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The Chariot Tarot Card Meaning – Upright And Reversed

The Chariot Tarot Card Meaning – Upright And Reversed

The Chariot Tarot Card Meanings

The Chariot tarot card revolves around the main theme of success, determination, and discipline. The Chariot tarot meaning points towards the possibility of achieving success after overcoming obstacles. With The Chariot card in your reading, you will get a real sense of achievement because your success will be earned. And apparently because of this reason The Chariot tarot is a card that is full of energy.

The Chariot meaning also shows your dedication and ambition which actually becomes the driving force for you to reach your goal. The Chariot cards appearing in your reading for various aspects of life want you to move ahead with a plan and structured approach. In fact, The Chariot tarot relationship with your professional and financial aspects clearly indicated your willingness to achieve them which also shows in your actions.

Similarly, when The Chariot tarot love card appears in your love reading, it wants you to take the lead and take the first steps. But here, looking only at one side of The Chariot tarot card meaning won’t be a wise option. You must consider The Chariot tarot guide to know the complete story.

Remember the significance of tarot doesn’t depend on how big are tarot cards but how is their position when they appear. For instance, The Chariot love in an upright position represents success, but as soon as it becomes The Chariot reversed love its meaning changes. Here it depicts your desperation rather than dedication, and forcefulness rather than willingness. So you must know that The Chariot as feelings cannot be depicted as long as we don’t know the position in which the card is drawn. But once you know that, it becomes really easy to develop The Chariot strategy that fits in your life.

In the later sections of this blog, we will see what The Chariot reversed means in various aspects of your life. And you must also know that if you need a direct answer to your question and you get The Chariot cards then it is a positive sign. In The Chariot yes or no readings the answer mostly comes up as a yes. This is especially true if the question is related to physical, emotional, or psychological journeys.

The best thing here is, it doesn’t matter whether you get it in the upright position or as The Chariot reversed yes or no card, the answer always remains a yes. Today we will know everything about this card that is the one among all the major arcana tarot cards.

The Chariot Tarot Description

Now before moving forward and diving straight to The Chariot tarot card meaning let us first understand what each element depicted on the card’s image represents. And for your information, The Chariot card is considered to be one of the most typical cards to be decrypted visually.

As we look at The Chariot cards we see a tall man, dressed as a warrior, standing in a Chariot. It is pulled by the two sphinxes one of which is white and another one is black. The Chariot tarot card shows the whole setup rising above the ground level which shows that the protagonist in the card is emerging victoriously above all. This nicely justifies the rising sign meaning.

When we look at his dress, it is adorned with crescent moons which are symbolic of new journeys and spiritual transformation. Another element is the square on his chest which shows that despite his elevated demeanor, he is still aware of the ground realities that help him stay connected to the roots. The figure on the card that impacts The Chariot tarot meaning also carries a star on his crown which represents his victories. The body language of the warrior in The Chariot tarot shows that he is all set to move forward in life thus overcoming every obstacle that comes in his way.

Then as we move up, the star embellished canopy above his head is symbolic of his relationship with the divine and spiritual world. The Chariot as feelings shows the character and importance of the two sphinxes that are pulling The Chariot. They hold the power to take The Charioteer in whichever direction they want.

These are considered to be his senses which helps in developing The Chariot strategy. These are his emotions and intellect which need to go in the same direction to maintain harmony when we talk about The Chariot meaning.

Because of the positive overall image, The Chariot yes or no always tells you to move ahead. You must also know that The Chariot tarot guide is based significantly on these symbols and elements. It can give you predictions for various aspects of your life, like in The Chariot tarot love reading or perhaps career reading or anything else.

You should also know that, although the elements remain the same, their meaning differs when The Chariot reversed card appears in a tarot card reading online. Now let’s see what this means in The Chariot love reading and in other phases of life. We will also see The Chariot reversed love meaning and what it means to have The Chariot reversed yes or no card.

In this blog, we will understand The Chariot tarot relationship with the life of an individual.

