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How To Use Love Tarot To Improve Your Love Life

How To Use Love Tarot To Improve Your Love Life

Love is a roller coaster ride- sometimes you are high with love and sometimes you fall into the pit of arguments, misunderstandings and even breakups. But to make the flow of love right, you always need good advice. And, here love tarot helps.

Love Tarot is a great way to get insights into your love life and fill the love gaps. But using love tarot reading seems tricky when you are in love. The reason is your fickle heart. You tend to despise the readings that seem unfavorable or take numerous readings until you get your desired results. This is not how tarot card works.


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There is a distinct way to read your tarot cards and find the right message. Pulling a number of readings at a time is not recommended. It confuses the message and sidetracks the energy of tarot cards. This holds the same when you don’t trust the readings. You perceive what you like and ignores what the Universe wants to convey, resulting in love failures, tragic breakups, and deception. All these things can be avoided if you know how to use love tarot for your love life.

So, without wasting a moment, let’s get started.

How To Use Love Tarot?

There are literally many ways to use tarot cards to explore your love life. You may use it to know his/her feelings or confirm what you feel. You may know the future or pick cards to know the challenges. Still, there are easy steps through which you may enhance your love readings. Let’s look at them.

1. Decide What You Want From Tarot Reading

Before heading towards your love reading, you must confirm within- what you expect from the cards. It is like asking the right questions. You must know what you want from a love tarot reading. Decide what is your priority. Do you want to get an answer or want to confirm your thoughts? You may use Love tarot 3-card Insights or birth tarot for finding your past, present, and future of love life or to get deep insights into your feelings, emotions, challenges, and relationships. Each card in the spread will help you to gain insights into your situation and suggest the best course of action at that time.

Evaluate yourself and think about your questions. You can use the same love tarot spread for different questions. However, always be careful what you ask. Tarot cards are the tool to tap into your intuitions and can be used to improve yourself and relationships. Never ask questions like- when will I fall in love? What will be the name of my lover? Where will I meet him/her? Always be specific and ask questions for advice and guidance.

2. Plan Your Tarot Spread To Unravel Your Love Life

Plan Your Tarot Spread To Unravel Your Love Life
To enhance the fruits of the impact of readings, the tarot reader lays each card of the deck in a specific pattern. This pattern is known as Tarot Spread. In love readings, two types of spreads are used mostly- 3 card spread and True Love Spread. Read on to know more about these love spreads.

3 Card Spread

This is one of the basic spreads used in love readings. It utilizes 3 cards and breaks down your love life with 3 important interpretations. The spread spills the beans over your present situation and shares the impact of your past life into the present. It reveals the future predictions and answers all the questions which you have for your love life with the help of 3 cards

True Love Spread

This is a 6 card spread that shares the detailed information about you, your partner and the relationship between both. The wonderful love tarot spread sheds light on specific areas with every card. Here is a glimpse,

Card #1- share your inner feelings and your approach in the relationship.
Card #2- reveals your partner’s feelings, expectations, and intentions.
Card #3- unveil the connection and bond between you and your partner
Card #4- indicates strong pillars of your relationship
Card #5- reveals where your relationship lacks and shares guidance
Card #6- reflects the happiness and growth of relationship in the future.

Thus, as your inner voice suggests, you may choose your spread and take the true love tarot readings for love and relationship analysis.

3. Pick With Clear Thoughts And Controlled Emotions

It is advisable that you pick cards when you are stable and have full control of your emotions. The cards picked with an unstable mind and negative thoughts may only reflect negative aura. The prediction thus made is always indefinite and confuse you further.

Don’t pick cards if you are struggling with depression or just had a breakup. Calm yourself with yoga or meditation or hot shower, whatever works for you best. You may also use fragrance candles, incense or perfumes to keep your mind and heart calm.

Once you have achieved the calmness, use the tarot card reading app and think of your question. Pick the cards and read the interpretations carefully. Try to connect yourself with the cards and follow your intuition. The Universe will communicate with you and reveal the hidden aspects you are unaware of.


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4. Work On The Readings And Wait For The Change

The final and important part of using love tarot for love is heeding what it says. Yes, follow the readings and work on it. The changes it predicted will come and your love will be evolved as per its predictions. And, if it was a warning and you have followed the suggestions, then believe unfortunate events will surely turn.
Deepen Your Love with Love Insights

You may use tarot cards anytime or a number of times but try to use it for different questions. Picking cards with the same questions will not yield anything rather it will bring complications. Thus, no matter whatever readings you get, positive or negative, work on it and wait for some time until you witness any significant change. Try and deepen your love with love insights.

Final Thoughts

The universe has its own way to teach you and communicate its thoughts. Tarot Cards are just a medium to know it and grab the actions of the Universe. Like it is said, he who knows others is learned and he who knows himself is wise. So, tap into your intuitions and follows your true love tarot cards.

Have a happy Love life!

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