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Tarot Card Spreads

Tarot Card Spreads

Do you know how many tarot cards are used in a Deck for a tarot card spread? 78 Tarot Cards

Tarot Card Spreads

So, you have a pack of Tarot Cards in your hand.

Why are you looking at them?

Do you know how to make Tarot Card Spreads?

Don’t you know?

No worries!

We can always help you with it.

Come, let’s see how to different Tarot card spreads can be created for a deep and meaningful draw. You can find many useful free Tarot cards spreads online, or even use the paid ones.

You can always use different Tarot Card spreads for guidance in differing situations.


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Types of Tarot Card Spreads

There are three different types of Tarot Card Spreads.

  1. Simple Tarot Card Spreads
  2. Medium level Tarot Card Spreads
  3. Complex Tarot Card Spreads

1.Simple Tarot Card Spreads

The Simple Tarot Card Spreads are the ones where you learn more about the cards, about the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana. They can be some simpler ones. Tarot Card spreads for beginners is how you can see it.

The primary purpose of a Simple Tarot Card spread is to

  • Learn more about the Tarot card spreads for beginners,
  • Learn how to connect with the Tarot Cards
  • To learn how to observe your thoughts through the use of these Tarot Cards.
  • Learning the art of prediction through them.
  • Learning to blend facts and events during the process of Tarot Card Reading.
  • Learning primarily to focus.

They may include a simple three-card spread, a five-card spread, or a Dream Exploration Spread. You have to shuffle the Tarot cards nominally, placing the chosen cards side by side. You can use any of the shuffling methods from the Bengal cut to Faro to sort these cards.

2.Medium level Tarot Card Spreads

You can draw these Tarot card spreads using different Tarot Decks when you are slightly experienced. When you know all your cards, when you have made your diary of thoughts. When you have understood your thought process well, then you can begin using this method of Tarot Card Spreads.

They include the Celtic Cross Spread, Cross and Triangle Spread, Planetary Spread, and many more.

3. Complex or Advanced Tarot Card Spreads

The Complex Tarot Card Spread is used when you have learned drawing Tarot Cards as beginners for yourself and also for others.

Now, you are either a professional or you are doing free Tarot Card spreads for your neighbours and other people who come to you for guidance and counsel.

These Tarot Card Spreads include the Tetraktys, Mandala Spread, Star Guide Spread and some others.


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List of different types of Tarot card spreads:

  • The Three Card Spread
  • Tetraktys
  • Cross and Triangle Spread
  • Celtic Cross Spread
  • Astrological Spread
  • Relationship Spread
  • Planetary Spread
  • Birthday Spread
  • Mandala Spread
  • Star Guide Spread
  • Past Life Spread
  • Tree of Life Spread
  • Dream Exploration Spread
  • The True Love Tarot Spread
  • Spiritual Guidance Spread

Let’s explore each separately.

The Three Card Spread

The Three Card Tarot Spread is the simplest of all the Tarot Spreads. This is a Tarot Card Spread for beginners and is one of the most simple Tarot Card Spreads. This is comparatively the most coherent and easy Tarot Card spreads. You have a card for the future, the present, and the past. So, all you have to do is focus on your present, past, and future timelines. Shuffle and remember your basics before you begin the Spread. Ask three very important questions begin the reading.

Tetraktys Tarot Card Spread

Tetraktys Tarot Card Spread

The Tetraktys Tarot Card Spread is an advanced Tarot Card Spread and requires ten Tarot cards. The arrangement of Tarot Cards in the Tetraktys Tarot Card Spread involves one, two, three, and four points in four consecutive rows forming a triangle.

The four Tarot Cards in the base of Tetraktys Tarot Card Spread represents Fire, Air, Water (left middle), and Earth (extreme left).

The three Tarot Cards above represent Creator, Sustainer, and Destroyer Cards.

The second row has two Tarot Cards – the Light and the Dark Card.

The one on top represents the foundation for understanding all the below cards.

You can ask your most important question, with this spread. It could be Love compatibility in question then you can make a Love Tarot Spread free online or buy it.

Cross and Triangle Tarot Card Spread

The Cross and Triangle Tarot Card Spread is a different sort of Spread. It is a Tarot Card Spread for Future predictions mainly. It is primarily run on queries. When you have a thousand queries, you may turn to this form of Tarot Reading. It may concern the overall grand direction of life or a query regarding the receivability of your new job.

