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A Guide to JOJO Tarot Cards

A Guide to JOJO Tarot Cards

All You Need to Know About JOJO Tarot Cards


JoJo Tarot Cards are derived from a Japanese men’s cartoon series based on the writing of Hirohiko Araki. JoJo came out as a serial from 1987 to 2004. It is a “Shonen” meaning Boy’s cartoon series in English. JoJo’s genre spans around action, adventure, thriller, comedy, supernatural elements and Horror as well as mystery. The series became known mostly for it’s Stand phenomenon.


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Stand is an identity generated by the Stand owner using psychic powers and this concept helped in the shaping of JoJo Tarot Card Reading. This is a hovering object and prefers to be near the Stand user. It possesses supernatural capabilities. It can primarily function as good or bad wielding elemental powers and existence beyond the control of human beings.

It was at a point the best selling cartoon series and has sold over 100 million print copies. JoJo Tarot Cards is based on the second animated adaptation of the cartoon’s third part, the Stardust Crusaders. The series of 48 episodes was aired in two sequences, 24 episodes in each part.

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The episodes were aired with Japanese and English subtitles and the second part was known as “Battle in Egypt.” JoJo Tarot Cards are the Major Arcana Tarot Cards majorly.

JoJo Tarot deck signifies the entire framework of the animated series. All JoJo tarot cards in a deck are assigned with a specific jojo character. As per tarot readers,each tarot cards jojo character is said to have a specific stand which functions to flourish good and bad energies. Thus, by learning about all tarot cards jojo characters and jojo tarot reading, one may gain access to incredibly powerful energy that lies within oneself.

JOJO Tarot Cards Plot

History of JoJo Cards

JoJo Tarot Cards is the series that has Jotaro Kujo as the hero. Alongwith his comrades, his family was involved in the development of mysterious powers called “Stands.” Jotaro and his grandfather with the allies travel to Egypt in search of the Evil vampire, Dio Brando. They do this to save Holly, Jataro’s mother and the immortal Dio tries to protect himself by involving other such assassins and Stands.

The Stands had a different identity and name in the series and the characters in the JoJo Tarot Cards are identified by the pictures each portray. Jotaro Kujo’s Stand was known as Star Platinum. Joseph Joester’s Stand was known as Hermit Purple and so on and so forth. Jotaro, on finding his Stand appear one day locks himself in the cell and refuses to come out, believing to have been consumed by some Evil spirit.

Holly, his mother and Joseph, his grandfather coax him to believe the theory of Stands and that such a phenomena occurs for each of their generations. Joseph informs Jotaro of their 100 year old enemy Dio. Grandpa Joseph uses a picture of Dio to confirm that this brand of vampires have a star shaped mark on their necks.

A fly in the picture behind Dio confirms, Dio was in Egypt when the photograph was being taken as the fly was identified to be a native of Egypt alone. Holly when one day was found in an unconscious state in the kitchen with the rose vine bush near her identified to be her Stand. It was realised then, that Holly was not able to tolerate the power of the Standdue to the curse of Dio.

