Love Tarot Spreads

Love Tarot Spreads

16 Dec, 2019 / Tarot

Introduction:  Love Relation Tarot is all about True Love Tarot spread. Ending in compassion is a great way for a relationship to flourish.

But not always it happens so! Love and hatred churn in the urn together. One ends, another begins. Love relationship Tarot card spread is an excellent way to find out more about your love life. Love and Relationships are often a burden we bear on our hearts even after an end is reached for Love alone. Knowing each day for the sake of Love would not be a waste of time at all. So, investing in True Love Tarot Reading spread every day can add new dimensions to your understanding of love and relationships.

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How To Use Love Tarot Spreads

Love life Tarot spread uses Tarot Cards to find out the scope of your Love and relationship. Love and Relationships necessarily do not mean love, marriages, and other links. It may also involve other relations where you are bonded to other people with love and affection.

It could be anybody from your mother, father, family to even friends who are deeply bonded to you, near or far. Anything about Love relationship Tarot spread may include minute things like
  • Finding out the time when you may meet them the next time
  • Even something as silly as when would they text you next.
  • Finding out the date when you would go on a date together again.
  • Finding out when he might propose marriage to you.

What love advice your tarot gives

Let’s see what some Tarot Cards can tell you in a Love relationship Tarot spread and what they could mean to you when predicting Love.

  1. Justice Tarot: The Major Arcana Card tells you about good results or bad results from the relation.
  2. The Empress Tarot: Flourishing of Love relations.
  3. Six of Cups in Love: You both feel that the past of the relationship was better for both.
  4. King of Swords in Love: Time to talk out, your stand in the relationship.
  5. Knight of Swords: Solid grounds in relationships for Love Tarot spread online. Keep up the energy levels and be grounded when this Card appears.
  6. King of Pentacles: In Love relationship Tarot spread, this Tarot Card is capable of predicting a long term gear in a relationship.
  7. Queen of Swords: It represents mind and logic. It has nothing to do with romanticism in a relationship.
  8. Ace of Swords: This card in a Love Relationship Tarot spread shows your relation is going through hard times and unwarranted issues.
  9. Tower Card in Love: There is a sweeping change coming in a relationship.
  10. Magician Tarot Card in Love: Something can always turn brighter, only if you believe in love and magic.
  11. High Priestess Tarot Card: Hidden messages in your relationship through Love Relationship Tarot Spread.
  12. Emperor Tarot Card: Some father figure is guiding your life, or your beau is acting like one. The fun is you can trust him wholeheartedly, he thinks in your favor.
  13. Hierophant Tarot Card: The tradition of the society is to be obeyed.
  14. Devil Tarot Card: Circumstances are taking over the relationship, and something substantial may fall upon it. Be prepared.
  15. The Fool in Love: A naive and yet a happy relationship following its path.
  16. Lovers Tarot Card: You have a choice to make if this Card appears in your Love life Tarot spread.
  17. The Chariot Tarot in Love: The turning of the wheels could be in your favor. Watch it!
  18. Hanged Man in Love: It is a process of acceptance of situations in life and relationships for the Love relationship Tarot spread.
  19. Wheel of Fortune in Love: Your fortune is turning towards you and wishes to smile down upon you soon.
  20. Hermit in Love Tarot: It asks you to take stock of your situation.
  21. Strength in Love Tarot: It asks you to build up your energies for a catastrophe coming towards you. Brace for the impact!

The Three Stages of Love Tarot Spread

Discover Stages of Love Spread

There are generally three stages of love shown through True Love Tarot spread-

  • Infatuation: The stage when you are physically attracted to another being. You can soon get over it.
  • Love: When you fall for the person’s mind and heart. It is that point where you can see the soul of the other person, and it is possible to find out more about the souls through Love relationship Tarot spread.
  • Commitment: When Love blossoms on both sides equally, and both begin to feel the need to spend more time with each other. It is at this stage that one being usually commits a lifetime to another being.

