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The Devil Tarot Card Meaning – Upright And Reversed

The Devil Tarot Card Meaning – Upright And Reversed

The Devil Tarot Card Meanings

The Devil is one of the negative cards in the Tarot deck. Its appearance is a bad omen that indicates bondage, addiction, bad luck, and violence. Primarily, The Devil Tarot meaning revolves around the desires that restrict humans from reaching the pinnacle. Be it the career, love, finances, or any other life aspect, the Devil represents the possibility of earthly pursuits that are destined for failure. The card is mainly a warning that tells that if you don’t let go of your unhealthy or destructive pursuits, you will likely fall and suffer more than you expect.

Moreover, when you read The Devil Tarot Card Upright and The Devil Tarot Card Reversed, you will find a slight change in its Tarot interpretations. To get a clear insight into the Tarot meaning of The Devil in the Upright and Reversed position, read on further.

The Devil Tarot Card Description

The Devil is the fifteenth trump or Major arcana Tarot card in the traditional Tarot deck. In the illustration of the Devil Tarot card, a demon or Baphomet can be seen couching on a pedestal. He has a body of half man and half goat with large bat wings and an inverted pentagram on the forehead. This pentagon represents the darker side of occult and magic which is often associated with the Baphomet. The Devil exhibits a hypnotic stare that has the power to magnetize anyone who comes near him. The goat is indicative of a scapegoat that bears blames and mistakes of others. People often put the blame of their mistakes on a scapegoat to get past their complexes. The Devil’s wings are of a vampire bat, an animal that sucks the blood out of its prey. This is symbolic of the outcomes when you surrender before your materialistic desires. At the foot of the Devil, a man and woman are standing naked and chained. It seems they are held against their will but on looking closer, it is clear that their chains are loose and can be easily removed. This indicates that getting rid of the domination of the Devil is entirely on you. If you become self-aware then you may shatter the chain of addiction and bondage. Moreover, there are horns on the heads of men and women. It is an indication that they both will turn into a Devil the longer they stay captive. Learned the meaning of Devil Tarot symbols in the illustration? Now, read further and explore the interpretations of the Devil card for love, career, money and other life aspects. Enhance your knowledge about the Devil of Rider Waite, a deck with standard tarot card size in cm!

The Devil Tarot Card Meaning Upright  The Devil Tarot Card Meaning Reversed
Addiction, obsession, bondage, materialism, attachment, restriction, sexuality, shadowing self, powerlessness, limitations, oppression, dependency, secrecy, abuse, violence, hopelessness Overcoming addiction, revelation, release, reclaiming power, independence, control, exploring dark thoughts, reasserting control, freedom from negativity, detachment

The Devil Upright Card Meanings In Tarot Reading or Spread

The Devil Upright Tarot Card Meanings:

Upright Love Meaning  Upright Career Meaning Upright Finance Meaning Upright Health Meaning Upright Spiritual Meaning
Lust, selfishness, hedonism, obsession, disrespect for feelings of the partner Feeling trapped in the job, self-sabotaging, blaming colleagues, playing the victim Unhealthy financial habits, excessive spending on luxury and comfort Unhealthy habits, addiction to alcohol or drugs, mental disorders Materialistic desires, negative thoughts restricting spiritual upliftment

General Meaning of The Devil Upright Tarot

The Devil in the general context is the sign of addiction or obsession. It indicates the feeling of entrapment and emptiness. When The Devil appears, it means that you are forced to think that you are powerless and have no control over yourself or negative forces. You perceive that you are weak but in reality, it’s the illusion that was created by the Devil. You have the power to control things in your way and by strong determination, you can get rid of all those forces that are holding you back from having the best. The Devil upright Tarot also indicates that your materialistic desires have kept you in bondage. You are addicted to power, status, and luxurious living. Even though you know that such things are unhealthy and not fulfilling, you are unable to get rid of your actions and urges. Stop being slaves to earthly desires. Strengthen your willpower and free yourself from all addictions. The Devil also speaks of unhealthy attachments and co-dependent relationships. Acknowledge the negative patterns and do not allow anyone to manipulate, criticize or abuse you.