Characters Used in JOJO Tarot Cards

Tarot Card JoJo Tarot card character Reasons behind the names used for JoJo Tarot Cards
The Fool Iggy Iggy’s Stand is The Fool of JoJo Tarot Cards and and it can control the sand.
The Magician Muhammad Avdol Magician’s Red is Avdol’s Stand in JoJo Tarot Cards and is the “Evil spirit” capable of performing magic. Avdol names Jotaro’s Stand as “Star Platinum.”
The High Priestess Midler Midler’s Stand is High Priestess of JoJo Tarot Cards and can transform into any mineral substance.
The Empress Nena Nena is an obese, wounded woman with a growth on her tongue. The outgrowth grows it’s own face upon facing an attempt of removal and reveals itself as the Empress of JoJo Tarot Cards.
The Emperor Hol Horse Hol Horse is Dio’s assassin, Hol Horse’s Stand is the Emperor of JoJo Tarot Cards.
The Hierophant Noriaki Kakyoin Noriaki is a new transfer student and Noriaki attacks Jotaro in the infirmary with the help of his Stand Hierophant Green of JoJo Tarot Cards.
The Lover Steely Dan Steely Dan has the Lover’s Stand of JoJo Tarot Cards. He is the one responsible for Enya’s death. This Tarot Card does not indicate positivity about your love life or your personal life..
The Chariot Jean Pierre Polnareff The swordsman introduces Jean Pierre and introduces his skills using the Silver Chariot of JoJo Tarot Cards to fight Avdol.
Strength Forever Caged Orang-utan named Forever kills the sailors and corners the character Anne and is Strength of JoJo Tarot Cards.
The Hermit Joseph Joester He is the grandfather of Jotaro and is aware of the curse of Dio, the Evil immortal vampire. Joseph is the Hermit Purple of JoJo Tarot Cards.
Wheel of Fortune Zz Zz is the Wheel of Fortune of JoJo Tarot Cards & Jotaro captures him by tying him to a rock. The appearance of this card can still indicate a bright career path.
Justice Enya the Hag Enya is the advisor of Dio, and stands for Justice of JoJo Tarot Cards. Dio shares his fears about the Joester bloodline with Enya.
The Hanged Man J.Geil J.Geil is the man with two right hands, the group meets Geil’s Stand the Hanged Man of JoJo Tarot Cards in the toilet in Kolkata, India in a restaurant.
Death Mannish Boy Mannish Baby is skilfully witnessed killing a scorpion by Noriaki. Mannish Boy is shown to be capable of traversing the Dream World to capture and kill other characters and portrays Death of JoJo Tarot Cards.
Temperance Rubber Soul Yellow Temperance of JoJo Tarot Cards is one of DIO’s assassins, it consumes flesh and can take on any form
The Devil Devo Devo is also one of Dio’s assassins, with the Stand known as the Ebony Devil of JoJo Tarot Cards. A mere doll becomes the Stand Ebony Devil due to Devo’s power.
The Tower Gray Fly Tower of Gray is responsible for mass murders that seem like accidents and plays the Tower of JoJo Tarot Cards.
The Star Jotaro Kujo Jotaro Kujo has the Star Platinum as his Stand of JoJo Tarot Cards who takes on the difficult journey to travel all the way for his mother.
The Moon Imposter Captain Tennille Stand Dark Blue Moon is capable of causing deadly whirlpools in water. Finance can go for a toss and you may have to consult the Finance Tarot Card.
The Sun Arabia fats Arabia Fats is mirror blinded and the Sun is his Stand of JoJo Tarot Cards. While the group travels through Arabian Desert. They are surprised to find out that the Sun  never sets in the Arabian Desert even at eight in the evening. The Sun’s presence in the sky is depleting the water source from the travellers across the desert.
Judgment Cameo Cameo of JoJo Tarot Cards is capable of creating Zombie like features from Earth based on the desires of the wishes.
The World Dio Dio is the main villain and is blessed with immortality. He has 100 years of enmity with Jotaro Kujo’s family of JoJo Tarot Cards.

There are other cards in the JoJo Tarot Card deck including the

  1. The Great Osiris depicted by Daniel J D’arby.
  2. Horus depicted by the Pet Shop.
  3. The Geb Goddess, mother of Isis, depicted as N’doul.
  4. Mariah and Sethan are also depicted in Tarot cards.
  5. Khnum is Iongo.
  6. Tohth is Biongo.
  7. Caravan serai, Chaka, Khan and Polnareff is Anubis
  8. Telence T. D’arby is Atum

JoJo Tarot Cards can also be used for drawing Yes/No Tarot.

Powers and Similarities of JOJO Tarot Cards with Normal Tarot Cards

JoJo tarot cards and major Arcana

Card 0: The Fool of JoJo Tarot Cards can control the Sand. This Tarot card is symbolic of spontaneous innocence, and the Fool of JoJo Tarot Cards perfectly suits the idea of being a wild Trump card in the greater scheme of things.

Card 1: The Magician of JoJo Tarot Cards can control the element of Fire. The Magician of JoJo Tarot Cards represents beginnings and has an aggressive unforgiving nature.

Card 2: The High Priestess of JoJo Tarot Cards is a Stand bound to minerals, it can turn into anything inorganic. Its ability to turn into anything inorganic is a knowledge considered as rare as the wisdom of the High Priestess.

Card 3: The Empress of JoJo Tarot Cards is an exceptional hybrid between flesh and Stand. Its powers are simplistally mediocre. It has a parasitic build. The Empress of JoJo Tarot cards symbolises growth of new life form since it acts as a hybrid (hinting on the nature of this Stand) and its comparable characteristics to the Tarot Cards.

Card 4: The Emperor of JoJo Tarot Cards is the Hol Horse and it can serve only as a mediator force and resembles a gun. It portrays order and control, like the gun in the hand of a mediator. Since it is portrayed as a symbol of Force and Power, thus it is compared to the Emperor of Tarot Cards.

