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All You Need To Know About Tarot Life

All You Need To Know About Tarot Life

You feel miserable! Your career is moving like a sloth! You have no one to call your love! Well, this is the time you should get a tarot card reading done.

Are you unsure about where to get it from?

Seems like you have been searching for multiple options but none of them yielded any results.

Well, we have got your back! We have an option that is a must-have for all those out there who are facing challenges in life. The perfect option to fit in is a future prediction app – Tarot Life that can wipe out the miseries of your life and help you manifest a better and more rewarding future.


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Predicting the future is not a low hanging fruit that can be plucked easily. It takes a lot to give a constructive set of the announcement to an individual regarding the possibilities of incidents that may happen in their lives. And so, tarot cards may ask a couple of things to invest in. Don’t worry it is not asking about money but it surely requires your faith and trust.

Prediction with Tarot cards is not a stereotype like conventional natal charts; it, instead, is a completely different method that works on the power of intuition.

And this power of intuition is having an advanced time as it is now a recognizable part of the ginormous app industry. Yes! Your future now is ‘technically’ in your hands.

The sagacious developers and intuitive psychics have come together to offer Free Online Tarot Cards Reading app that is super easy to use and is verified to give satiating results.

Here is Everything You May Need to Know About This Great App (Tarot Life):

What is Tarot Life?

What is Tarot Life
‘Tarot Life’ in a few words is a future prediction app. With this, many people may think that it is just another gibberish app to waste the time and storage space of your device. But no, it is much more than just a regular tarot app.

Tarot Life is an app that stands out and it has passed all the marks of providing unbiased and precise results. It has been accountable for providing help to many in terms of astrology reports, numerology reading, tarot reading, and more.

This tarot card reading and numerology app is intuitive and foretells what the celestial world has prescribed for your life. This is a divine way of getting your problems solved. Just that it is digital does not mean it is not reliable. As said above, Tarot Life has been an output of the hard work done by psychic readers.

The app uses multiple tarot card spreads and numerology numbers. It is a versatile app that covers a number of prediction methods and all at your fingertips. You can find out about your compatibility levels with your loved ones with this app. Also, if you are interested in know your astrology birth chart, this app is a perfect place to get the same.

Why Do You Need Tarot Life?

Why Do You Need Tarot Life
The app has been developed by keeping in mind the sentiments of the technical generation that is way too busy and captured in the cobweb of their routine lives.

They face issues but hardly find any time to look for suitable remedies. Everything has to be instant for people of this century. Because of their hectic routine, it is practically very difficult for them to create a time slot to visit a clairvoyant.

Even if they manage to do so, who has the guarantee of the authenticity of the clairvoyant? This is why getting accurate insights through the app has become the most preferred choice of almost everyone out there. And, this is one of the prime reasons behind the soaring popularity of Tarot Life.


Find how planets influence your life with your detailed Birth Chart Report

There are many other factors that make Tarot Life as one of the best tarot card reading app.

This app shall be at your personal service 24×7. You can ask about your concern from a variety of prediction methods available in this app. Let’s find out what these prediction methods are and get to know about its features.

What are the Features of Tarot Life?

Features of Tarot Life App
As you open the app, you will see four major divisions namely Ask A Question, Astrology, Tarot, and Numerology. Each of these divisions will open doors to other possibilities of future foretelling.

Let us get a sneak peek into each one by one:

[I] Ask A Question

One of the most recommended sections to get a personalized tarot card reading session. This is done with the help of an expert reader who will examine your query deeply and shall revert to you with a gratified answer.

The psychics use tarot cards to analyze and read your question. This section offers help from the readers that makes sure your identity and your private space is not invaded.

This section requires an active data connection. May it be your love life that is not in resonance with your expectations or your career, or your financial statistics, or anything else, you can ask them all in here.

There is also a section that suggests what kind of questions you can ask. Since tarot card readings are preferred with a direct approach, this can be helpful for you to frame your question.

[II] Astrology

The ancient way of knowing about futuristic events has been utilized with the position of planets and stars in the solar system. This section covers three major divisions which are Birth Chart, Love Compatibility, and Timeline Reports.

1. Birth Chart

Based on the details of your date of birth, your name, time of birth, and place of birth, a birth chart report is generated. This report is constructed in accordance with the traditional astrological methods that map out your entire life.

Predictions about different time frames can be made by checking out the positions of the planets placed in a particular house. It gives you a detailed report about your personality traits, your overall life, your natural skills, your strengths, what do you aspire, etc. based on the position of planets.

2. Love Compatibility

Love is an element that helps human beings survive the course of life. Sadly a person in love is the one that has to suffer the most. They have to see a lot of ups and downs in their lives.

It requires uncountable efforts to stand strong on the grounds of love. But, what if you had been doing it all for the one who is not your match? Find out how compatible you are with your partner with this section.

