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The Hermit Tarot Card Meaning – Upright And Reversed

The Hermit Tarot Card Meaning – Upright And Reversed

The Hermit Tarot Card Meanings

The basic meaning of The Hermit Tarot Card is introspection and self-exploration. The Hermit meaning may point towards the possibility of a bad phase which is urging you to find solitude. The Hermit cards also point towards the behavior of withdrawal where you become anti-social.

The Hermit tarot guides you to find a place for yourself which is your inner self. You are only required to explore it. The Hermit tarot relationship with your life is not very glittery. The Hermit tarot shows a dark phase where you are only guided by the light of a tiny star.

The worst part is, unlike other major arcana tarot cards, the Hermit tarot card meaning does not change even when its position is changed. For your information, the meaning of The Hermit reversed is even worse except for one thing. The Hermit strategy here points towards your willingness to resume your social life.

Even when it talks about your personal life, The Hermit tarot love card needs you to take a break from the relationship and establish your own identity. And when it becomes The Hermit reversed love card, it shows the feelings of loneliness and rejection. In either way, you will go through a difficult phase.

At certain points, The Hermit as feelings shows life without purpose. This is not limited to The Hermit love or career, but to any aspect of your life. The Hermit card says that you are moving ahead of your material desires and you have no interest in worldly things.

There is one aspect where The Hermit tarot meaning does not change is in The Hermit yes or no readings. We will see it in detail in the later sections of this blog but The hermit reversed yes or no does not make any difference in reading the card when it appears in the tarot card reading.

The Hermit Tarot Card Descriptions

Now since you know the basic meaning of The Hermit tarot card, you must understand what each element that is shown on the card interprets to really understand The Hermit meaning. So let’s see what the picture on The Hermit cards depicts to reveal The Hermit tarot love meaning and many more.

The Hermit tarot shows an old man who is standing on a snow-covered mountain with a lantern to guide him and a stick for protection. The Hermit as feelings point towards a gloomy sky which lays flat behind the old man. No element in the back sky shows The Hermit tarot relationship with the darkness.

Another element to notice to depict a Hermit tarot card meaning is the man’s clothes. It wears a grey robe which is again symbolic of the shadowy life. But here it has one more interpretation in any tarot card spread which points towards the possibilities that lay in between the black and white.

Moving forward, the next element of The Hermit card is the lantern that the man holds. It depicts the overall knowledge of that man which is taking him forward. The Hermit tarot guides him to take only a few steps rather than showing the whole path. This is because it requires you to take each step with caution. Also, The Hermit strategy always remains to move slowly but in the right direction. Here you must know that The Hermit tarot meaning will not be revealed all at once.

Another thing that grabs the attention of the viewer is the mountain that The Hermit has overcome. No matter what type of tarot card position it is, the Hermit shows its achievements. It says that although the success has been achieved alone, except when it comes to The Hermit love, it shows all your accomplishments.

Now the last element of this card that impacts its meaning in The Hermit reversed love readings and also when it comes in the upright position, is the staff it holds. Despite the shaky and shady background, it shows power and authority. This is the power that you hold to introspect things. And this is the reason there is no specific answer to The Hermit yes or no questions because it depends on how well you can analyze your inner self. And it does not change in The Hermit reversed yes or no readings.

This is all about the graphical interpretation of this card, now let’s understand what it means when drawn in a tarot card interpretation app.

The Hermit Upright General Meaning The Hermit Reversed General Meaning
Introspection, Self-Awareness, Solitude, Self-Reflection, Search For Self Lonely, Isolated, Anti-Social, Rejected, Returning To Society

The Hermit Upright Tarot Meanings

The Hermit Upright Tarot Card Meanings

Upright Love Upright Career Upright Finance Upright Health Upright Spirituality
Taking a Break, Introspect, Finding Self, Understanding In Love Analyzing Next Steps In Career, Identifying The Ultimate Purpose Analyzing Role Of Money In happiness, No Interest In Material Things Identifying Balance In Physical And Mental Efforts, Meditation Spiritual Enlightenment, Meditation, Introspection, Inner Voice

General Meaning Of Hermit Upright

When we talk about a typical tarot sized pixel Hermit card, the first thing that comes to mind is the sense of loneliness. But here you must understand that The Hermit tarot wants you to take some time out to analyze the possibilities of your spiritual awakening. The Hermit strategy gets you to question everything that you come across and even your own thoughts. It shows your disinterest in the world while at the same time it wants you to ask the less-explored questions to yourself. The Hermit tarot card is basically the card of contemplation whether it is in The Hermit love or any other reading. All this constitutes the general meaning of Hermit upright.

The Hermit Upright In Love And Relationships Readings

The Hermit tarot love meaning when it appears in the upright position points towards the need to stop and introspect. The Hermit card in your free love tarot card reading wants you to understand yourself in love. The Hermit tarot guides you to spend some time alone with yourself and identify what it is that you really want in love. The Hermit upright in love and relationships readings tell you to know yourself thoroughly before committing to someone else. The Hermit tarot relationship with your love life already warns you that while on the journey of contemplating your desires, you may get uncomfortable at first but it will make your future clear.

The Hermit Upright In Work And Career Readings

The Hermit meaning when it comes to your career requires you to introspect amidst all the chaos. The Hermit cards are those cards that ask you to question what is the purpose of your professional goals. This can very well be done with The Hermit upright in work and career readings. This can also be done by combining The Hermit tarot meaning with the interpretation of your personality number to get the most accurate results. But you must remember that this changes if The Hermit reversed card is drawn in a career reading. In that case, its meaning changes which we will discuss later. Here, The Hermit as feelings for your career asks you not to work only for money but for a purpose.

