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Ever wondered why the time you were born is considered important? It is because it is the most crucial entity for knowing the birth chart. A birth chart analysis by date of birth is the complete blueprint of the life of a person. For knowing this, various other entities are also required.

This birth chart is a significant part of astrology, and in fact, it is used for making the predictions. It is the one that is used as a reference and to know the position of different planets influencing the life of an individual.

These days, there are many ways to get online birth chart readings that too for free, and the app Tarot Life offer the easiest ways to calculate birth chart. You just need to enter the details like your name, date of birth, time of birth, place of birth, etc. and the report will be generated on its basis.

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What is a Birth Chart?

A birth chart is a way to know about the effects of celestial bodies of the solar system on our life. As per the astrologers, future predictions can be made in accordance with the Sun, Moon, and other heavenly bodies.

Time and place of a person are essential inputs other than the date of birth to know the birth chart, Horoscope, zodiac, and other major aspects of a person’s life through astrology.

At the time of the birth of a person, different planets are placed in different positions. The position of these then are studied to draw conclusions about the ongoing situations in one’s life.

The planets are essentially placed in the 12 houses of astrology and each house is intended to tell various aspects of one’s life. Based on that, the blueprint of the whole life is drawn through the birth chart reading.

What is Birth Chart Prediction?

Analysis of birth chart in a reading concludes as a ‘birth chart prediction.’ The placement of planets in different houses is studied and based on that the verdict is given about various segments of one’s life. This may cover health, finance, career, etc.

A birth chart analysis may make you aware of the doshas or yoga existing in your life. Knowing about the same, one can easily seek remedy options so that they can run their life smoothly.

This birth chart reading or analysis may tell about the intensity of the relationship you share not just with your romantic partner but also with your family and friends. It reveals the secret aspects you are unaware of about yourself and much more.

Astrology birth chart calculations can be fetched easily from online methods and some of the sources even offer it for free of cost. One just needs to enter a few details which are required for the calculation and then they can directly get the online birth chart report.

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