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The Moon Tarot Card Meaning

The Moon Tarot Card Meaning

The Moon Tarot Card Meanings and Symbolism

The Moon Tarot card shows a full moon rising in the middle of two large towers. The two towers in the Major Arcana card represent the good and evil forces and the moon signifies the intuitions and subconscious mind. There is a small pool in the foreground in which the small crayfish is crawling. The small pool represents the subconscious mind and the fishes represent the unraveling of the consciousness. There is a dog and a wolf that are standing on the field, covered with grass. It signifies the two aspects of the human mind- Civilized and wild or animalistic nature.

The Moon Upright Tarot Meaning

Meaning of Upright Moon In A Reading

General Meaning Of The Moon Tarot Card

The Moon tarot turns up when things are uncertain and unclear. It tells that things are not like the way you expect them to be. You are surrounded by an illusion and may have a false assumption about the current situations. The Moon signifies that your intuitions are your guide. You need to trust your hunches and let go of your mental blocks. The card tells that your insecurities and inner fears are fogging your mind. You may be making wrong decisions based on the half information. The Moon tarot card is a sign of hidden deception. It represents underhanded behavior or illegal behavior that may harm or manipulate you. When the card appears, be careful. Do not make decisions in haste.

The Moon Upright In Love And Relationships Readings

If you are single, the Moon tarot card is an indication that things are fishy and you need to be cautious before trusting others. It tells that someone with evil intentions may con you. If you are dating, you may find out some truth or secrets about your potential partner that you might be missing all this while. In relationship, The Moon depicts a period of uncertainty. It shows that miscommunications between you and your partner are creating rifts between you both. There can also be some past issues or arguments which are haunting your relationship. The Moon suggests deception and emotional turmoil. Even if everything looks good outside, there may be something hidden. Your partner may be hiding something from you or not sharing the complete truth about the matter. However, do not come into any conclusion so fast. Take time and gather all the information first, suggests the tarot of the Moon.


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The Moon Upright In Career and Business Readings

In the career context, The Moon tarot card signifies unclarity and confusion. It indicates that you are not clear about your goals or are confused about the direction of your career. The card points to someone at the workplace who may be trying to swindle you or hiding some important information. Stay cautious and do not make any uninformed decision in the absence of complete facts. The Moon indicates conflicts and arguments due to the miscommunication at the workplace. There may be haziness in the environment due to which you may feel confused about your assigned tasks and project goals. Communicate with colleagues and express your ideas clearly. Also, before making any work related decisions, make sure you have all the information with you. Get your career tarot reading.

The Moon Upright In Money and Finances Readings

Financially, the Moon tarot is a warning to not make any hasty investments right now. It indicates that this is not a good time when you should invest or make any important decision related to money. The card represents dodgy deals or underhanded behavior. It tells that someone may try to con you or try to manipulate you by deliberating hiding some significant information. Trust your intuitions and make sure you all have all the facts and figures before you invest or proceed in making any monetary decision. Also, be cautious while you disclose any financial or money related information with your friends or closed ones. There may be some deception on the other end due to which you may fall into financial pitfalls and lose your hard-earned money. Get your finance tarot reading.

The Moon Upright In Health Readings

The Moon tarot card  in health depicts mental issues. The appearance of the card indicates that you may suffer from depression or anxiety. You may feel stressed due to the increased workload or pressure. Also, there may be some hidden ailments you might not know. You need to consult the doctor and get yourself diagnosed before your health worsens. If you are feeling unhealthy or extremely tired, this may be your instincts guiding you about the upcoming health issues. Pay attention to your instincts. For women, The Moon represents hormonal changes and menstrual cycles. It urges you to take stock of your diet and fitness regime. Meditate and practice Yoga to get rid of mental and physical ailments.

The Moon Upright In Spirituality Readings

The Moon is a card of intuition or subconscious. It represents your power of instincts and asks you to pay attention to your dreams, feelings and flashes of information that comes into your mind. With the appearance of the Moon you find the positive energy flowing around you. You likely empower your mental abilities and enhance your spiritual knowledge. The Moon tarot card reading indicates a great time when you can contemplate or work on your spiritual progress. Take some time out for yourself and meditate in order to synchronize your thoughts and actions.

