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The Star Tarot Card Meaning – Upright And Reversed

The Star Tarot Card Meaning – Upright And Reversed

The Star Tarot Card Meanings

The Star tarot card is the one that depicts hope, faith, and optimism. This card clearly wants you to keep your faith in the divine powers high as with the appearance of this card, the universe is already working in your favor. The Star tarot guides you on the path of healing and renewal that will get various aspects of your life back on track.

If you have been losing hope and getting low on life lately, the appearance of this major arcana tarot card in the upright position tells you to gear up and be prepared to receive everything that you have ever asked for. The Star tarot card meaning revolves around the basic theme of positivity and happiness.

Even when we consider various aspects of life individually, The Star tarot card upright appearance shows favorable outcomes. For instance, The Star tarot love depiction points towards the possibility of overcoming the bad experiences of the past in your romantic life. Moreover, with all the positivity, The Star tarot yes or no interpretations for all the closed-ended questions are affirmative. Not only this, but if you want to know how your love interest feels about you, then the interpretation of The Star tarot as feelings shows that the situation is in your favor and your love life is absolutely on the right track. The Star tarot relationship with any aspect of your life brings out positive results.

But all this is true as long as the card is drawn in the upright position. The Star tarot card reversed position has something else to show. It points towards the situation where you are surrounded by negativity and lack faith in the divine powers of the universe.

It also has different meanings related to various aspects of your life just like its upright position in The Star tarot card reading. For instance, while considering the romantic aspect of your life, The Star reversed love predictions shows a situation where there is extreme pessimism and self-criticism.

Similarly, in the financial or general future predictions, the results are not very optimistic. However, there is one aspect of this card that does not change with the change in the position in which it is drawn. The Star reversed yes or no still remains a yes, no matter how the card is drawn.

Overall these are The Star tarot card meanings that mostly depend on the position of the card in which it is drawn. Moreover, it also becomes the basis to develop The Star tarot strategy that can further be used to choose the right path to move ahead in life.

The Star Description

Moving ahead it becomes essential to understand what each element that is present on The Star tarot signifies. This makes it easier to decode The Star tarot card meaning when drawn in various situations. So let’s get to the detailed overview of The Star description. Here we have described the Rider Waite deck having the standard size of tarot cards.

The Star tarot card shows a woman in her birth suit as the protagonist of the complete graphic presented on the front of the card. She represents Eve, the origin of all creation, and is also symbolic of fertility.

She is standing by a pond in the garden where there is an abundance of what she needs. She has one foot in the water and the other one placed firmly on the ground. With this, The Star tarot guides us towards the spiritual and material realities of one’s life. The lady in The Star tarot loves to create a balance between the two.

As we move further, it shows the woman holding two containers of water. Giving water to the land shows that she intends to bring fertility which in a way is working as can be seen by the lush green landscape. And the other pot pours water back into the pond from where it is collected which signifies The Star tarot strategy to give anything extra back to the source.

Then comes the seven-pointed stars above the woman which establishes The Star tarot relationship with the seven chakras of the human body and shows that there is a perfect alignment of these energy sources. The Star tarot card reading also shows a balance between various aspects of one’s life. All these things collectively make The Star tarot card upright appearance a positive one. This also brings up The Star tarot as feelings as a desirable card to get in the upright position.

These are also the attributes that make The Star tarot yes or no reading a favorable one. But the interpretation of each element depicted on the card is reversed with The Star tarot card reversed appearance. This holds true even in The Star reversed love reading and every other aspect of life. The sole exception to this is The Star reversed yes or no predictions.

