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Tarot Life’s Personalized Daily Predictions 2021

Tarot Life’s Personalized Daily Predictions 2021

Do you like to read your daily horoscope before you begin your day? Do you start your day worried about how things are going to unfold as the day progresses? 

Tarot Life- your daily guide for life has finally introduced a personalized daily horoscope curated by expert Astrologers, that offers you a complete forecast to ensure that you are prepared for the day before you step out. 

Today’s Prediction

The stars today have predicted that you will discover your ultimate guide and mantra to succeed everyday. Today you will stop worrying about visiting an astrologer to get your future predictions and finally stop guessing the answer to the most common question that people ask an astrologer- “what is my zodiac sign by name”. 

Your Daily Predictions: How Will It Benefit You?

Your Daily Predictions_How Will It Benefit You

Are you someone who plans their day just as they wake up, to ensure that you make the most of it? 

Fret no more! Your favorite divinity app has now taken a step ahead from monthly and yearly horoscopes and brought forth daily predictions prepared according to your Birth Chart to help you achieve your daily goals. 

Let’s find out what’s included in your Vedic astrology assisted daily personalized predictions- 

Love Predictions

Daily love predictions will help you understand how to approach different situations in your love life. Based on the current planetary positions in your Horoscope, you will be able to discover what’s in store for you in matters related to love and relationships. This daily love prediction prepared according to your date, time and place of birth will keep you informed about all that’s about to happen in your love life and how you can prepare yourself to face the negative situations, avoid crisis and keep your lover happy. 

S.N. Questions About Love Prediction
1. What is today’s prediction for love?
2. Confused about what your lover is thinking about you?
3. Worried if you will be able to resolve your arguments today?
4. Will you go out on a date today?
5. Do stars indicate a romantic evening for you today?
6. Is there something that will negatively affect your relationship?
7. What to avoid & what to do?
8. Will you meet someone new today?

And many more of such questions will be answered in your daily love predictions offered on your favorite astrology and divinity app- Tarot Life. 

Career Predictions

Job/career predictions will help you make everyday your best day at work, whether you are working for someone or have your own business. Our highly experienced and learned Vedic astrology experts offer your personalized forecast for your career based on your birth details. So now, always stay one step ahead of your competitors at work by being prepared for all the hurdles that might come your way. 

S.N. Questions About Career Prediction
1. What’s your today’s forecast for work?
2. Will an important meeting be successful?
3. How will you perform in your interview?
4. Will you have the support of your boss today?
5. Will you get along with your colleagues?
6. Are you going to face any hurdles today?

And many more of these concerns will be answered in your daily career forecast. 

Finance Predictions

How to make the best choices in your financial dealings is something that we all are concerned about on a daily basis. Your daily finance predictions will answer all your questions related to monetary choices based on the position of stars in your horoscope and help you make the best decision everyday. 

S.N. Questions About Finance Prediction
1. To invest or not to invest?
2. To buy or not to buy?
3. To loan or not to loan?
4. Are there chances of financial gains?
5. Are you going to lose money today?
6. How careful do you need to be when it comes to money?
7. What to do and what not to do?

Get answers to all such pressing financial concerns everyday with your personalized finance predictions. 

Luck Score of the Day

What’s your luck score of the day in different aspects of your life, answered according to your Birth Chart, calculated by our expert vedic astrologers every single day, just for you. Astrological calculations based on your date, time and place of birth can help you discover your luck factor for the day. 

Health Forecast

Discover all about your health concerns and problems that you need to be careful about with your health forecast everyday. 

S.N. Questions About Health Prediction
1. Health concerns that might trouble you?
2. What to eat and what not to eat?
3. How to keep your health in check?
4. Will you recover from your health issues?
5. Special precautions to take for your wellness?

And other such health tips and predictions for your day will be discussed in your daily health outcome based on the alignment of planets in your Horoscope. 

Family Reading

Family matters are just as important as love, career and money. That is why your daily predictions will also consist of your daily forecast to ensure that you not only succeed in other aspects but are also able to maintain a peaceful environment at home. 


Find out how compatible you are with your partner and rekindle the love in your relationship

Auspicious Time Of The Day

Unlock your lucky time of the day with your daily prediction and make the best use of this favorable time to carry out your important chores and tasks. 

How Is Your Daily Horoscope Calculated ?

Our team of famous Vedic astrology experts use the name, date of birth, time of birth and place of birth provided by you to prepare your Birth Chart and then study your horoscope in detail. Everyday your daily horoscope is generated according to the current position of planets and stars in your Natal Chart and based on certain astrological calculations, our astrologers draw out your daily predictions. 

Daily Predictions: How To Subscribe?

In just a couple of steps you can subscribe for your daily predictions using the Tarot Life App

Simply open the app on your device and on the Astrology tab, click on daily predictions. 

Now fill your basic details like name, date of birth, time of birth and place of birth and choose if you want to subscribe for a monthly plan or yearly plan. With a very small in-app purchase, you can ensure that you have a fulfilling experience every day of your life. 

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