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The Best Tarot Cards For Your Career

The Best Tarot Cards For Your Career

When we go for a career tarot card reading, we all wish for getting the best tarot cards and getting a positive result. The tarot cards that may boost us with confidence and suggest the best way for success. But do you know which are those tarot cards that can predict your future success?

Within a deck of 78 cards, every card says something for love, career, and finance. However, there are few that stand as best tarot cards for a career. Here is a quick guide of the top 10 best tarot cards for career and what each of these tarot cards means. Let’s take a look:


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Top 10 Tarot Cards for Career

1. The Emperor 

The Emperor Tarot
Positioned at the throne, the Emperor tarot card is the sign of authority and respect. It’s a ruling sign that indicates a good and higher position in career. With the appearance of the Emperor in career tarot readings, you step towards dominance and powerful position. It reflects that you will rise to command where you will find respect and preference. The Emperor is the best tarot card you may get in your career readings in terms of success and guidance.

2. Ten of Pentacles

Ten of Pentacles is the minor arcana tarot card from the Suit of Pentacles. It is a positive omen in a career that reflects success, fame and future opportunities. The card signifies that you are at the peak of your career and may enjoy stability for a long time. It is a positive indication that you will be rewarded and receive recognition for all your efforts. It is the best career tarot for those who believe in hard work and dedication.

3. The Magician

The Magician Tarot
The another best career tarot card is The Magician. The major arcana is the sign that you have all the skills and talents to succeed. With its appearance, you step towards your goals and become successful in making a positive impression over recruiters and higher officials. The magician tarot card is an indication that the time has come when you can expect things as you want them to be and look for something bigger. If you find the Magician in your readings, be sure to play your cards carefully to get promotions and opportunities.

4. Six of Wands

Engraved with imagery of victory, the Six of Wands follow the prediction of success and prestige. It depicts the victory in endeavors and indicates the time when you can expect promotions, appraisals and many more for your toil. The Six of Wands indicates that you will enjoy the spotlight and can be seen leading people at work. This is the best career tarot from the Suit of Wands minor arcana that represents a higher prestigious designation and moments of shine and fame in your career.

5. The Star

The Star Tarot
The Star is one of the best tarot cards for your career. It is a sign of hope, inspiration and new beginnings. The imageries indicate a positive time in a career when you can enjoy promotions and appraisals. The appearance of the Star is a good omen for people who need recognition and fame at work. The Star is also a sign that you will find success at unexpected places if you remain consistent with your efforts and follow your intuition.

6. Ace of Pentacles

This Ace from the Suit of Pentacles is the great sign to ace your career with opportunities and possibilities. The appearance of Ace of Pentacles in career reading indicates money and a rise in income. With this career tarot, you may expect a new job with a good payor hike. The Ace of Pentacles highlights the opportunities that may get you financial rewards which you have always dreamt of. You will feel new energy and enthusiasm when the Ace of Pentacles turns up.

7. The Chariot

The Chariot Tarot
The Chariot tarot in the career readings is a card of determination and confidence. It enables you to move forward and take things under your authority in a more powerful manner. The warrior on the card is the depiction that you will exercise a strong and responsible position at work. It might be some managerial position where you may control or lead others. The Chariot is the best tarot card for a career if you are thinking of starting something of your own.

8. Two of Wands

Two of Wands in the career context is the card for overseas travel and choices. The imagery in the card represents the two available options at the present moment of your career. It gives you the opportunity to travel farther for business or career expansion. Two of Wands from the Suit of Wands is the card of financial stability that gives you sigh of relief in career turmoil. When the Two of Wands turns up, one needs to understand that their career needs a new vision with more efforts and improvements.

9. The Sun

The Sun Tarot
The Sun is another best career tarot card that indicates fortune and positivity. The rising sun and child at the back of the white horse is the sign of perfect balance and wellness. With its appearance, you may look for the opportunities and some good news in the upcoming phase. If you are unemployed then the presence of the Sun tarot card is an indication that you will find your dream job and may expect the clouds of fears and worries fade away.

10. Eight of Pentacles

New job, self-employment and craftsmanship are indicated with Eight of Pentacles. In a career reading, the eighth card from Suit of Pentacles is a representation that success can only be derived from hard work and commitment. When the card turns up, you develop skills, attention and achieve mastery at work. The card is also a suggestion that you can achieve success and high career status only if you will keep your focus and show diligence at work.


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Concluding Thoughts!
Now, you know what are the best cards for your career and may boost your efforts with this quick guide of best tarot cards. Remember, the only limit to the realization of tomorrow is the doubts of today. Thus, ask yourself every day what you are going to do with the help of tarot cards. Your bit of understanding of today will get you closer to what you want to become tomorrow. You may get your free tarot card reading for a career and take the first step towards a better career.

Happy Reading!

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