You can use the Tarot Spread to find out if the True love Tarot spread can predict a long term relationship? The True love Tarot spread can be done in some such way:

Card 1: Your infatuation assessment Card 2: The other person’s infatuation assessment Card 3: Your Love assessment Card 4: The other person’s Love assessment Card 5: The other person’s long term commitment plans Card 6: Your long term commitment plans

Invoking the Angels of Love Tarot Spread

Now you would be wondering why we are talking about Angels in a Tarot Spread?

Angels are messengers; every culture believes they exist, and you can always invoke them for a Tarot card spreads for love. These messengers not only help you in times of need but also help you pull a correct Tarot draw.

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Humanity’s last hope is how you can see them.

Relationships are significant for Angels, and here are five angels you can call upon for your guidance. Isis, Goddess of Love, and rebirth: Similar to the Tarot Card of Lovers in the Tarot card spreads for love. The Goddess who responds to your true call from the angelic realms. She responds to all messages and often can leave her identity behind when called upon. Chamuel, an Empress: Similar to the Tarot Card of Empress. Some magic must be coming your way if you have summoned her. She is the sprinkler of Magic in your relations. Jophiel, Goddess of Beauty: It is similar to the card of Temperance. Do you need some boost in your most stable and intimate relationships? Well then, she is the one you need to worship. Raguel, a Fair Angel: It is similar to Justice/Adjustment. She believes in harmony and balance, so you can invoke her if you want to be treated fairly. Jeremiel, Transformation Angel: An Angel who brings endings to useless relations and creates new beginnings spreading to different areas.

Love Star Tarot Reading

The Love Star Tarot Spcead

Now, let us see how to make a Love Star Tarot Spread.

The Love Star Tarot Spread can be used for a True Love Tarot spread, or Love Tarot spread online either for free or a paid one. How is this Love Relationship Tarot spread arranged? A total of five Tarot Cards are considered in Love Life Tarot spread. Each is numbered and named accordingly. The structure includes,
  • Tarot Cards 2, 1, 3 in a straight row.
  • Tarot Card 5 below them
  • Tarot Card 4 above the row of three Tarot Cards.

How many Tarot Cards are used?

A total of 5 Tarot Cards are used for this Tarot Spread and is one of the Best Tarot spread for love.

Tarot Card 1- State of the Relationship Tarot Card 2- Their Needs Tarot Card 3- Your Needs Tarot Card 4- Do this to gain success Tarot Card 5- Potential Outcome.

Additionally, Tarot Card # 1 represents the state of this relationship done through Love life tarot spread. Tarot Card # 4 represents the possible things you can do for yourself. Tarot Card # 5 is the possible outcome after all of your actions.

3-Card Love Tarot Draw

3-Card Tarot spread lovers

You can always immediately draw a 3-Card Tarot spread lovers Draw.

In this Card, 1 would be you, Card 2 would be your Lover and Card 3 would be the potential outcome of this relationship.

Through Card 1, you can come to know about the many facets of “You,” how you move, and travel through the crucial points of the relationship.  It is one of the best Tarot spread for love.

Through Card 2, you come to know about the potential other, how does the relationship impacts him. What makes the relationship substantial and likely. Through Card 3 of the Love life tarot spread, you come to know about the potential outcome of the relationship in this Love relationship Tarot spread.

Through your contribution and the other half’s contribution, you can reach a potential point where you know what you are looking at when you explore a relationship.

5-Card Cross Relationship Tarot Spread

5-Card Cross Relationship Tarot Spread

This 5-Card Tarot Card uses five Tarot Cards to predict the Future love Tarot spread free or paid.

Card 1 is your role in a relationship, Card 2 is Partner’s role in relation. Card 3 is your past foundation, the stones on which you lay your relationships. Card 4 is the Current State, the current shape of everything in the relationship. Card 5 is Looming Future, whether it takes you upward or downward.

The Tarot card spreads for love has 1, 4, 2 are in a single row. Card 3 is above these three cards, and Card 5 is below the row of three cards. Finding Love through Finding Love Tarot spread is a beautiful way to move ahead in finding Love.

