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Horary Astrology – Everything You Need To Know

Horary Astrology – Everything You Need To Know

Astrology is an age-old concept that has always helped the human race from across the globe to get the answers to even their most complicated questions. The basics of astrology were invented in the Indian subcontinent, which eventually got different shapes and modes as it traveled the world.

To get the correct interpretations from astrological studies, we need to have some prerequisites like the place, date, and time of birth. But it’s not always possible to know everything, which tweaks the results, thus not giving accurate data. But Horary Astrology reading free solutions save you from this.

One method of astrology is developed that is called Horary Astrology to avoid this. Other names through which it is famous are ‘Hora Shastra’ and ‘Prashna Shastra,’ so don’t get confused if you come across these words while reading Horary Astrology meaning.

What is Horary Astrology?

As mentioned above, Horary Astrology is a concept used when the querent does not know the complete information required to develop a solution to their queries. The Horary Astrology Chart is developed based on the time and the planetary positions when the question is asked.

The concept of Horary Astrology has been developed and enhanced by Indian and western seers and sages based on their understanding of astrology and the geographical location like the Vedic Astrology.

How To Learn Horary Astrology?

When it comes to Horary Astrology, a specific question is asked, and that is answered by the Horary Astrologers. Sounds too simple! Well, it is. This is because the Horary Chart is created, not according to the planetary positions at the time of a person’s birth. It is developed when the query has been generated and addressed by the astrologer. If the question is being asked through the mail, the Horary Astrology reading will interpret the results according to the time at which it is read.

The Horary Astrologer uses the transits and representations of the people and elements present in the question and then connects them with the current situations.

While working with the Horary Astrology chart generator, various houses are assigned to different ruling planets. Then each one is associated with the specific aspects of life. And as and when the question is asked, these are considered for reference along with the astrologer’s knowledge.

So, before moving forward, let’s take a glimpse of the Horary Astrology Chart that is somewhat different from Western Astrology Prediction.

Horary Astrology Chart

House Aspects of Life
1st House Self, Health, Identity
2nd House Money, Income, Possessions
3rd House Siblings, Documents, Contracts
4th House Home, Property, Family
5th House Children, Pregnancy, Romance
6th House Illness, Work, Duty
7th House Relationships, Marriage, Legal
8th House Taxes, Death, Inheritances
9th House Study, Travel, Religion
10th House Career, Fame, Reputation
11th House Friends, Groups, Helpful people
12th House Letting go, Release, Worry

Now since you know which Horary Astrology houses are referred to while answering any specific question, let’s move forward to its uses and benefits. This is done through the Horary Astrology Chart calculator.

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Benefits of Horary Astrology Interpretations

Benefits of Horary Astrology Interpretations

While considering Horary Astrology, the most considerable advantage is that we don’t have to know the birth time, date, and place to get the predictions. This relieves us from the obligation and confusion of getting the information correct to get the most accurate results.

Another thing is that we need to be careful about the credibility of our questions. And also the intensity with which it is associated with our lives. Once you frame the question and pass it on to the astrologer, the rest of the job is his.

If you think that Horary Astrology free readings give you incorrect predictions, you are wrong. It can be maintained as long as the question is valid and the astrologer is genuine.

Horary Astrology opens up the scope of asking questions related to any aspect of our lives without judgment. It may be about our job and career, love and relationships, general future, or even a lost pet or any object. It will give you answers for everything as long as your questions are genuine.

Here, you must know that for specific types of astrology readings, certain tools are available online. These can make things easier for you. It includes, but is not limited to, an online birth chart calculator.

How Accurate Is Horary Astrology?

The principles of Horary Astrology also work on the systems of traditional astrology. The only difference is that it uses the birth time of the question or query rather than the querent’s own birth time. So it can be considered as credible and accurate as any traditional system of astrology.

Since it is absolutely based on the question we ask, it requires having an original question framed. This should hold value in our lives to get the most accurate predictions. This is true for Horary astrology, yes or no free readings, or any other kind of readings.

Interesting Fact About Horary Astrology

Many people across the globe consider the practice of Horary Astrology as divine. They believe that the heavenly guidance guides the astrologer towards an answer as soon as a question is asked. And, they also think that the astrologer is only a medium to connect them with the divine!

Here note that unlike the earlier times, there are many promising love compatibility calculators and other tools available to make things easy for you.

Types of Horary Astrology Free reading online

Like the regular astrology readings, even the concept of Horary Astrology gives you very accurate personalized daily predictions. As long as your question is relevant and holds importance in your life, you can get the Horary Astrology yes or no answers and other readings as well.

Horary Astrology Rediscovered – Turning The Chart

Once the Horary Astrology chart is created, there are more than one ways to read and interpret the results. I will explain this with an example for you to gain a better understanding.

When a question regarding money and wealth is asked, then the second house is considered. This is because it is related to the querent’s financial status. Similarly, when the question is about our siblings, then the third house is taken into account.

Now when we have a question about the financial position of our siblings, then the concept of turning the Horary chart comes into being. Here the interpretations of both the houses are combined without tweaking the basic rules.

Here knowing the rising sign meaning can also be of great help in interpreting the results.


That is all about the basics of Horary Astrology that can get answers to all our questions. They can be related to any aspect of our lives.

There are many Horary Astrology calculators available online which use similar principles with even more convenience for us. They are tools for Horary Astrology free readings, which only require some basic information to get to the solutions of our problems.

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