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The Lovers Tarot Card Meaning

The Lovers Tarot Card Meaning

The Lovers Tarot Card Meaning: Element and Symbolism

The Lovers card is the sixth major card in the Tarot deck, which represents partnership and balance. This card holds special significance when it comes to relationships. While talking about The Lovers tarot card relationship meanings, commitment and unity go hand in hand. This is also the card that points towards the possibility of making choices in life. The lovers Tarot deck warn you to make well-thought decisions because they can impact you for a really long time in your life. As the name of the card suggests, The Lovers tarot card meaning is all about being in a fulfilling relationship where both partners feel empowered.

This is about the Lovers upright card meaning. But another aspect of this card comes up with the appearance of the Lovers in reversed position. It depicts conflicts, detachments, and bad choices in one’s life. This makes it clear that the Lovers reversed as feelings, is not a favorable card to get in your Tarot reading. It only points towards a cold and detached partner.

This was just an overview, but there is much more to know about the Lovers’ meaning. We will know everything about the Lovers card in this blog, but first, let’s understand the card’s description as per Rider-Waite, the deck with standard tarot card size in inches and pixels.

The Lovers tarot depicts a naked woman and man standing beneath the angel. The angel appears blessing the union of man and woman that signifies harmony and balance between two opposing forces. It is a sign of a match made in heaven that speaks of fruitful partnerships and real soulmates. The blessing angel in the card is Raphael, who is known as the angel of healing. He is the supreme healer and represents both emotional and physical healing. Raphael is also correlated with the element Air that rules communication, spirituality and mutual cooperation. 


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In the Lovers tarot, behind the man is the tree of flames which represents fiery passion of man. The twelve flames are the twelve zodiac signs signifying time and eternity. The woman standing across the man has an apple tree at the back. There is a serpent on the apple tree which signifies the temptation that drives people away from the divine. The man is looking at the woman, who is looking at the angel, indicating a path connecting physical desires to emotional needs to spirituality. In the background is a beautiful garden that appears as “Garden of Eden”, fertile and beautiful. The phallic image of the volcano and river represents femininity and passion.

The Lovers Upright Meaning Guide

The Lovers Upright Keyword Meanings

Love, harmony, relationships, alignment, choices, values, perfect union, kindred spirits, sexual connections, shared values, soulmates, partnerships, desire, romance, sexual connection 

The Lovers In General Meaning (Upright)

The Lovers Tarot meaning simply means union, partnerships, relationships, harmony, and balance. Even in various aspects of life, the Lovers meaning revolves around the theme of getting associated with another person in different ways to bring you success. This is especially true when the Tarot card the Lovers appears in an upright position. Among all Tarot cards, the lovers also want you to look within yourself to find your own balance and know yourself more. There is so much more to know about the Lovers in the Tarot deck, which we will see here. First, with the Lovers upright card, and then the lovers reversed meaning.

The Lovers is the sixth card of the Major Arcana tarot cards. The zodiac sign of the card is Gemini which is ruled by the planet Mercury. The card indicates communication and spiritual awakening. It reminds you to develop yourself spiritually and urges you to express your views with freedom and liberty.

In general reading, tarot the Lovers signifies major choices in life. It indicates that you have an important decision to make or are facing a dilemma to choose one out of two good things. The card speaks of perfect union, balance, and partnerships. It urges you to bring harmony in life so that you could strike create a good relationship whether it’s love or business. The Lovers encourages you to follow your passion and seek what your heart desires. Partnerships, love, and passion are indicated with the Lovers. 

Now since you know what does the Lovers Tarot card mean in general, let’s see the significance of the Lovers meaning in various aspects of one’s life.

The Lovers In Love And Relationships (Upright)

Getting the Lovers Tarot in a love reading, especially in an upright position, is something that anyone would want for themselves. This is because of the evident meaning of the Lovers Tarot card. The Lovers tarot meaning signifies everything that a person could ask for in a relationship.

In love tarot cards reading, The Lovers tarot speaks of love and soulmates. It is the best card for love and relationship which speaks of passion, romance, and mutual understanding in the relationship. It is the sign of love that lasts forever and may encompass any hurdles coming on the way. The card is an indication that you and your partner share the same frequency of thoughts and have a strong connection spiritually, emotionally and physically. It reveals that you have found your true love or are in a relationship that is based on love, compassion, and respect. 

It is not only good to receive it as a Tarot card for relationship meanings, but even if you are single then, the Tarot card, The Lovers proves to be a favorable one.

If you are single, Lovers tarot card is a positive omen that you will soon meet your soulmate. You will find your perfect partner who will have the same thoughts and beliefs as yours. They will be loyal to you and together you both will make a strong and powerful pair. This may also indicate choices in love where you might need to choose between two lovers. However, the card brings the promise that you will enjoy the love which may go beyond the physical desires and will attain spiritual awakening. 