The Moon Reversed Tarot Meaning

Know the meaning of Reversed Moon Tarot

General Meaning Of The Moon Reversed

The Moon reversed card signifies your fears and anxieties that are finally subsiding. You are trying to come out of the negative influences and liberating yourself from the limiting beliefs. The card represents self- deception. It indicates that you may be working through your fears and struggling to get yourself out of the illusion and fears. The Moon reversed indicates that time when the secrets will be revealed to you. The truth will come out and you will likely see things coming into the light. The appearance of the Moon in the reversed position is a sign of blocked intuitions. You may be repressing your emotions or may be not ready to look into the seriousness of the matter. The card indicates that you are pretending to be good when things are wrong and unclear. You are failing to understand your intuitions or maybe your interpretation is different from what it has to be. The Moon depicts that you will find clarity in your matters soon and will get the courage and confidence to achieve success.

The Moon Reversed In Love and Relationships Readings

If you are in a relationship, The Moon reversed is an indication that you will soon encounter a truth or find important information about your relationship. There may be some deception or lies that will unveil. You will likely see the true face of your partner and get clarity in the matters. For singles, The Moon reversed is a sign that the period of emotional upheaval is ended and now everything will be peaceful. You will get self confidence and receive composure. The Moon reversed may also be an indication that you are not following your intuitions. You may be very close to your potential partner but your ignorance to your instincts may be keeping you away from getting true love. Get your love tarot reading.

The Moon Reversed In Career and Business Readings

The Moon reversed in career reading depicts stability after the period of turmoil. It indicates that the uncertainty and confusion that you are dealing with at the workplace will soon get cleared. You will likely feel confident in your work and may overcome all your insecurities and inner fears. Alternatively, The Moon reversed indicates delusion. You may be neglecting your instincts and not able to realize how confusing the current situations are. The card suggests that in a state of confusion, you need to listen to your inner voice instead of giving heed to your colleagues. You need to tune into your inner guidance and follow the path that your instincts are showing you. Moreover, The Moon reversed card reflects the light at the end of the tunnel. It indicates that the misunderstandings and confusion present at your workplace will soon disappear and you will see things getting clearer in the coming days.


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The Moon Reversed In Money and Finances Readings

Financially, the Moon reversed tarot signifies clarity and truth. The air will be clear and you will find the required information to make an informed financial decision. The card indicates that you are trying to gain knowledge about the financial matters and soon you will get the truth behind the matters. You will overcome your fears of failure and invest in the right deals. The Moon in the reversed position indicates that you need to listen to your hunches. If it is telling you to not invest or deal in any financial matter then you should hold back your decision. You need to wait till you gain clarity in the matters. You will get the financial breakthrough when you will overcome your fears and follow your gut feelings. To make more informed financial decisions, always check the cards in combination with the Moon. Know what are the different types of tarot cards that may influence your decisions alongside this Tarot.

The Moon Reversed In Health Readings

In a healthy context, The Moon reversed tarot is a positive omen. It indicates that your anxieties will get released and you will overcome all the things that are ruining your mental health. You will likely find peace in your mind and see your mental health improving. The card indicates that if you are facing any physical or mental disorder, you will likely discover its cause and get the necessary knowledge. On the flip side, the reversed Moon in tarot card reading app means delusion and self-deception. It indicates that you may be ignoring your health and neglecting the need of medication.

The Moon Reversed In Spirituality Readings

The Moon reversed in spirituality is a sign that your intuitions are being ignorant to your inner voice. Your intuitions are guiding you from the start but you are blocking or neglecting it. The Moon tarot card  is a sign that you are unable to interpret the messages of your sub-conscious mind and confused about your inner powers. You need to connect with your higher wisdom. Hear your inner voice and trust it. You have the psychic ability and you just need to realize it now.

The Moon Tarot Card Meaning Summary

The Moon with standard tarot deck size represents uncertainty, illusion and deception. If you receive the Upright Moon Tarot in your reading, then it’s a sign that you need to evaluate the situations rather than making false assumptions. While The appearance of the Moon Tarot reversed means that you are working through your fears and tuning in to your inner guidance for having clarity. The position and the cards appeared alongside the Moon Tarot plays a significant role in interpreting your situation. Thus, consult a Tarot expert for further information. 

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