By entering the details of yourself and your beloved, you get a complete compatibility report that tells all about the grounds on which your love stands. It will tell you the challenges you two shall face being together or are already facing and what is the probability of you two being together for the rest of your life. The detailed report tells it all about your love sphere.

3. Timeline

To get a timeline report, you get to choose from four different options. It is on you for what period you want your reports. The reports can be fetched for one month, three months, six months, and twelve months.

Based on your selection period, you shall get the reports for the same. The report will elaborately tell about the opportunities, challenges, cautions, and evolution methods you shall foresee in that particular period.

[III] Tarot

The mystic prediction method with tarot cards. This section is very elaborative and is determined to solve your queries using a single card, 3 cards, 5 cards, 6 cards, and 7 cards spread.

It further has the following subsections:

A.) Love Reading

It has Love Tarot and True Love Spread. All your love related questions must be solved under this section.

1. Love Tarot

You just need to pick 3 cards keeping your love query in mind and the results will be in front of you in no time.

2. True Love Spread

This spread uses 6 cards to answer a set of predefined questions. It is an ideal feature for your love problems if you are doubtful of what should you ask. After selecting the cards in the spread, there will be results that shall throw light on most pressing love issues.


Check your love Compatibility Report to find the strengths and weakness of your relationship

B.) Tarot Insights

It covers Ask A Question, Yes or No Tarot and Daily Tarot.

1. Ask A Question

As discussed above, it is a place where you can get expert answers for all the pitfalls of your life from expert readers. You can chat with an expert reading, ask your query and get a personalized answer within the next 48 working hours.

2. Yes or No Tarot

It is a quick way to get to a decision. It implements a single card to answer your direct question in the form of yes or no. for instance you can ask – Should I go for the picnic with my friends today? You will get your answer in split seconds in yes or no.

3. Daily Tarot

With this, you get to know about the happenings of your day. You can then prepare your day in accordance with the daily predictions of this app.


Find how planets influence your life with your detailed Birth Chart Report

C.) Career Reading

Still not being able to make a decision in which direction should you take to be a successful professional? Then, Career Reading can be your guide.

1. Career Tarot

Try this for a 3 card spread. You will be asked to think about the question in your mind and then choose the cards. Your chosen cards will display what is in your destiny.

2. Career Path Spread

This spread that uses 7 cards gives reliable predictions about the future using all of your cards. In this spread, each card corresponds to a fixed query that has been predefined in the app.

D.) Finance Reading

This one has a Finance Tarot and Success Spread.

1. Success Spread

If you have been skeptical of asking your financial doubts then this section can help you in the best way to deal with them all. It uses a 5 card spread to provide complete assistance.

2. Finance Tarot

This section uses 3 card spread. This may cover solving your issues by telling you the right time to initiate an investment in a certain sector or if it is beneficial to sell some assets.

E.) Numerology

Another fascinating feature of this Tarot card reading app is its way of unlocking destiny with the help of numbers. The numbers are not limited to maths. In Fact, these numbers play an important role in molding your future.

This method implements traces of renowned numerology methods and uncovers so many aspects of a person. Tarot Life is a prompt way to get elaborated information on one’s Life Path Number, Destiny Number, Maturity Number, and Personality Number.

1. Life Path Number

Based on your birth date, this number is very important. It gives you an aerial view of broad aspects of your life that may cover major opportunities, challenges, etc.

2. Destiny Number

Calculated from the letters of your complete name, this number unfurls your inner aims, your motto of life, and other things that are covered within you.

3. Maturity Number

You have been thinking to get something done from the very beginning of your life. Those are your thoughts and dreams. This number tells you exactly when shall your thoughts and dreams will turn into reality.

4. Personality Number

Based on different combinations of letters of your name, this number reveals your personality traits. How the outer world predicts you as a person and other aspects related to your way of expression are foretold by this number.

Knowing the meanings of numbers, one can change the direction of their life with reference to the predictions made by these significant numbers. For knowing these numbers, you just need to enter your full name and birth date and numerology readings will surely amaze you.


Find how planets influence your life with your detailed Birth Chart Report

It rips apart the cluster of your persona into every single trait you exhibit.

With Tarot Life, you get a dose of add on features which are described below.

F.) Card of the Day

This feature is a brief insight of generalized events such as that in terms of Finance Tarot or that of love or career. These predictions are made with respect to a particular tarot card. The forecast is made then based on the polarity of that tarot card.

G.) Tarot Card Description

If you are willing to know or learn the meanings of tarot cards on the go, then there is no better option than this handy docket. It contains in-depth meanings of all of these Major Arcana tarot cards.

With this, we can say that we are now well equipped with every detail associated with the app Tarot Life. Your spiritual growth awaits with this divine app that helps you create the life you want to live.

Tarot Life is available for free download for Windows, iOS and Android platforms. So what are you waiting for? Download this app now and let the good times roll!

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