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Astrological Signs Complete Guide (Know Your Zodiac)

Astrological Signs Complete Guide (Know Your Zodiac)

While scrolling through the news, we often stop on horoscope and read what our native astrology signs tell. Sometimes it affects us and sometimes not. But is astrology just limited to your horoscope is it something deeper than that?

Well! we can tell you the truth. The aspects of astrology and astrology signs are more profound than you imagine. Every zodiac or astrology sign carries a different meaning and unique trait that shapes you and your personality. It is an ancient science that showcases your talents, strengths, weaknesses and offers deep insight into your life. So, let’s dive deep into one of the major aspects of astrology – Astrological Signs.

What Are Astrological Signs?

According to western astrology, the ecliptic of the earth is divided into twelve 30 degree sectors which are known as astrological signs. Each astrology sign has its unique qualities, attributes and behavior patterns which affects the personality of its native.


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You can use a free birth chart calculator to know what is your Astrology Sign and easily find what it says about you.
Read on to know the hidden meanings behind all Astrological Signs which are also known as Zodiac Signs and let’s understand their significance in Astrology.


Meanings of Zodiac Signs

Here is a quick glance over everything you need to know about your zodiac sign. Let’s check out the “head to toe” list of the Zodiac Signs in Astrology and how they influence your personality.

1. Aries (Mar 21 – Apr 19)


Element – Fire
Ruling Planet – Mars
Symbol – The Ram
Qualities – Cardinal

First, of the zodiac, Aries is the sign of new beginnings, free-spirit, and enthusiasm of spring. It brings out the impulsive side and allows people to take risks in an instant. Being the fiery sign, Aries is one of the most dramatic astrology signs out there. People born under this sign are spontaneous in nature and can be highly strung to relationships. Ruled by Mars, these people boast of exceptional leadership skills with a courageous attitude. They are inquisitive and love taking risks that make them learn new things. Passion, romance and loyalty are keywords for Aries in love and relationships.

Most Compatible Signs – Leo and Sagittarius
Enemy Signs – Scorpio and Virgo

2. Taurus (April 20 – May 20)


Element – Earth
Ruling Planet – Venus
Symbol – The Bull
Qualities – Fixed Sign

Driven by the bull, people born under this sign tend to be stubborn and determined towards their goal. They own a strong personality and have amazing will power. You cannot see them talking to everyone and partying around. They are quiet, calm and prefer being alone mostly. Due to this people often term them as boring and dull. However, Taureans are the most dependable, reliable and responsible people anyone can find. Ruled by Venus, they tend to be materialistic and possessive in nature which often incurs some envy and obsession. Art, music, and pleasure are the things that attract them.

Most Compatible Signs – Virgo and Capricorn
Enemy Signs – Libra and Sagittarius

3. GEMINI (May 21 – June 21)

Element – Air
Ruling Planet – Mercury
Symbol – The twins
Qualities – Mutable

People born under this sign are flexible, happy and talkative. No matter what situations are, they can easily adapt to it. Symbolized with twins, Gemini exhibit a dual nature which makes them unpredictable. They easily get annoyed and show their dislike if things are not as they want. These highly intelligent people often become good diplomats due to their communication and multitasking skills. They are fun-loving, witty, flexible and open-minded people with whom you can never get bored.

Most Compatible Signs – Libra and Aquarius
Enemy Signs – Scorpio and Capricorn

4. CANCER (June 21 – July 22)

Element – Water
Ruling Planet – The Moon
Symbol – The Crab
Qualities – Cardinal Sign

Emotional, loyal and fiercely protective. This is what Cancer people are. They are extremely generous and expressive when it comes to showing love. Being a water sign, they change their moods often and tend to be clingy. They are the most hardworking and wise signs among all the astrological signs. Due to their sensitive nature, they easily get hurt and are extremely protective and conservative. Cancerians love to attend parties and can be seen attending every social gathering. These intuitive people know what they want and never heed to anyone but their own gut feeling. Romance and love are what they crave.

Most Compatible Signs – Scorpio and Pisces
Enemy Signs – Sagittarius and Aquarius

5. LEO (July 23 – August 22)

Element – Fire
Ruling Planet – The Sun
Symbol – The Lion
Qualities – Fixed

Leo – a fierce ruler with a generous heart. Yes, this is what you may see in Leo people. They are born leaders and love to be in the spotlight. People born under this sign are friendly, social, outgoing and creative. They can easily charm anyone and attract people towards them. Ruled by the Sun, Leos are bright and full of life. You may always see them enjoying life, entertaining people and working on the forefront. They know how to excel in every field. In love, Leos are passionate, loyal and faithful.