The Chariot Upright General Meaning The Chariot Reversed General Meaning
Successful, Determined, Ambitious, Focused, Disciplined, Controlled Forced actions, Directionless, Uncontrollable, Impotent, Aggressive, Hurdles

The Chariot Upright Tarot Meanings

The Chariot Upright Tarot Card Meanings

Upright Love Upright Career Upright Finance Upright Health Upright Spirituality
Initiation, taking control, Making the first move, Creating balance Controlled approach, Filled with ambitions, Promotions Finding stability, Requires disciplined approach,  Improvement in health, Poor digestive system, Healthy workout New journey, Bold and Courageous, Desired experiences

General Meaning of Chariot Upright

The Chariot tarot card meaning shows that you are entitled to success and victories but that is conditional. It requires you to keep your emotions and intellect in control and also take hold of your surroundings. The Chariot tarot wants The Charioteer to be very confident in his approach and keep moving forward. You must know that with this card, you will overcome any obstacle as long as you keep your willpower strong. You must develop The Chariot strategy and proceed with a structured and focused approach to reach your destination. In nutshell, one should have a bold and never-give-up attitude when the Chariot Tarot upright appears in your tarot reading app.

The Chariot Upright in Love and Relationships Readings

When The Chariot tarot card appears in the love reading, it shows that you must have set your goal already, and now is the time for action. The interpretations of The Chariot tarot love reading point towards the need to balance your personal and professional life. The Chariot cards here also show the existence of two or more desires that are derailing you. But The Chariot upright in love and relationships readings wants you to get in line and control your own life.

The Chariot Upright in Work and Career Readings

With The Chariot card in a career tarot card spread you are all set to move a step ahead towards the betterment of your career. All you need to do here is remain focused and not notice the distractions. The Chariot upright in work and career readings points towards the possibility of gaining motivation at your workplace which can result in self-discipline and control required for you to succeed. The Chariot tarot guides you to stay focused on your goals and work towards achieving them.

The Chariot Upright in Money Readings

The Chariot tarot meaning when it appears in your financial reading shows that soon your financial problems will be solved. But just like its appearance in any other aspect of life, The Chariot as feelings wants you to be disciplined in your approach. Overall The Chariot upright in money readings is a positive sign. The Chariot tarot relationship with your financial status shows that you will be in a comfortable state very soon if you stay determined to achieve what you set your mind to.

The Chariot Upright in Health Readings

The Chariot meaning when it comes to your health shows that although you might be suffering from certain health issues, very soon things will be in your favor. It’s a big yes in The Chariot yes or no when the question is about the problems with your digestive system. The appearance of The Chariot upright in health readings points towards an extremely favorable time for you to be involved in a new workout regime. Be focused on that and see yourself recovering from many ailments. It should be noted that this tarot guide follows Rider- Waite tarot deck. The meaning of the Chariot in health may vary in case of different types of tarot decks.

The Chariot Upright in Spiritual Readings

The Chariot loves journeys and it is no different when it comes to spiritual readings. It shows that you are about to embark on a new spiritual journey which will be exciting and difficult. But The Chariot upright in spiritual readings wants you to be bold and not be afraid to try or be exposed to new things. This will give you new experiences that deep within you have always been waiting for. This is somewhat the same as The Chariot reversed interpretation. Here your personality number can also guide you.

The Chariot Reversed Tarot Meanings

The Chariot Reversed Tarot Card Meanings

Reversed Love Reversed Career Reversed Finance Reversed Health Reversed Spirituality
Obsesses, Forceful, Directionless. Desperate Lack of Motivation, No ambitions, Too aggressive Unnecessary spending, Miserly approach, Lost focus Pushing beyond limits, Excessive motivation and energy Finding new paths, Too rigid, Ignoring the unexpected

General Meaning of Chariot Reversed

The appearance of The Chariot tarot card in your reading in the reversed position is not really a good sign. Whichever is the area of your lie that it depicts, it points towards either of the two situations. One is that you are not at all focused on your goals and the other one shows an extreme behavior or obsession to achieve what you desire. By analyzing the general meaning of Chariot reversed you must identify the problem and then act accordingly while there is still time. You don’t even have to know your zodiac sign by name to know The Chariot meaning. Also, in some cases, it points towards the lack of control which is not at all a good sign.

