Powerful Ways To Read Your Tarot Cards

Powerful Ways To Read Your Tarot Cards

29 Jun, 2019 / Tarot

So you want to know how to read tarot cards?

If it is something that tempts you to dig deep into this magical and divine ocean of possibilities and opportunities then be happy because you are at the right place!

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Tarot is something that surpasses the margin of explanation. These are the cards that are immensely powerful in making predictions and helping mankind to lead a meaningful life.

Productive Tarot Reading

If you are about to start your life as a Tarot Card Reader or that you are already a reader and wish to improvise your readings, then you should know the ways to perform a productive tarot reading session.

Every tarot card reader has a different reading style. The reading style to conduct a psychic session does not matter but the quality of psychic session matters for both the querent and the reader.

There might be uncountable books available for interpreting the meaning of these cards but imagine yourself in a tarot reading session where you get a card and then you are referring to a manual to know the meaning of that card. Hectic enough? And this also breaks the flow of a reading session.

Surely you would not want that to happen in your tarot card reading session. But is there something you can do about it? Yes! There are a lot of ways with which you can turn your ineffective reading sessions into productive reading sessions.

How To Read Tarot Cards?

Expertise comes with practice. You will not turn into the most sought clairvoyant in just a day or a month. Good things take time and practice. Keeping this in mind, make your move into the world of effective tarot reading.

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1. Personalize

Try to spend some time with your tarot cards. They may not speak words but they speak peaks of intuitive energy. That personal connection is something you shall feel after some time.

The books or guides will not help you to make interpretations of the universe but spending some ‘me time’ with your cards will. Try to connect the signals for an intuitive flight. For eg, think of the card which describes your loved one. Establish this personal connection with your cards.

2. Curate Your Arena

Choose wisely what you want in your spiritual vicinity while dealing with tarot cards. An inspiring and thoughtful tarot reading happens when the reader is positively influenced from within.

You may want a clean desk, a clean room, a few plants or you may just want a colorful room with crystal balls or scented candles. Handpick the things that are a symbol of positivity and that can help you in focusing. Choose what matches your frequency.

3. Clear Your Thoughts

Before entering the ‘sacred space’ make sure you clear all your mental, emotional, and spiritual spaces. Readings this way will be more effective.

If you are low on emotional energy level then charge it up or skip the reading session. If there is something that is disturbing you, make sure you do not let that come in between of your tarot reading.

Charge your spiritual aura before doing a reading. Meditate for a while or take a few deep breaths or exercise anything that connects you to the universe. Be ready to be the receptor of universal radiations.

4. Reach To The Core

Before being in a hurry to answer what your querent has just popped out of their mouth, contemplate. Thinking and analyzing the query will take you to the core of the problem your client is facing. It is because they have come to you because they are seeking some answers to the issues they are facing in their lives.

If the querent has to ask about when are their career possibilities taking a turn, try to uncover the layers of that question. Either ask your client to be specific or unpack the question on your own. Uncovering the question, you can tell ‘what’. What can they do to enhance their career possibilities can be the right thing to ask and interpret.

5. Find The Best Fit

If you are trying to find out which is the best tarot card spread you should use then know that there is nothing like the best tarot card spread. It is always on your wits and intuition which tarot spread should you use for a particular question.

Picking a spread after knowing the question is better than picking a spread before knowing the question. You can also customize the spreads to personalize and to connect the energies in a tarot reading session. This creates a sense to the querent that you are working for them.

6. Answer The Question

Sometimes the flow of the reading is so smooth that the reader often forgets to come to what the question of the querent exactly was. Readers interrelate and connect things to make tarot readings meaningful. This is certainly just that the reader gets carried away by decoding the symbols of the card that showed up.

You as a reader may dive deep to decode the meaning and getting the message. In such cases, the root question remains unanswered. The querent or your client has come to you to find an answer to their question. Hence, do get back to the root question and answer it.

Now that you have known the powerful basics of tarot reading, you are ready to be the best version of yourself as a tarot card reader but only with time and practice.

Also, for your convenience, there are certain apps available on  Android  & IOS that can help you to know a lot about Tarot Card Reading. One such accurate and reliable app is ‘Tarot Life’. Do try this app for improvising your reading.

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Shankar Saini

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