This must have answered the question of what does the Tarot card the Lovers mean in a relationship that was constantly lingering in your mind. And you must have also realized that the Lovers meaning is not that difficult to understand.

The Lovers In Work And Business (Upright)

Let’s see the Lovers Tarot meaning in terms of the work and business aspects of your life. The Tarot card, The Lovers, is a good omen to receive if you are looking for growth in your career.

Lovers tarot card is a good sign to seek new opportunities in your chosen field or business. In career tarot readings, the appearance of the card is an indication that this is the right time to change your job or start your own business. Follow your passion and pursue a career that interests you. The Universe has got your back!

In business, Lovers tarot reveals a beneficial partnership that is based on mutual respect and trust. You will be accompanied by a partner or colleague who will share the same ideas and beliefs as yours. However, according to the lovers tarot meanings, you may get involved with romantic encounters at work which may bring you in a moral dilemma. Consider all the consequences before you act. 

When the Lovers tarot card turns up it means big decisions are heading your way. You may have to make undesirables choices that will have far-reaching consequences. Evaluate the outcomes and think of long term stability when it comes to career. 

Now you don’t have to be confused about the Lovers Tarot card meaning when it comes to work and business. Still, it is recommended to take an expert’s advice before deciding anything.

The Lovers In Money and Finance (Upright)

The Lovers upright card has so much to say about the financial aspect of your life. I have mentioned some of the major interpretations here. After reading this, the meaning of the Lovers Tarot card in your financial aspect will be clear.

The Lovers indicates a great time to invest and grow your money and finances. If you have been facing any money crisis, then tarot Lovers is a sign that hard time is over and you may soon receive help. Communicate well and share your financial problems in order to get early help from the closed ones. In money tarot readings, the Lovers indicates the the best time when you can think of investing in risky plans and starting your own business. 

This is the meaning of the Lovers Tarot card when it appears during the financial readings.


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The Lovers In Health (Upright)

If you are wondering about what does the Lovers Tarot card mean when it appears in your reading related to your health, then the following information will guide you. Remember, this is not universal and when the Lovers card in reversed position will appear, it will say something else.

In health readings, Lovers tarot card provides an assurance that you will have the support that you would need to keep your heart and mind healthy. Your friend or might be the doctor could offer a good emotional support in times of emotional distress. The Lovers tarot meaning also reveals health problems related to kidneys, lungs, arms, eyes or heart. The card is a good sign of healing and peace in terms of health. 

The Lovers In Spirituality (Upright)

In the Spiritual context, the Lovers indicates harmony of mind and body spirit. You will start gaining deeper knowledge about yourself and would proceed to explore your true calling and values. The Lovers also suggests the choices to choose between multiple spiritual paths. It signifies that you may soon find a person who will help you with your spiritual journey and encourage you to choose the right path for spiritual upliftment.

If you have been thinking about what does the Tarot card, the Lover mean in a spirituality reading, then the above explanation must have given you some clarity about it. Now, let’s learn about the reversed meaning of the Lovers in the best tarot reading app.

The Lovers Reversed Meaning Guide

The Lovers Reversed Tarot Card Keyword Meanings

Disharmony, trust issues, imbalance, misalignment of values, conflict, disconnection, lack of accountability, disunion, self-love, detachment

The Lovers tarot Reversed meaning

The Lovers In General Meaning (Reversed)

You may get happy by having this card in your love reading, but the Lovers in reversed Tarot position shows an unfavorable condition. The Lovers reversed meaning shows that your relationship with your partner is not going too well. There are various things that you both need to work on to turn things in your favor when the Lovers in reversed position appears.

The Lovers tarot card in the reversed position is the sign of disharmony and conflict. It indicates that your relationships are strained and you are not able to synchronize with the people around you. The reversed Lovers tarot reflects a lack of accountability for your actions. It speaks of the feeling of uncertainty which is creating imbalance and increasing your dilemma to choose the right direction. In reverse tarot, the Lovers is an indication that things are imbalanced and you would face the trust issues with your loved ones. On the flip side, the lovers appear with disconnection and feeling of detachment.

The Lovers card in reversed position is something that you never want to show up in your reading. This is especially true when you have queries related to your love life that you just avoid the Lovers Tarot in reversed position.

The Lovers In Love And Relationships  (Reversed)

The Lovers in reversed Tarot position in a love and relationship reading says a lot about the bond between partners, let’s see what the Lovers reversed meaning has to tell you.

