How To Read and Analyse The Astrology Birth Chart

How To Read and Analyse The Astrology Birth Chart

08 Jul, 2019 / Astrology

Is your magazine horoscope missing the details you need? Do you know your astrology birth chart can predict every minute detail of your life? If not, then you are probably missing something really important.

Your astrology birth chart is a unique map that observes the position of planets, stars, sensitive angles, houses and predict the exact events of the native’s life. It is a miraculous reading that enables you to know about your personality and the cosmic effect on your lives. Learning how to read and analyze the birth chart can reveal your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and tell you the best course of action for your life events.

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However, the criss-cross chart may seem confusing and challenging at the first attempt. And this is why here is a quick guide to read and analyze your birth chart in 7 easy steps. Take a look.

Step By Step Guide to Read and Analyze Your Birth Chart

Step By Step Guide to Read and Analyze Your Birth Chart

Step 1: Create Your Birth Chart

The first and foremost step to read your astrology birth chart is to create one. It will help you to understand the readings and enhance the curiosity to know more about yourself.

You can create your own birth chart with the help of 3 easy steps:

1.) You may generate a birth chart manually or create it with the help of a free birth chart calculator.Or 2.) To Online birth chart analysis and Fill the below details:
  • Your name
  • Date of Birth in the format of mm/dd/yyyy
  • Time of your birth. You may skip it if you don’t know the exact time but refrain from filling something you are not sure about.
  • Place of birth where you were born.
3.) Click on the “show my birth chart” option.

Remember the accuracy of the birth chart calculator depends upon the exactness of the birth information you have provided. Thus try to enter details that are confirmed or approx to the information.

Step 2: Identify-What Is Your Rising Sign?

The sign rising over the Eastern horizon at your birth time is called your rising sign. Also known as your Ascendant, the Rising Sign is the first house of the birth chart. By looking at this, you may know what people think of you when they see you. You may locate it on the left side of your astrology birth chart.

Step 3: Find Out Your Sun Sign and Moon Sign

The next step is to locate your Sun and Moon sign. For this, move counter-clockwise on the birth chart, starting from the twelfth to the first house.

You may identify it with simple abbreviations for the Sun and the Moon: SU for the Sun and MO for the moon.

The Houses in which your Sun and Moon are depicts your Sun sign and Moon sign respectively. For instance, the Sun is located in the 3rd house and the Moon in 6th house, then your Sun Sign will be Gemini and your Moon Sign will be Virgo.

To find out your Sun and Moon sign according to the numbers in the astrology birth chart, you may refer to the table below.

Table 1: Signs and their number in the birth chart

Zodiac Houses
Aries 1
Taurus 2
Gemini 3
Cancer 4
Leo 5
Virgo 6
Libra 7
Scorpio 8
Sagittarius 9
Capricorn 10
Aquarius 11
Pisces 12

Your Sun Sign is the reflection of your outer personality. With this, you may know about your inherent skills, talents, choices, and traits. While with moon sign you may explore the inner feelings and emotions hidden in your inner subconscious.

Steps 4: Locate the Position of Planets in the Birth Chart

Planets and their position in the astrology birth chart are important to understand their impact on your life. Thus, the next step in the reading is to locate the planets. There are 9 planets according to astrology- Sun, moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu.

For this, Astrologers use the following abbreviations:

  • ME for Mercury
  • MA for Mars
  • VE for Venus
  • SA for Saturn
  • JP for Jupiter
  • KE for Ketu
  • Ra for Rahu
  • Mo for moon
  • Su for Sun
  • AS for Ascendant or rising sign

After locating the positions of planets in the houses, you need to find out the sign they are placed in with the help of table 1. It may sound confusing but it's interesting. A little practice and you may master the art of astrology birth chart reading.

Step 5: Balance The Elements

Another important aspect of birth chart analysis is the balancing of elements. According to astrologers, there are 4 elements in the astrology which are- Air, Earth, Water, and Fire. Each element is said to be associated with 12 zodiac signs and has a certain influence on your life which can be studied with the help of astrology signs guide. To strike a perfect harmony in life, you must find out what are the dominant and suppressed elements of the native’s astrology chart.

Step 6: Understand The Twelve Houses

To interpret the planetary positions, you must understand the twelve houses of astrology. Every house in your birth chart depicts a specific area of your life and can help you to understand the events in a particular field. The planetary positions and transition in these houses in different time zones offer various interpretations and explanations. With the right information about houses, you may explore the events, diseases, qualities, challenges at different stages of life.

Step 7: Interpret The “Aspects”

Interpreting the aspects is the major part of the birth chart analysis. To make a better understanding of planets, you must know the association formed between planets, houses and zodiac signs. These associations are known as “Aspects”. Some major aspects are conjunct, square, trine, and sextile. It can be present anywhere in the birth chart. The more you know about these aspects, the more you will learn to interpret the effects of planets and stars in your life.

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Final Tip

While interpreting the birth chart, always remember that planets represent the energies and share what you like to do, Signs signify “how you will do” and Houses reveal “where or in what areas of your life”. By understanding this concept, you may easily read and analyze what the Universe has to say about you.


Understanding astrology is not easy but with the consistent efforts and using the above techniques, you may easily deduce an astrology birth chart. Your birth chart is the master key to your inner soul. It may unlock the deep knowledge and connect you to the higher wisdom which you need to lead a happy and prosperous life.

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