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Different Fortune Telling Methods – Facts, Fiction, Fantasy

Different Fortune Telling Methods – Facts, Fiction, Fantasy

Fortune telling is a practice of predicting the events of a person’s life through various methods. This is not a hundred percent accurate, but it helps to know what the future holds for them. If the fortune reading is positive, there is nothing to worry about. However, with a negative interpretation, you can prepare yourself to take the blows.

Fortune tellers also predict the possible occurrence of the future and suggest some ways and methods that can minimize the ill effects of certain things. But that is a different story altogether. The more important thing for you to know is that there are many ways through which every fortune teller tells the future. And if you are looking for fortune tellers for free, many websites can connect you with them.

Some ways are so weird that they are difficult to believe in. Today, in this blog, we will see the top 5 fortune telling methods popular worldwide.

So, let’s begin with the most popular practices of offline and online fortune tellers.

Fortune Telling Methods : Know How To Make Yourself A Fortune Teller

Astrology : Fortune Telling Method:

Astrology Fortune Telling Method

Astrology is an ancient fortune telling method. In this system, the planetary positions and the time of a person’s birth are analyzed. The impact of these planets and celestial bodies on various aspects of their life are studied. In this method, a person’s horoscope is created. After that, all the houses or segments are analyzed carefully. There are various methods through which this can be done. The astrology fortune tellers require certain basic information to prepare the reports and charts related to someone’s life. Nowadays, finding fortune tellers online is not a difficult task to get your reports. The most basic ones here include place, date, and time of birth. But it is not always possible to know the exact data. This is why the results may be tweaked. But the experienced fortune tellers know how to deal with that through a branch of astrology called the ‘Horary Astrology.’

Astrology Myth and Fact

Myth: Astrology is only a fad and cannot be relied on.

Fact: Astrology has its roots in the early 17th century and it is an established branch of pseudoscience.

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Tarot Card Reading : Fortune Telling Method

Tarot Card Reading Fortune Telling Method

Tarot Card reading is another fortune telling method in which the predictions are based on the fortune tellers cards. These fortune tellers or Tarot card readers work with the energies of these cards, each one of which holds specific meanings. In most cases, the card is drawn by the querent with the question that they want to ask. However, in some cases, the Tarot fortune teller picks the card to answer a closed-ended question. They are sometimes referred to as ‘yes or no fortune tellers.’ After knowing the basic meaning of the card, its connection with the concerning area of one’s life is established. There are various methods through which the Tarot card or fortune teller cards reading is done. Choosing one is absolutely dependent on the type of query that the querent has in mind. And for this, you can find many fortune tellers online for free for best predictions. This is one of the most practiced methods that tells you how to make you a great fortune teller.

Tarot Card Myth and Fact

Myth: Tarot card reading is an evil practice carried out by witches.

Fact: Tarot reading is a divine practice that is used to predict the future by decoding the card images.

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Numerology : Fortune Telling Method

Numerology Fortune Telling Method

Numerology is a divine fortune telling method where the connection between numbers and various life occurrences of an individual is established. It is interesting to know that in some cultures, it is considered to be a paranormal practice. However, in reality, it is a reliable practice of free fortune tellers for predicting the future. It is based on the vibrations of every word and letter said in various tones and situations by an individual. Here, the alphabets are assigned to specific numbers to get meaningful interpretations. The fortune tellers who practice numerology number are known as numerologists. Numerology is a practice of fortune telling which answers the questions related to every aspect of an individual’s life. It can be about love, money, career, family, or anything else.

Numerology Myth and Fact

Myth: Practice of Numerology cannot be carried out without knowing the time of birth.

Fact: The pure practice of Numerology does not compulsorily require birth time to do the predictions.

Chiromancy : Fortune Telling Method

Chiromancy Fortune Telling Method

It is a fortune telling method which is also known as palmistry, palm reading, and chirology. Here the fortune teller predicts the general and specific future by looking and analyzing the palm lines. This is a famous practice in the Indian subcontinent where online free fortune tellers are sometimes called fortune teller baba. Each aspect of one’s life is depicted by one of the lines on their palms. These need to be analyzed based on their formation, curves, length, and many other elements. There cannot be enough palm lines to answer all the questions a person has in mind because of their limited nature. But somehow, they form connections with one another to answer more complex questions. Palmistry is one of the oldest fortune telling methods known to humankind.

Chiromancy Myth and Fact

Myth: A person is born with palm lines which are permanent in nature.

Fact: The palm lines can be changed with time and positive efforts.

Crystallomancy : Fortune Telling Method

Crystallomancy Fortune Telling Method

It is a fortune telling method that is famously known as crystal gazing. Here the fortune teller looks at the fortune tellers crystal ball intensely after the question has been asked or the query is generated. The visions and patterns he sees become the basis of future predictions in the fortune tellers free readings. Some crystal gazers like to call their magical crystal ball the fortune teller ball. This practice is used to predict the future and helps the querent choose between two or more options. Here it is recommended to not opt for fortune teller online free readings. This becomes helpful in the confusions related to choosing between two or more love interests, the right field of study, or opting for a job. This can be done with the help of free love fortune tellers.

Crystallomancy Myth and Fact

Myth: Crystallomancy or crystal gazing is not a trusted practice.

Fact: It is an established practice where the crystal gazer studies the patterns of the crystal ball and deciphers their meaning.

So now you know how to make you a great fortune teller with these divine practices.


So these are the top five fortune telling methods that can help an individual get through the difficulties of life smoothly. The list is endless, and you can choose whichever way gives you the most satisfaction. Also, remember that a person does not have to be wearing a typical fortune teller costume to be one. Many free fortune tellers online practice different fortune telling methods who look absolutely like a regular person. But it is believed that Chinese fortune tellers prefer their traditional attire while practicing their art. So get your reading today and see what the future holds for you.

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