Most Compatible Signs – Aries and Sagittarius
Enemy Signs – Capricorn and Pisces

6. VIRGO (August 23 – September 22)

Element – The Earth
Ruling Planet – Mercury
Symbol – The Maiden
Qualities – Mutable

People born under this sign are modest, caring, reliable and nurturing. They love details and have an exceptional memory. Their curious nature makes them investigate everything and observe what people often miss out. They are highly adaptable and can learn anything very quickly. Virgos are good with money and not known to make unprofitable business. Ruled by Mercury, Virgos tend to be intellectual and highly rational people. They seek perfection and perform every task wholeheartedly with no flaw in it. Virgos are too conscious about hygiene that they are always cleaning something or worrying about their physical appearance.

Most Compatible Signs – Taurus and Capricorn
Enemy Signs – Aries and Aquarius


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7. LIBRA (September 23 – October 22)

Element – Air
Ruling Planet – Venus
Symbol – The Weighing Scales
Qualities – Cardinal

Ruled by Venus, Librans are romantic, flirty and charming individuals. They know the trick to spread happiness and observe emotions. However, they are heart breakers and often fall into flings. They are unpredictable at work and can be seen constantly working or doing nothing. Despite this, they are quick, rational, fair and most civilized of all astrological signs. Like the symbol, these people are poised, calm and balance in every situation. Luxury and pleasure are the keywords for these Venus descendants.

Most compatible Signs – Gemini and Aquarius
Enemy Signs – Taurus and Pisces

8. SCORPIO (October 23 – November 21)

Element – Water
Ruling Planet – Mars
Symbol – The Scorpion
Qualities – Fixed

Scorpions are passionate, charming and if betrayed can turn to be a fierce avenger. Even though they are practical and own brilliant logic, they easily get swayed with emotions. It is hard to expect forgiveness from the Scorpions, they feel obsessed and cannot tolerate anything against them. Possessed with many gifts, they can boast of their leadership skills, excellence, maturity, and wisdom. They have all the capabilities to achieve heights and they make sure they do it with full authority. Procrastination and self-pity are the negative traits of this Zodiac Sign.

Most Compatible Signs – Pisces and Cancer
Enemy Signs – Aries and Gemini

9. SAGITTARIUS (November 22 – December 21)

Element – Fire
Ruling Planet – Jupiter
Symbol – The Archer
Qualities – Mutable

Vivacious, restless, impulsive and extroverted- these are the mutable qualities Sagittarius exhibit. You cannot see them sitting idle or bored. They are always up to helping and impressing others with their excellent communication skills. Symbolized by an archer, they have a fearless instinct to hit the world with a storm. They love their freedom and do not hesitate about taking new challenges and adventures. Although they are caring, they are careless about their own things. Being talkative and humorous, they tend to get a little outspoken. For a Sagittarian, honesty and kindness are the main virtues.

Most Compatible Signs – Aries and Leo
Enemy Signs – Cancer and Taurus

10. CAPRICORN (December 22 – January 19)

Element – Earth
Ruling Planet – Saturn
Symbol – The Sea-Goat
Qualities – Cardinal

A Capricorn is a perfect combination of ambition, hard work, and reliability. They are the most stable individuals with vigorous passion. They are the pillars of their relationships, business, career, and friendships. People born under this sign are surprisingly witty and can bring the spotlight upon them if they leave their negative traits of anxiety and depression. These loyal partners are not good with romance but can be the soulmate for a lifetime. Calmness, patience, and shyness are some of their earthy qualities.

Most Compatible Signs – Taurus and Virgo
Enemy Sign – Gemini and Leo

11. AQUARIUS (January 20 – February 18)

Element – Air
Ruling Planet – Uranus
Symbol – The Water Bearer
Qualities – Fixed

Aquarius people are intellectual, curious and wise individuals. They love to explore things and take on new adventures. Freedom is a must for an Aquarian. They don’t interfere and seek the same for them. With leadership qualities, these people are seen taking the front seat in every matter. The person under this sign can keep secrets and tend to spend time alone. These people are highly focused, rational and genuine. They love helping others and work for social causes.

Most Compatible Signs – Gemini and Libra
Enemy Signs – Cancer and Virgo

12. PISCES (February 19 – March 20)

Element – Water
Ruling Planet – Neptune
Symbol – The Fish
Qualities – Mutable

Pisces is the most emotional and sensitive of all the astrological signs. They care for others and possess immense empathy for the people around them. This often makes them ignore their own self in terms of money and work. These creative people are idealistic by nature and can chase their dreams with their extraordinary creativity. They own a special place for spirituality and have strong intuitions. You cannot see them conflicting or arguing. Pisces are calm and adaptive souls.

Most Compatible Signs – Cancer and Scorpio
Enemy Signs – Leo and Libra


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It is exciting, isn’t it?

These signs are a compass to your life through which you may get guidance and find out the right path for your love, career, and finance. So, read your birth chart and lead a life the way you dreamt of.

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