The Devil Tarot Upright in Love and Relationships Readings

The Devil Tarot card meaning in love and relationship is often negative. If you are already in a relationship, the appearance of the Devil Tarot card is a sign of too much involvement. You or your partner may be feeling trapped or have lost personal space due to your co-dependency on each other. This may be unhealthy for your relationship and can shatter the individuality of both you and your partner. The Devil Tarot relationship suggests that you both should take a break from your relationship now. This is the time when you should protect your personal boundaries and seek some interests outside of your bond. The Devil Tarot card Upright may also indicate negativity in a relationship due to envy, jealousy, cheating, and dominance. In the worst scenarios, the card may point to violence, abuse, and sexual assault. This may be a part of revenge of a past hurt if The Empress Tarot Card Meaning is in combination with The Devil card.

If you are single, The Devil love Tarot can signify hedonism, lust, and temptation. You may be seeking love and unsure of the way to find that. Possibly, you may be indulging in sexual encounters that are unhealthy and destructive. There are also chances that you are allowing people to take advantage of you just because you crave love and affection. If this is the case, stop now. Do not give in to the temptation. Take time and reevaluate what you desire and what you really need in a relationship. In addition, the appearance of The Devil Tarot card in love is a sign that someone with ill intentions and a deceptive mind may come into your life. This person may be an addict or violent or have any mental disorder. You may find him intriguing at first but as far as your future is concerned, your relationship with him/her will be dark, gloomy, and dangerous. Be wary of such a person and do not fall into the trap just for the sake of love.

The Devil Tarot Upright in Work and Career Readings

You may be feeling trapped or stuck in a career, suggests The Devil Tarot Upright. In career readings, The Devil card indicates that despite being unhappy and dissatisfied, you are working at your current position or place because you feel you have no other options. Maybe bad luck, external factors, or circumstances are the reasons that make you feel dependent on this career. The card reminds you that you need not feel powerless and weak due to any reason. It’s up to you if you want to stay or leave an unfulfilling job. Thus, evaluate your goals and strengths and make a wise decision to bring desired career changes.

Moreover, The Devil Tarot Card reading points to a colleague or business associate who is deceptive and sabotaging. This person may try to stab you in the back or try to bully you by pretending to be your well-wisher or friend. If you receive The Devil and The Magician Tarot Reversed in the same reading, be cautious as these cards are confirmation that a con is in your midst.

The Devil Tarot Upright in Money Readings

Drawing the Devil Tarot Card in money reading is an indication that your monetary situation will be tight. Your financial problems will likely increase as a result of your bad habits and over-spending attitude. You may feel powerless or find it difficult to see the possible solutions. Changing the financial situation and managing monetary transactions would feel difficult, suggests, The Devil Tarot meaning in finances.

However, there is a lot that you can do to overcome the dearth of money. As per The Devil Tarot strategy, you can accelerate the money flow by limiting your spending and managing your income. Do not feel powerless or hopeless but let go of the bad habits such as gambling, over-purchasing, and compulsive spending. The appearance of The Devil with The Wheel of Fortune indicates that risky investments and impulsive decisions can drain your funds. Thus, avoid risks and do not make impulsive investments.

The Devil Tarot Upright in Health Readings

In a health reading, The Devil Tarot in the Upright position is indicative of poor health and unhealthy habits such as drug addiction, smoking, drinking alcohol, and overeating. If you feel addicted to something, especially drugs or alcohol, seek immediate help. The Devil Tarot guide also represents depression, excessive stress, and various mental disorders that are self-destructive and dangerous. However, when it comes to identifying mental issues, do not look into different sets of tarot cards. It is strictly advisable to seek medical help for diagnosing mental illness or disorders.

Moreover, The Devil card in health reading also points to silent ailments such as high blood pressure. If you feel unwell or feeling exhausted or have any other symptoms indicating health problems, take professional medical assistance. Go for regular check-ups by your physician and be vigilant about your diet and health regime.