Compatibility Tarot Love Relationship Spread

Compatibility Relationship Spread

There are seven Tarot card spreads for love in this kind of a Draw.

Tarot Card 1: Your necessities from a relationship Card 2: Their relationship demands. Card 3: Your differences in the relationship. Card 4: Your similarities in the relationship. Card 5: Compatibility at the emotional level. Card 6: Compatibility at the physical level Card 7: Compatibility at the Mental Level

Pay attention to Card 5 and 7 more, for one day, the body withers or dies. The soul remains alive and thrives with the mind, and you can always find out more about these realms through Love Tarot spread online or if you could do a manual reading for yourself.

Advanced 11-Card Love Tarot Spread for Love & Romance

Advanced 11-Card Love Tarot Spread for Love & Romance

The nine cards in 11 card Tarot spread are placed one after the other arranged in three rows and three columns. The other two cards 10 and 11 are placed on the right-hand side of the rows in the 11 card Tarot spread. This is also one of the Best Tarot spread for love.

Card 1 is the beginning, the communications. Card 2 is the receiving of Love Card 3 is the element of chaos. Card 4 is the factor of protection and organization. Card 5 is what both in a relationship feel about commitment. Card 6 is your connection at the heart level. Card 7 can show the power struggles in a relationship. Card 8 is physical attraction. Card 9 is needed for Me time for both parties. Card 10 is Karmic Cards Card 11 is a likely outcome.

The Higher Love Tarot Spread

The Higher Love Tarot Spread

The Higher Love Tarot Spread is a 6-card Tarot spread and shows the Best Tarot spread for love in the following order:

Card 1: Higher Will. This Love life Tarot spread is often crucial as it presents the Will that you consider most important, the Will of the Universe and the entire World.

Card 2: Person A. What is being thought by one person. Card 3: Person B. What is being thought by another person through Finding love Tarot spread. Is it a spontaneous decision, or is it a more cohesive action plan? Card 4-6: What the Seekers have to do to manifest an ideal outcome or result? Card 4: This card speaks of the fears that might be present in the Love relationship Tarot spread- the horrors of change, break up, and other oddities in a relationship. Card 5: This Tarot card spreads for love talks about boundary issues. There are several limitations to a relationship in all varieties. These boundaries can create obstacles while in a relationship. Exploring these areas, before seriously venturing out into a relationship can be troublesome. Further, sometimes, knowing that limitations are in every relationship may open a vital facet, and some people do not bother much about such obstacles. Card 6: A tendency wherein we are searching to be in control of second and third chakras in True Love Tarot spread. Our Second Chakra is from the Mind and the third Chakra is from the throat. Our voice/ opinions and Mind/ mental urges are often more critical. These have been the centers that have always created rifts, barriers, problems, and egos. The Egos arise from the mind, and you can always find out the ones that predominate in your relations through True love Tarot spread. To get rid of them, we need to understand that nothing is within our reach. Everything that happens around us begins from our mental perception. However, the direction it takes depends on the grueling society as more humans join in, and also on a Force that works above humans. Best Tarot spread for love is a way to know if we would surrender from our side and surrendering often helps. We often do not know when the situation is quicksand or a swampy marsh. When such is the case surrendering is what matters most. Surrender and let things take their shape.

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To conclude, Love Relationship Tarot spread can bring a lot of unwarranted issues to the fore. Know well a few points before you draw a Love & Relation Tarot or a True Love Tarot spread.

Free True Love Tarot Spread Reading is a way to find out more. You can also use a detailed paid one instead.

Know the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana very well.

Know your Energies well. Know what comes and goes with each Life- your Life. Have a spiritual connection with your Cards Love Relationship Tarot spread predicts the love & relationship and is the gentlest of the breezes and the softest threads. They should be dealt with caution, and only when you are capable of understanding these energies should you trudge the path. Take time off and keep yourself away from everything. Through a Love Relationship Tarot spread, Love and Relations will emanate right in front of you when you connect with the energies well.
Written by

Shankar Saini

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