The Star Upright General Meaning The Star Reversed General Meaning
Hope, Optimism, Recreation, Inspiration, Faith, Healing Self-criticism, Self-doubt, Pessimism, Hopelessness, Lack of faith

The Star Upright Tarot Meanings

The Star Upright Tarot Card Meanings

Upright Love Upright Career Upright Finance Upright Health Upright Spirituality
Hopeful, Optimistic, Healing Positivity, Growth, Rewards Fulfilment, Inspiration, Abundance Healing, Good health, Positive mindset Psychic development, Energy healing

General Meaning Of The Star Upright

As far as The Star tarot card meaning is concerned, when it appears in the upright position, it points towards hope, happiness, health, and everything nice. It is quite similar to wishing on a wishing star where you can expect all that you ask for to come true. The Star tarot guides you towards a desired and fulfilling future where you will be filled with all the positivity of the world.

The Star tarot loves this feeling of optimism that is liberating. The Star tarot card points towards the calmness that it brings right after going through the havoc created by the Tower tarot card. You should also know that The Star tarot as feelings wants you to be confident and welcoming to receive all that the universe is planning to give to you.

Here The Star tarot relationship with artistic affairs is also established which shows the possibility of excelling in creative fields. Moreover, getting this card in The Star tarot card reading clearly indicates that you are recovering and rejuvenating from the wounds that your past has given you.

Overall, witnessing The Star tarot card upright appearance can be considered as one of the best things that can happen to you while creating The Star tarot strategy for your life. All these things together constitute the general meaning of The Star upright card.

The Star Upright In Love And Relationships Readings

Now while analyzing the different types of tarot card decks, the Star tarot is a great sign to receive in love readings. This is especially true after going through a phase of hardships. It is the card that shows a shift in the attitude where now you see everything with the prism of positivity. The Star upright in love and relationship readings also show that now you will be healing from the past wounds thus leaving all the negativity behind and moving ahead in the right direction with a positive mindset.

The Star Upright In Work And Career Readings

The Star upright in work and career readings points towards the possibility of your hard work and dedication being rewarded soon. Moreover, The Star tarot card also shows that your positive attitude will reflect in your work and make you do great things to advance your professional career. This card only wants you to be faithful towards whatever you are doing and your desires will be achieved. Here, The Star tarot guides you towards brilliant opportunities at work that you can encash in the most beneficial ways.

The Star Upright In Money Readings

The Star tarot card meaning when it comes to the financial readings shows a situation where all your financial goals are being achieved. This card also wants you to stay inspired so that you can keep moving ahead in the right direction and not be distracted by other things. You can also consider The Star upright in money readings as the event where you can take some time out to appreciate what you have already been blessed with. Being grateful will give you the strength to see your financial future and set goals more clearly. To gain more insights into your financial prospects, always consult a tarot expert who precisely understands the meaning of 56 Minor Arcana Tarot cards and 22 Major arcana cards.

The Star Upright In Health Readings

The Star tarot card reading for the matters related to health again moves on to the similar theme of being hopeful and expecting the positives. In this case, the Star tarot yes or no outcome concerning the betterment of your health will come out to be an unbiased yes. Receiving The Star upright in health readings is a great sign as this is the time when you will be recovering from any past ailments and this will continue for a really long time. All you have to do is build and maintain a positive mindset and a healthy lifestyle.

The Star Upright In Spiritual Readings

With The Star upright in spiritual readings, it is clear that your connection with the upper world will be strong. This also wants you to keep yourself open for all the energies that the universe will provide you. The Star tarot relationship with the higher realm can very well be benefitted here by you and this also holds the possibility of encouraging your spiritual development. With a little practice and The Star tarot card upright in your reading, you also hold the capability to perform energy healing to cure the suffering of mankind. This was all about the Star Tarot meaning in Upright position. Now, learn what the reversed Star Tarot means when drawn in the free tarot card reading app spreads.

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The Star Reversed Tarot Meanings

The Star Reversed Tarot Card Meaning

The Star Reversed Tarot Card Meanings

Reversed Love Reversed Career Reversed Finance Reversed Health Reversed Spirituality
Hopeless, Lacks confidence, Self-criticism Directionless, Lacks motivation, Pessimistic Doomed, Pessimistic about fiances, Unfulfilled goals No serious issues, Anxiety making things worse Lost faith, Disconnected, Tough times

General Meaning Of The Star Reversed

With The Star tarot card reversed in your reading you should know that you are going through a phase where you have lost all hope. You strongly believe that everything is working against you and no matter what you do, it will only give you negative results in any aspect of life.