The Devil Tarot Upright in Spiritual Readings

The Devil Tarot guide speaks of materialistic desires that are making you away from attaining spiritual knowledge. It also speaks of a lack of hope that is required for the spiritual upliftment of a being. It is suggested that you should spend time with spiritual people and guides who can help you gain spiritual knowledge. You should keep hope and embrace a positive approach to attain the divine blessing.

Remember, negative energy and thoughts of anxiety and depression only weakens your spiritual ability. Thus, create a positive environment around you and try healing methods to eliminate the darkness and negativity. You may discover various other ways to boost positivity by understanding the Major and Minor Arcana Cards list appeared alongside The Devil.

The Devil Reversed Card Meanings In Tarot Reading or Spread

The Devil Tarot Card Meaning Reversed

The Devil Reversed Tarot Card Meanings:

Reversed Love Meaning  Reversed Career Meaning Reversed Finance Meaning Reversed Health Meaning Reversed Spiritual Meaning
Feeling more in control of love and relationships, ending co-dependency Increased accountability in career, empowerment feeling Letting go of the bad habits, limiting spending habits and gambling, becoming financially independent Leaving unhealthy habits, focusing on improving health, regaining control over health Regaining spiritual knowledge, tuning with higher wisdom, moving towards enlightenment leaving the negativity

General Meaning of The Devil Reversed Tarot

Unlike The Devil Tarot Card Upright, the reversed Devil Tarot signifies a breakthrough or an up-levelling. It indicates that you are about to attain your highest potential, but, for that, you need to let go of the beliefs and attachments which are unhealthy and restrictive. The moment you will become self-aware and leave all the addictions, you will eventually see things changing. However, the journey to break off these chains won’t be easy. Initially, you will face hardships and may go through extreme pain and turmoil. But, don’t worry. Every sacrifice and effort that you are making right now will pay you off in later times.

If you are battling to overcome any addiction or mental illness or harmful behavior, then the appearance of The Devil Tarot is a sign that you are starting to see things changing. You will likely gain control over your life and find your true self again. The Devil Tarot reversed in general also points to a harmful, negative, or dangerous circumstance or person around. Avoid it and do not get back into the same trap that made your life miserable and restricted. Moreover, if you have been bullied by someone in the past, you will see them getting the due of their action. The Devil here offers the same predictions as The Justice Tarot Card Upright does.

The Devil Tarot Reversed in Love and Relationships Readings

The Devil Tarot relationship card suggests coming out of the situations where you felt stuck and unhappy in your relationship. You may be letting go of the emotional patterns or addictions that were restricting you and your partner from developing a strong connection. The appearance of The Devil Tarot guide signals that you are finally having control of your love life. You are no more in a co-dependent relationship or sabotaging yourself under a domineering partner. If you are in an abusive relationship, you have realized your true power and seeking help out there. You may be learning to express your true self by overcoming your insecurities and fears.

If you are single, The Devil Tarot meaning in reversed means that you are about to meet an abusive or dangerous person as predicted by The Devil Tarot upright. Do not fall into the trap and heed the red flags before you lose track. The card also represents the feeling of self-awareness with respect to love and the kind of relationship you desire. Previously, you were desperate to find love and might be ready to give up anything to get that. However, things have changed now. You have realized your worth and understood how your attitude towards love was keeping you away from having true love. You may be emotionally detaching yourself from the feelings of love and enjoying the freedom that comes with being single. The Temperance Upright with The Devil in combination also heralds the same Tarot meaning- patience in the matters of love.

The Devil Tarot Reversed in Work and Career Readings

In a career reading, The Devil Tarot Reversed indicates that you are finally making the much-needed changes to avoid problems in the future. You are becoming aware of your choices and actions, recognizing that all these are affecting the progress of your career. If you feel stuck in a job or feeling unfulfilled at your current position or working in an unhealthy environment or have a strained relationship with your coworkers, then the Devil Tarot tells you that you are taking the required action. You might have understood that you need not be dependent on an unfulfilling job because it offers stability and financial security. You can deal with things on your own and this self-awareness will be leading you to make substantial changes in your career.