The Hermit Upright In Money Readings

Here, if you ask whether you are interested in material things in The Hermit, yes or no reading about money and finances, the answer will most likely be a no. The Hermit upright in money readings shows that you are in the pursuit of realizing that money is neither the motivation nor the reason for happiness. The Hermit tarot guides you to identify the area in your life that can bring a sense of fulfillment through introspection. Another way in which The Hermit tarot relationship with money and finances can be interpreted is in the form of a matured approach towards handling your money and making wise investment decisions. Overall, it wants you to find your purpose in life.

The Hermit Upright In Health Readings

The Hermit strategy when it comes to your health should be to balance your physical efforts as if you push your limits, it may impact your health adversely. The Hermit upright in health readings is a clear indication that you really need to rest to regain the energy that you have lost. Also, The Hermit card tells you that this will give you the required time to think deeply about various aspects of your life. With The Hermit tarot cards, remember that your time is yours, and if you don’t give it to yourself, it will have negative impacts on your life. And it does not ask you to do much, The Hermit tarot loves just a few minutes each day with yourself. If you notice closely, it is absolutely different from The Fool tarot cards.

The Hermit Upright In Spiritual Readings

The theme of The Hermit tarot card meaning is spiritual enlightenment. So when you get this card in your reading then even without knowing your zodiac sign by name you can know that it is the perfect time for you to work in the direction of your spiritual awakening. And The Hermit upright in spiritual readings does not want you to do extraordinary things to attain that, mere five to ten minutes of meditation each day will also do good to you. Apart from everything else, The Hermit love and appreciates when you listen to your inner voice and move in the direction suggested by it. The Hermit meaning tells you that you are evolving spiritually so don’t miss your chance.

The Hermit Reversed Tarot Meanings

The Hermit Tarot Card Upright Reversed

The Hermit Reversed Tarot Card Meanings

Reversed Love Reversed Career Reversed Finance Reversed Health Reversed Spirituality
Rejected, Lonely, Distanced, Positive Introspection Finding Balance Between Professional And Personal Goals Understanding The Material Things, External Financial Advice Immediate Need To Relax, Mental Health Problems And Issues Excessive Alone Time, Need To Involve With a Group

General Meaning Of Hermit Reversed

When we talk about The Hermit reversed it shows that right now is the time when you would rather prefer to stay alone than to socialize. But at the same time, you must know that it can create a bad impact on your and others’ lives. This is especially true in The Hermit reversed love readings as there two people are equally involved. The general meaning of Hermit reversed gives you time to look within but with a risk of bafflement because of lack of understanding.

If this interests you then you must also know The Chariot tarot meaning.

The Hermit Reversed In Love And Relationships Readings

The Hermit tarot meaning here tells you that it is the time when you are getting the feeling of rejection in your relationships. The Hermit reversed in love and relationships readings also point towards the possibility of you feeling lonely and distanced from your partner. The Hermit reversed love cards tell you that this period of isolation is not something that you wanted but is forced on you. Here the secret of survival for you is introspection.

The Hermit Reversed In Work And Career Readings

The Hermit cards here do not show a very favorable situation. It points towards a work environment where you are feeling isolated and not at all supported by anyone. With The Hermit in work and career readings, you are moving towards working alone which is not all that bad. Moreover, when the question is about aligning your professional goals with the personal ones in The Hermit, yes or no reading about your career, you should take the step forward without a second thought. Here, understanding your rising sign meaning can help you.

The Hermit Reversed In Money Readings

The Hermit tarot in a financial reading in reversed position is a clear indication that you are understanding the importance of material things nicely and logically. Moreover, The Hermit reversed in money readings also tells you to take advice from an external source to be able to make better money decisions. This card here tells you that you are done with all the introspection regarding money and finances and now you are ready to put those insights into practice.


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The Hermit Reversed In Health Readings

When The Hermit makes its appearance in a health and wellness reading and that too in a reversed position, it is a clear warning to immediately take action. It shows that you have not been listening to what your body requires and pushing yourself too hard. You must know that it points towards a situation of mental health disorders if you continue to do this. The Hermit reversed in health readings is a stronger warning for you to be aware of your health right now.

The Hermit Reversed In Spiritual Readings

The Hermit as feelings in the areas related to spirituality indicates that you are spending and enjoying a lot of your time alone in the search of something beautiful. This is although working for you, it is recommended to get involved in a group activity for further benefits. The Hermit reversed in spiritual readings tells you to utilize others’ energies to enhance your own. And this can be done by something as simple as getting yourself enrolled in a yoga or meditation class. Here, you can consider knowing The Moon tarot card meaning for better understanding.

The Hermit As Feelings

When you want to know how the other person feels for you and get The Hermit card in your reading, it shows that it is high time they need to be left alone. Here The Hermit as feelings tells you that no matter how close the other person is with you, you must also understand that they have their own life as well. And this card shows that they have a lot going on in various aspects of their lives which need to be sorted. So it is a clear indication that if you don’t want to push them away, just leave them for a while till things get a little back on track from their side. If you don’t do this, you may push them away. 

The Hermit Yes Or No Readings

When it comes to The Hermit yes or no readings you must know that this card does not give you a clear answer. And this does not change even in The Hermit reversed yes or no readings. It is a ‘maybe’ card. This is because the basic theme of this card is to introspect the situation related to various aspects of your life therefore it is you who needs to find out the answers to your closed-ended questions from within. However, if your question revolves around you being alone or something like that, in that case, it comes up as a straight yes.

It should be noted that the Hermit Tarot meaning may have different interpretations based on the cards alongside it. Thus, one should always consult a Tarot reading expert to know what does a Minor Arcana Card mean and what is the impact of other trump cards on your readings.

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