venture your money into funds that are stable and profitable in the longer run.

The World Tarot Reversed in Health Readings

The World Tarot reversed in a health reading is an indication that your approach to overcome your illness or to achieve good health is not up to the mark. You may be trying the same things over and over again expecting different outcomes. You need to change your tactics and consult your physician for your health concerns. The World Tarot card reversed signals that you should also complete your medication or follow the fitness regime fully rather than taking shortcuts. The appearance of The World with The Devil Tarot meaning suggests that you may be addicted or not able to leave the routine that is harmful for your mental and physical health.

The World Tarot Reversed in Spiritual Readings

In spiritual readings, The World Tarot meaning in the reversed position indicates a feeling of being stagnant. You may be experiencing a spiritual blockage or have lost the will to progress. At this time, you should take a different approach to attain spiritual knowledge. You should revive your inner passion and look for a new path. On the flip, The World Tarot card urges you to stay honest with yourself. You should understand that shortcuts and easy ways won’t take you to the spiritual destination that you wanted to reach. You have to stay consistent and follow a path that is long but definitely the right way to attain spiritual enlightenment. This was all about the World Tarot meaning. Read further to reveal what the World Tarot suggests as feelings. You will be surprised to know how big a tarot card of the World is when it comes to interpreting the intentions of you and your partner.

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The World Tarot As Feelings

How am I feeling? You may feel confident and happy. You are brimming with the positive energy brought by The World Tarot love card. You may be looking forward to new beginnings and ready to embrace a stable and long lasting relationship.

The World Tarot Card as how someone sees you! The World Tarot card as feelings can have both positive and negative meanings. The World may mean that this person likes you and wants to fulfill all your needs and desires. They want to give you the best. However, if this person is a traveler or likes to travel to far places or spends most of the time in traveling, then this may mean that he/she is less likely for the commitment.

The World in Yes or No Reading

The World in Yes or No is mostly “Yes” for most of the Tarot questions. Check out the outcomes of The World in Yes or No reading for the following questions.

Do they like me?

Yes, they like you. Here, The World Tarot Card suggests the same answer as The Lovers Tarot as feelings.

Will I meet my love?

Yes, you are likely to meet your love. However, you need to make efforts and be more outgoing to find the one who ticks all the boxes of your love checklist.

Does my Ex love me?

No, it is less likely that your Ex has any feelings for you.

Will my Ex come back?

No, The World Tarot in Yes or No reading doesn’t predict the return of your Ex. The World Tarot card meaning suggests moving on from the past to embrace new opportunities in love.

The World Tarot Card Meaning Summary

Culmination, success, enlightenment and new beginnings- this is The World Tarot guide is all about. It is a desirable card in the Upright position and a sign of stagnation in the reversed position. If this card comes up in your online tarot reading then be ready to make a new beginning and accomplish your dreams. However, consulting the fortune teller online is advisable to understand the detailed interpretation of The World in combination with other tarot cards.

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