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The Devil Tarot Reversed in Money Readings

When it comes to finances, The Devil Tarot Card Reading speaks of a time when you are getting rid of your bad financial habits and working on improving your finances. If you have been dependent on others for fulfilling your financial needs and desires, the card is an indication that you may have started managing money on your own. You are getting financially independent and starting to come out of gambling or risky activities. Plus, you are regaining your control over your monetary transactions that are uplifting your financial status.

The Devil Tarot guide suggests that people may try to deceive you or lower your confidence but you need to be cautious and understand that there are various options around. You cannot lose your hope as finances can be controlled if you mindfully spend and wisely use your resources. Also, if you are indulging in any money spending habit or activity, try to limit it, suggests The Devil Tarot reversed.

The Devil Tarot Reversed in Health Readings

In a health context, The Death Tarot Card reversed is a good omen. It indicates that you are in a process of recovery where you are leaving unhealthy habits and getting over your addictions. Although you are not completely over the hump, you are gathering strength and trying to be more focused on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

If you are suffering from any mental health disorders or excessive stress or a state of depression, the reversed Devil Tarot card reading speaks of getting over it. You will heal and see improvement in your mental and emotional health. So, keep moving forward and stop slipping back into the old and unhealthy patterns.

The Devil Tarot Reversed in Spiritual Readings

In a spiritual context, The Devil Tarot card reading in the reversed position represents that you have come out of a dangerous or adverse situation without bearing its consequence. The Universe has been very kind to you and you have learned a great spiritual lesson. Heed this lesson and follow the path as shown to you by the Universe. The Devil Tarot guide suggests that now is the time when you should tune with your higher wisdom as you are coming out of the period of spiritual depression. You are moving towards enlightenment and leaving the darkness of negativity and depressing thoughts behind. The Devil Tarot meaning also signifies that you are in a phase of learning where you are keeping yourself away from negativity and toxic people and thoughts. Plus, If you receive The Devil with The Fool Reversed in your Tarot reading, it means that you need to release the fear of failing in your spiritual journey. You should release limiting self-consciousness to attain higher wisdom and knowledge.

The Devil Tarot As Feelings

How am I feeling? You are feeling tempted or desperate to be loved. You may be looking for a partner or companion who can make you feel loved and cared. You are not clear about your relationship goals and maybe trusting people without validating their relationship’s status and intentions. Strong infatuation or fatal attraction is indicated on The Devil Tarot as feelings.

The Devil Tarot Card as how someone sees you! The Devil Tarot as feelings is a bad omen. It indicates that the person has ill intentions and they want to be with you only to fulfill their purpose. They may be thinking to take advantage or maybe trying to dominate you or abuse you or manipulate you to satisfy their desires, most likely the physical desires. This Tarot meaning is completely different from what you read in the context of The Emperor as feeling.

The Devil in Yes or No Reading

The Devil Tarot Card speaks of negativity, violence, temptation, and anger. It suggests being in a trap and feeling powerless to overcome the current situation. The card is indicative of addiction, lies, unhealthy relationships, and everything harmful and dangerous. Thus, the Devil in Yes or No Reading is “No” for most readings. Check out the Devil Yes or No Reading outcomes for the following questions.

Do they like me?

Yes, they like you but their intentions are bad or harmful or may be dangerous for you.

Will I meet my love?

Not likely. You need to contemplate your relationship goals and keep yourself safe from falling into random flings.

Does my Ex love me?

No, it is less likely that your Ex loves you. To gain more insights into their feelings, read your cards in the best tarot card reading app.

Will my Ex come back?

The Devil in yes or no for reconciliation is No unless your ex wants to take your advantage.

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The Devil Tarot Summary

Hopefully, now you know what the Devil Tarot Card means and what is its interpretation in different Tarot card readings. Remember, like all the Tarot cards in the deck, The Devil is also the card that inspires you to instill values that are positive and constructive. So, the next time when you receive The Devil card in an online Tarot reading or local session, do not be scared. Understand its findings and heed them to make your life better.

If you are confused or have any queries about The Devil Tarot Card or its combination with the other cards, you may seek professional help from our psychic readers. You may also ask our love Tarot experts to find solutions and guidance for your love problems.

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