Card 5: The Hierophant of JoJo Tarot Cards has a huge number of abilities, for combat and scouting. It has relatively weak hand-on-hand combat abilities. This Tarot Card is a bridge between Heaven and Earth, and long range capabilities of the Stand Hierophant Green is why it is compared to the Hierophant of the Tarot cards.

Card 6: The Lovers of JoJo Tarot Cards is very small, enabling it to infiltrate the human body unnoticed. Being a robotic humanoid form, it is a combination of a fly, flea and robot. The Lovers Tarot Card symbolizes the bond between two people like the link portrayed by the JoJo Tarot Cards between the fly and the human.

Card 7: The Chariot of JoJo Tarot Cards is the Silver Chariot and is a powerful, battle-dedicated close-range Stand that primarily fights with a rapier. This Silver Chariot card is similar to the Chariot Tarot Card symbolising invasion and victory.

Card 8: Strength of JoJo Tarot Cards can bind itself to a small boat and can transform into a gigantic freighter. It represents Strength Tarot Card. The card can challenge you to a fight, the Stand is shown to have a very strong will power and the hidden potentials of a human being.

Card 9: Wheel of Fortune of JoJo Tarot Cards can enhance the appearance and capabilities of a vehicle it uses as a catalyst. It endorses the cars also with the ability to clean themselves on their own. I think you know how it might be similar to the Wheel of Fortune Card.

Card 10: Justice of JoJo Tarot Cards has a quasi-invulnerability as a fog Stand and it possesses the ability to control anyone’s body through an open wound. The card of Justice symbolises results and consequences and this Stand is closely similar to the functional characteristics of the Justice Tarot Card.

Card 11: The Hanged Man of JoJo Tarot Cards attacks from the inside of mirrors and is one of the most evasive powerful Stand. Hanged man tarot card is perhaps depicted by this Stand as it has to reflect and stay still until its victim appears on a reflective surface.

Card 12: Death Thirteen of JoJo Tarot Cards is capable of attacking a person once asleep, thus capable of controlling only dreams. It horrifies people, mocks their existence and belittles them, thus resembling the concept of physical death portrayed by Tarot Cards to a large extent.

Card 14: Temperance of JoJo Tarot Cards has the ability to absorb organic matter to grow stronger and sturdier. It has no personality and its ability to consume flesh is an opposing action to the original card.

Card 15: Ebony Devil’s power comes alive when Devo is hit by his enemies. Ebony Devil is symbolising confusion bringing misfortune to its bearer.

Card 16: The Tower of JoJo Tarot Cards is fast and extremely nimble though small and extremely fragile. Since it causes accidents deliberately interrupting a journey mid way using unexpected and chaotic processes like the accidents, it is compared to the Tarot of The Tower.

Card 17: Star Platinum of JoJo Tarot Cards is a small boy having incredible strength, speed and precision. This kid symbolizes hope, optimism and discerning judgements very much close to the original Tarot Card’s properties.

Card 18: The Dark Blue Moon of JoJo Tarot Cards can scale as projectiles, its skills are more effective in aquatic environment. It depicts trouble, lies, betrayal and fear like the Moon Tarot Card.

Card 19: The Sun of JoJo Tarot Cards can emit light and heat at lethal levels over a large area. It is compared to the physical heat and energy rather than the optimistic rays of hope portrayed by the Sun Tarot Card.

Card 20: Judgement of JoJo Tarot Cards has above average strength and speed. The Stand is consistent with the Tarot card in reverse order, thus creating doubt and deceit in people’ minds affecting their decision making capabilities.

Card 21: The World of JoJo Tarot Cards requires to be at a closer distance to effectively combat its enemies and its overwhelming strength and near unstoppable control over time, makes it the most dangerous of all Stands. The card is a symbol of tectonic chance, it is the beginning of a new world order. Even before it appeared, the rumours of its power was enough to create fear in its followers.


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Tarot is the depiction of true symbolic forms and patterns. It is the most oblique wisdom present on Earth yet it is one of the most effective ways of channelisation of knowledge. Jojo Tarot Cards are one of the most experimental version of Major Arcana Tarot cards available around you. You can also draw a daily Tarot using the JoJo Tarot Cards. The JoJo Tarot Cards impart wisdom in a skewed pattern, even more oblique than the true format. Tarot Cards of JoJo is a superior form of expression yet very diverse and all the more difficult to understand. We have tried to summarize the various aspects of Tarot Cards of JoJo in one place for you to refer.

image source/reference: https://imgur.com/gallery/pAXgLv2

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