Tarot Life provides a platform that enables one on one interaction between the user and the Psychics through direct consultation via Live Chat and allows the users to pay for services requested from a Psychic. We can guarantee you satisfaction for the counseling services provided by the Psychics on our platform, but we neither guarantee nor evaluate the precision, truthfulness and success of the advice, answers and any other services provided by the Psychics to you through our application.

The application is being provided to you for as-is use with no warranty. Your use of the Tarot Life application is done at your sole and absolute risk without any warranty of fitness, merchantability or performance failure. We do not guarantee that the services, assistance and functionalities provided to you by Tarot Life will be free from errors, eavesdropping, or listening, unbiased, or defect-free. Tarot Life will not hold any liability for the quality and authenticity of the information, assistance, services provided and also content provided by the Psychics. Please note that by visiting, using and accessing the website or application, you automatically accept the terms mentioned in this Disclaimer. You agree that by posting a question on the platform of Tarot Life, you accept and understand that Tarot Life will not be responsible for any use that you make or action that you take by relying on the reply or information you do or do not receive.

You agree and accept that any use or action that you take on the basis of the advice, services or the answers is at your own absolute risk only and Tarot Life will not be in any way responsible for any loss, harm, or damage that results if you trust and rely on these advice and answers. Also, you expressly agree to not hold Tarot Life responsible for any loss, harm, injury, arising due to your submission of the query or your use of or reliance on any response. Tarot Life reserves all the rights for any changes from time to time.

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