In fact, the general meaning of The Star reversed in your reading takes you to the extent where you have lost your faith in yourself thus making you stay in a miserable state. For instance, The Star reversed love interpretations show that there is a lot of self-criticism that is restraining you from doing anything that can take your relationship towards betterment. The same kind of negativity can also be seen in career, health, and other readings.

Here, The Star tarot strategy is to develop and nurture a positive mindset and get out of the self-pity mode with proper and dedicated efforts. You may be reading different tarot decks for the reading but The Star tarot as feelings here remain the same.

The Star Reversed In Love And Relationships Readings

The Star reversed in love and relationship readings show that there is a situation of hopelessness in your love life. It also indicates your lack of self-confidence which is keeping you from putting in a hundred percent of your efforts. Getting The Star reversed love card in a reading is really not a desirable thing. This is mostly because the miserable romantic situation is the result of your own mindset and nobody can make it better but you. Here, it should not be confused with the Hierophant reversed love meaning that depicts unconventionality which is very different from hopelessness.

The Star Reversed In Work And Career Readings

When it comes to The Star reversed in work and career readings one of the worst things that it interprets is the lack of motivation and enthusiasm. Moreover, The Star tarot card reversed here shows that not only do you lack motivation, but you are being pessimistic about everything at work which minimizes the scope of improvement altogether. This is a dangerous situation of despair where it seems that you have given up on everything.


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The Star Reversed In Money Readings

The Star reversed in money readings is indicative of a poor financial situation where you have lost your vision and hope of getting it back on track. Getting The Star tarot card in a reversed position does not mean that the situation is absolutely out of your hands. There is still some scope left where, if you manage to gain a positive mindset, things may take a positive turn. Also, The Star tarot guides you to identify and grab the opportunities that come your way.

This in a way is very similar to the Strength reversed yes or no when the matter concerns losing self-confidence and promoting self-doubt.

The Star Reversed In Health Readings

The Star reversed in health readings does not show a serious matter of concern at the meta-level. However, the situation is exaggerated because of all the pessimism that you carry in your head. Here The Star tarot card reversed appearance wants you to stop overthinking about your health condition and get a regular check-up done to identify what really is the problem. You should understand, in this situation, it is you who is making things worse for yourself.

The Star Reversed In Spiritual Readings

The Star reversed in spiritual readings points towards the situation where you feel disconnected from your higher self. This makes you feel like you are lost and spiritually suffocated. Here The Star tarot card wants you to practice gratitude each day of your life to re-establish the divine connection. Also, The Star tarot yes or no here comes up as a big yes for your concern, whether or not the universe still loves you. Just keep your hopes high and soon things will start moving in your favor.

This situation somehow mimics the one depicted by the Sun reversed where it shows darkness and blocked happiness.

The Star As Feelings

The Star as feelings interprets a very interesting aspect of your life. It tells you about what your love interest thinks about you. To your relief, getting this card in your reading here shows that things related to your romantic prospect are going ahead nicely. The Star tarot card meaning here shows that the other person is also noticing you. In fact, they are reciprocating positive feelings which is a great sign.

The Star tarot loves to tell you that overall things regarding your love life are in your favor and soon you will see positive results. So keep your hopes high and look forward to a desirable future.

The Star Yes Or No Readings

Generally, it is the card’s upright position that is considered while making any interpretations. And with all the positivity that The Star shows it becomes obvious that the outcome of The Star yes or no readings mostly comes out to be a yes. It does not matter which deck you use for this reading, be it Jojo tarot cards or any other deck, the outcome will be the same. In fact, in this case, it does not even change in The Star reversed yes or no reading. 

So whatever your question is, the appearance of The Star card shows a positive outcome. However, it is still recommended to take the expert’s advice to gain an elaborated overview of the concerning situation.

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