The various cards in the Spread represent this part of you:

  • Life and the Forces that abound it
  • Thoughts around your query
  • Emotions that startle us, drop us down or infuriate us
  • Spirit or Soul’s role play in this whole affair.
  • Physical Self or the Body’s inclination
  • Opposing Forces in your world of shattering hopes
  • Necessary Energies to call upon
  • Question’s outcome Question

The Layout is 1, 4, 9 in a straight line.
6,8, 7 below it.
5, 2, 3 above it as a dome.

Celtic Cross Spread

The Celtic Cross Tarot Card Spread is arranged with a Cross on a base.

The Cross is made up of Card 6, 1, 5 in vertical order and Cards 2, 3, 4 in a horizontal order. Cards 7,8, 9, 10 is arranged in another vertical line placed parallel to the 6, 1, 5. This is not one of the simple Tarot Card spreads.

Let us peep at what this Tarot Card Spread means,

Situations Card
Present Situation Card 1
Problem Card 2
Past Card 3
Future Card 4
Conscious Card 5
Your Influence Card 6
External Influence Card 7
Hopes and Fears Card 8
Outcome Card 9

Astrological Spread

This is not a Tarot Card Spread for beginners. It is indeed quite complicated and represents 12 astrological houses.

You do not need to have any questions in mind since the Cards can speak for themselves. You can often use this form of an advanced Card Layout to make love Tarot spreads; Tarot card spread for relationship. It could be a love tarot spreads free online or a paid one.

There are three columns in which the Cards are arranged.

  1. Column one on the left has Cards 12, 13, 2, 3, 4 coming down vertically.
  2. The middle column has Cards 11, 1, and 5 vertically down.
  3. The Third Column on the Right has Cards 10, 9, 8, 7, and 6.

The Cards would mean the following as per their positions

Card Number Zodiac representation Meaning portrayed
Card#1 None Self
Card#2 Aries Your current mood
Card#3 Taurus Finances
Card#4 Gemini Travel and communication during the times
Card#5 Cancer Homes, Parent, Children, Extended Family
Card#6 Leo Pleasure
Card#7 Virgo Health
Card#8 Libra Partnerships & Marriage
Card#9 Scorpio Death & Inherited Wealth
Card#10 Sagittarius Your spiritual self, your education, and dreams
Card#11 Capricorn Career
Card#12 Aquarius Friendship
Card#13 Pisces Weights and Burdens, Opposition Forces, and Fears

Relationship Spread

Relationship Tarot Spread

The Relationship Tarot Card Spread is one of the most potent ways to find out about your Tarot card spreads for relationship, and the Tarot card spreads for love. This is one of the easy Tarot card spreads and is simple. You can use it in your medium level Tarot Card spread.

The Tarot Card Spread is arranged in this order:

  • Tarot card spreads for Future, topmost in the column
  • Karma Tarot Card in the middle
  • Past Tarot Card in the bottom
  • Partner Feelings on the left of this column
  • Your Feelings on the right of this column

Planetary Spread

This kind of planetary spread is a complicated Tarot Card Spread, and the cards in this kind of a spread is arranged to form a Query Spread. You can focus on your query and then spread the cards. Each Card represents a particular facet of your life. The nine planets with the self is arranged in this order.

Self is the Card 1, and the Tarot Card at the base is a type of Tarot card spreads, you can use widely to find out what the planets are indicating,

Above it is Cards 2 and 8 representing the Moon (relationships and emotions) and 8 is the outcome.

Besides 2 and 8, on the top left and right are 3 (Mercury representing Businesses, our skills and our integrity to a particular issue) and 7 (Card of Saturn representing intellect)

Above 2 and 8 they have the Cards 4 and 6 representing Venus (Beauty and love) and Jupiter (intelligence, wisdom, and education).
Atop all these Cards is Card number 5, the Card of Mars.

Birthday Spread

This kind of a Tarot Card Spread is used to predict the year for the Birthday boy or girl.
There are mainly two ways to lay the Spread.

(i) The First way is by selecting 12 cards, one for each month and the self. This is a Tarot Card spreads for Yes or No questions.

(ii) The Second way is the selection of Cards in the following manner and pattern:

Card 1: The Card briefs you on the dominant theme of your life in the past year.
Card 2: The barriers or obstacles in your way of happiness.
Card 3: What could be your hidden strengths that could save you from every calamity you face.
Card 4: Now that you know what you are good at from the inside and also your problems, you can be well versed with your path ahead. The one that you would choose for survival.
Card 5: This card is meant to tell you about love life compatibility.
Card 6: This Card can very well tell you about your Career prospects and Career choices you would be making in the form of Career Tarot.
Card 7: This Tarot Card shows you your inner growth. It shows you how much growth and expansion you can achieve as an individual in every direction.
Card 8: What would you be possibly experiencing until your next birthday. The prospective analysis of your situation comes with this card.

