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Discover Your Tarot Birth Card & Their Meanings

Discover Your Tarot Birth Card & Their Meanings

Each tarot card has a sacred meaning. They define the past, present, and future. They help to reveal the nature of a person, and the lines of his/her fate. Major Arcana cards correspond to the archetypes of personality. With them it is easy to find out what type you are, what life events await you, weaknesses and strengths of your nature. These cards can reveal the karmic tasks and guide you to the right goals.

Do you know that every person has a tarot card by date of birth? It is not difficult to calculate a personal tarot birth card, and it is useful for those who want to learn all their hidden weaknesses and strengths.


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According to the Tarot card system, every year of our life is under the auspices of a certain Major Arcana card. It also suggests that each of us was born under the influence of particular cards, that influence our fate, determine the properties of character, the life course and our ultimate destiny.

Finding out which Tarot birth card belongs to a particular person, is useful for those who want to know their own weaknesses and strengths.

Your Tarot birth card which is determined by your date of birth. This method is based on the symbiosis of two systems – Tarot and numerology.

Tarot Calculation By Date Of Birth

For the calculation of personal tarot birth cards, only Major Arcana tarot cards are used. Each of us was born under the influence of certain cards, which throws light on all the events and aspirations of our life, and shows their influence on your destiny. Often, the Major Arcana cards reflects the most vivid properties of your character, the dark and light version of the life path and a hint of true purpose.  Everyone has either two or three birth tarot cards.

It is calculated by adding all the numbers included in the date of birth. But the addition is done in a unique and complex way which can be difficult to calculate. You can calculate your birth tarot cards by way of a birth tarot calculator. Tarot Life is one such app which provides you with your accurate tarot birth cards on the basis of your date of birth. You can get your birth tarot cards in just a few clicks with this accurate birth tarot calculator.

Calculation Of Birth Tarot Cards

How To Find Your Birth Tarot Cards

For example, your birth date is 05-02-1980, so the addition will be done in this manner

05+02+19+80 – the total of which is 106, now 10+6 are added which gives us the number 16.

So, your birth tarot cards are card number 7, i.e. the Chariot and card number 16, i.e. the Tower.

Meaning Of Birth Tarot Cards

 What Your Birth Cards Say About You

Let’s find out what your birth tarot cards say about you :

  1. The Magician is a creator or a businessman, who is successful and strong. They have huge potential, but, at the same time they can be aggressive, self-serving and selfish.
  1. The High Priestess – Highly intuitive with an innate ability to mentor and influence others. Blessed with an excellent energy, they can adapt well to situations.
  1. The Empress has the desire for comfort, and to successfully climb up the career ladder. Family, children and a happy household are their top priority in life.
  1. The Emperor is a leader with authority and dictatorial habits. They do not have much tolerance for the opinions of others. Can be greedy, at times.
  1. The Hierophant is down to earth and sociable. They are creative but extremely conventional as well. Likes to give advice, and are extremely tedious and meticulous in their approach.
  1. The Lovers are attractive and charming. They are talented in almost all areas of life, be it business, art, science. These people also possess good organizing abilities.
  1. The Chariot act without thinking about the consequences. Fragile mental organization, often has a talent for creativity. They are workaholics, which is the reason, they always get success in whatever they do.
  1. The Strength has a changeable nature, living with periods of rest and activity. This person has a strongly developed intuition, lot of energy and mental strength.
  1. The Hermit is a thorough professional in his business. They are adept at hiding their faults from others. Quite reserved, they are not good at starting a conversation with people.
  1. Wheel of Fortune is often an adventurous person. They often get into ridiculous situations because of their curiosity. These people like challenging circumstances and know how to find a way out of them.
  1. Justice is a charming and disciplined person. Have good health, often – long-lived. They are good experts in any profession.
  1. The Hanged Man is distinguished by their hard work. They are distinguished by their innate desire to find comfort, and stability. Sometimes they can act stingy, but not from greed.
  1. Death can easily break up with the past. They always strive for new events and deeds. These people can never get stuck in a routine and always try to bring some fun and adventure in their lives.
  1. Temperance is prone to monotonous and routine work, quite patient and assiduous. Often fundamental, decent, they are exceptionally honest people. They can make good bosses.
  1. The Devil loves to live wealthy: they appreciate aesthetics, beautiful little things. Sanguine people. They love to travel, can be good speakers, often feel a strong passion for the mysterious and the unknown.
  1. The Tower’s nature is similar to the people of the Chariot card, however, they differ from them emotionally. These people majorly choose professions related to electronics and computers. Can become talented actors. They are always anxious about life and their future.
  1. The Star’s typical features are optimism and romanticism. Often fall into the adventure because of their curiosity. They are simple-minded people with an inquisitive and innovative mind.
  1. The Moon has a dreamy personality with a deep inner world. Outside they are strong and confident, but inside – soft and kind. They are creative personalities, but not geniuses.
  1. The Sun are open and noble people and quite generous to the weak one. However, there are capricious and touchy. They want to be the best in whatever they do.
  1. Judgement people are serious and responsible, and prone to permanence. They cannot be argued, so, they often become informal leaders in the team – because they have the ability to promote other people on the career ladder.
  1. The World people are drawn to new knowledge, possess curiosity and erudition. Congenital artists like to put on new experiments, in connection with which they often turn out to be misunderstood by others and go into defense.

Your birth tarot cards can reveal a great deal about your innate power and hidden talents. There is more to your tarot birth cards than just this. Download a tarot reading app today Tarot Life, and find in detail about what your birth tarot cards say about you.

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