The Chariot Reversed in Love and Relationships Readings

The appearance of The Chariot reversed love card shows an obsessive behavior. It points towards the lack of balance between various aspects of life just because you are too desperate to find the love of your life. With The Chariot reversed in love and relationships readings you must understand that as excited as you are, you must be patient if you want a long-lasting and meaningful relationship. This is true even in free love tarot card reading.

The best thing you can do for yourself and your partner here is to take the love compatibility test and then move forward accordingly.

The Chariot Reversed in Work and Career Readings

Reversed, The Chariot cards in professional readings point towards either of the two extremes. One says you are overly filled with ambitions and devotions that you cannot see anything else, and another is that you lack even the desired motivation to achieve your goals. The Chariot reversed in work and career readings want you to balance your aggression and your life as well. The Chariot strategy must be very strong here for you to succeed.


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The Chariot Reversed in Money Readings

The Chariot tarot meaning here again shows that you are either too cautious about spending your money or you are a spendthrift. The Chariot reversed in money readings wants you to identify which condition suits you the best and then work towards correcting that. Here please understand that when I say you may be spending too much money, it does not mean that you are spending that money mindlessly like the one depicted by the fool tarot meaning.

The Chariot Reversed in Health Readings

The Chariot reversed here clearly indicated that you are overly filled with the enthusiasm to get your body in shape. But you must also remember that excess of anything is dangerous. The Chariot reversed in health readings warns you that if you push yourself off the limits, you may end up hurting yourself. The Chariot tarot loves a slow and consistent approach to achieve anything. Just like all the other readings, The Chariot tarot guides you to find balance.

The Chariot Reversed in Spiritual Readings

The Chariot tarot card meaning in this reading shows that you are too enthusiastic to walk on a new spiritual journey. Also, you have developed rigid expectations from that. But here, The Chariot reversed in spiritual readings wants you to be flexible and open to new and unexpected experiences. The Chariot tarot relationship with spiritual matters is somewhat surprising and you must take absolute advantage of that. Here The Chariot card comes as an eye-opener for you.

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The Chariot As Feelings

The Chariot tarot is also the card that can be used to identify how someone else feels about you in cases where you are not sure. This can be done by The Chariot as feelings readings. When you get this card here, it is even worse than The Chariot reversed love interpretation. This is the card, unlike the empress tarot cards, which shows a very egotistical person. While interpreting The Chariot love for anyone, you must not expect too much from the future of the relationship that you are in. There are only slight chances that the person you are referring to here, thinks about anyone but himself.

The Chariot Yes Or No Readings

Whether you get it in the upright position, or it is The Chariot reversed yes or no reading, the answer to any of your questions remains a big yes. This even intensifies if the question is about any sort of journey in any phase or aspect of your life. The Chariot yes or no readings always tells you to move forward with the focus and dedication that you have in your heart while also keeping the balance right. The Chariot yes or no is a positive card to get in reading for all your closed-ended questions just like the hierophant tarot card among many others.

The Chariot Tarot Card Summary

The Chariot is the card of willpower, triumph and determination. This is a positive card which appears when you need to assert yourself and boldly pursue your passion. The interpretation of the Chariot Tarot meaning predicts good tidings. However, to gain accurate insights into the situation the cards coming alongside with it should also be considered. For instance, if the Emperor appears with the Ace of Cups Tarot card, then it means you need to make efforts to change your career. 

To know what the Chariot means in your situation, always consult a Tarot expert. An expert reader can tell you all about Minor Arcana Tarot Cards and other cards of deck in combination with the Chariot.

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