Mandala Spread

This is one of the most complicated Tarot Card spread. Here the cards are arranged in such a way that you do not know which is the first and the last card of the series. You can use it as a Career Tarot Spread, or Tarot Card spreads for specific questions.

The Mandala Spread is an arrangement of nine Tarot Cards, and they are arranged in a specific pattern that is

Card 1 in the Centre (Self as an individual)

Card 2 (ambitions, our desires, and needs) and card 8 (self-knowledge and awareness, a self-image) above card 1.

Card 6 (strengths and positive personality features) and card 4 (accomplishments and life’s path) below card 1.

Card 7 (faults and weaknesses of your life) on the left-hand side and Card 3 (goals, spiritual enlightenment, knowledge, and wisdom) on the right-hand side of card 1.

Card 9 (higher purpose and desire) on top

Card 5 (dependencies, addictions/habits, and erroneous values) is placed at the bottom.

Star Guide Spread

This is a six Card draw and explores the following:

  • Present Situation with Card 1.
  • Conflicts and obstacles with Card 2.
  • Changes to undergo for facing future challenges as Card 3.
  • Strengths as Card 4
  • Other challenges as Card 5
  • The outcome as Card 6.

This type of Tarot Card Spread can also be used for Tarot Card spreads for specific questions, and Career Tarot spreads.

Past Life Spread

This type of Tarot card spread, is indicative of a Tarot card spreads for specific questions and a particular thing-

  • Major Arcana indicates unbalanced energy,
  • Wands are symbolic of services,
  • Cups show healing,
  • Swords show contrast and
  • Pentacles show the healing of beliefs.

This is a ten card spread, and you can dig deeper and find out more with more cards in question.

The Cards are indicative of

  • Connecting Challenges
  • Life Circumstances
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Characteristics
  • How long ago
  • Someone who was in your life previously
  • How to work around such people from your previous birth in this birth
  • The new personality formed this time
  • Action to Clear the Challenge now.

Tree of Life Spread

The Tree of Life is nothing but our life in the form of a Tree.

Card 1 is atop,

3, 5 and 2, 4 in a vertical column aside Card 1.

After that 6, is in the Centre and is surrounded by Card 7 on the right and Card 8 on the left.

It has Card 9 and 10 below Card 6. The Cards are indicative of,

  1. Spiritual.
  2. Responsibilities.
  3. Difficulties.
  4. Helpful matters.
  5. Opposing matters.
  6. Achievements.
  7. Emotional relationships.
  8. Communication and career.
  9. Unconscious foundation.
  10. Home and family.

Dream Exploration Spread

One of the simplest of its kind, the Dream Exploration Tarot Card Spread, has three cards-

  1. Importance of the dream in your life
  2. Lessons learned from the dream
  3. Application of dreams to your life.

The True Love Tarot Spread: In this spread, you come to know about your future and all the love combinations that can bring you a successful result.

Love compatibility and relationships are primarily looked at, through the use of this Tarot Spread.

The is one Tarot Card at the bottom, followed by three Tarot cards on top of it, and then there are another two Tarot cards atop it.

  • The First Tarot Card at the bottom identifies the success of this relationship.
  • The three Cards on top are the third, fourth, and fifth card and represent the connection card, the relationship strength card, and the relationship weakness card.
  • The two cards above this row represent you and your partner.

Spiritual Guidance Spread

This is a Tarot Card Spread, and this can guide you through your spiritual journey and the Cards are usually arranged in the following manner,

  • First Card represents the primary question
  • The second Card is the motivating reason for seeking guidance.
  • The third Card represent immediate areas of concern or anxiety.
  • The fourth Card represents your point of unawareness in this issue.
  • The fifth Card is the best action or advice course
  • Sixth Card is the best way to use advice at present.
  • The seventh Card is the way to proceed to your future.
  • The eighth Card is indicative of expected results when followed.


To conclude, we can always come to these Tarot cards for guidance, be it free Tarot card spreads, or we buy these readings. You can always find some fantastic wisdom hidden in these cards no matter, however difficult your situation may be.

Some problems may require more than one sitting if you are practicing Tarot card spreads for beginners, and some issues may require several impressions given the complexity of the issue, but do not leave halfway. Tarot card spreads for guidance is a sagacious way to invest your time.

They can surely be one of the most helpful and peaceful resources of wisdom at all times.

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