The Lovers reversed card in the relationship is the sign that you and your partner are not on the same page. The card indicates that one of you in the relationship is more emotionally invested than other which is becoming the reasons of disappointment in the relationship. You may be feeling reluctant to express your true feelings which in turn increasing trust issues and insecurities in the relationship. The reversed Lovers tarot card is an indication of missed connections, and power struggles. You may have different plans for the future or could not connect to your partner on the same level as you have been initially. career

The Lovers Tarot card relationship meanings when it appears in the reversed position is not limited to that, but it also has to tell you something if you are single.

If you are single, the reversed Lovers tarot indicates self love and respect. You may find your true soulmate but this would not be as soon as you have hoped. In
love tarot card readings, it signifies that you might have to go through tough decisions to choose the best partner for you. Think wisely and choose a partner who shares the same wavelength as yours. 

The Lovers reversed as feelings in a relationship is not something that you want for you and your partner. Still, with the appearance of Lovers Tarot in love reading in the reversed position, you should not get disheartened and know that there are ways that can improve your situation.

The Lovers In Work And Business  (Reversed)

The Lovers in the reversed position speaks of the disharmony at work. You need to connect with yourself and your colleagues in order to improve your work efficiency. Communicate with your business partners and make sure you both share the same belief and values to take your business on heights. 

In career tarot card readings, the reversed position of the Lovers tarot is an indication of romance at workplace. Be careful and think about the consequences before you proceed with any romantic alignment. Imbalance and lack of accountability is displayed when the Lovers appears on the flip position. 

The Lovers In Money And Finance  (Reversed)

Financially, the Lovers card in reversed position indicates impulsive behaviour in handling money affairs. Steer clear of your expenses and think before you make risky investments. Reversed Lovers Tarot urges you to be accountable for your choices when you plan your finances. The card reveals that you are too focused on your love life that you are not able to pay attention towards your finances. Do not lose sight of your finances. Learn from your past mistakes and check all the facts before you invest. 

If you have been thinking about what does the Lovers card mean in Tarot reading when it appears in the reversed position, then you must be now in a better state of mind to understand this.

The Lovers In Health  (Reversed)

The reversed Lovers tarot can be an indicator that you are ignoring your body and losing harmony and health. You need to love yourself and show care towards your body. Your body has always helped you to cope up at work and personal life. Now, this is the time when you should think of balancing your diet and keep your body fit. Exercise daily and work on restoring your health. Reconnect with yourself through meditation and seek the advice of a counsellor or doctor if needed.

The Lovers In Spirituality  (Reversed)

On the flip, the Lovers tarot card meaning indicates that you are not in harmony with your soul. You are going through inner conflicts or war in your mind which is creating imbalance. It signifies your struggle to balance your inner union. Explore your true self and seek the path that may help you to grow spiritually. The card signifies that you may fall in love with your spiritual teacher, counsellor or instructor. Be cautious when you proceed with your feelings of love. These things may hinder your learning and may distract you from the spiritual path. 

The Lovers As Feelings

The meaning of Lovers Tarot card as feelings depend upon its position in a reading. When it appears in the upright position, it shows different emotions of your partner towards you and the Lovers Tarot in reversed position predicts something else. The Lovers as feelings is quite easy to interpret as it symbolizes either love or hate between partners. These need not necessarily be romantic partners, this can also point out towards your business or golf partners.

You feel overwhelmed with love and passion. The Lovers card indicates that you feel loyal to your partner and is ready to sacrifice anything. You feel the need of commitment and have a feeling of trust and togetherness. You are feeling positive about the matters of heart but also going through dilemma to choose between the choices that is coming your way.  

To make a better choice and have more clarity always consider cards that appear in combination with the Lovers tarot. The Minor Arcana Tarot cards and their meaning portrays daily situations while the Major Arcana reflects lessons, important events and milestones.  


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If you are asking about how someone feels about you, tarot the Lovers tells that they feel compassionate and loving. They think of you and feel connected romantically. They feel you will bring a new change in their life and hope for a happy and committed relationship with you. The card also suggests that they are uncertain about their choices in love. They are are on crossroads where they need to choose between stability and living life on their own terms.

The appearance of the Lovers as feelings tells you to feel good about your relationship if it is in the upright position, and look for the loopholes when the Lovers in reversed as feeling appears. It is also advisable to consider the different types of tarot cards that come alongside the Lovers.

The Lovers In Yes Or No Reading

The answer to your question is Yes. The Lovers tarot card meaning suggests dilemma and tough choices in life. However, the card is a positive omen indicating good results for diligence and hard work. The Lovers tarot speaks of passion, love and harmony in matters of love, career, finance and so on. 

So now when you know what does the Lovers card mean in Tarot, you may get excited when it appears in your reading in the upright position. But at the same time, also don’t forget to let an expert Tarot reader guide you to interpret the Lovers reversed meaning. 

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