Best Free Online Tarot Card Reading App for Love, Career & Finance Tarot

Best Free Online Tarot Card Reading App for Love, Career & Finance Tarot

26 Jun, 2019 / Tarot

Seeking divine guidance without spending anything? Or looking for the best tarot card reading apps that may share accurate tarot predictions at one go?

Well! We have the answer.

Tarot card is a divine and powerful tool that shares insights provide guidance and answers all your questions about love, career, finance and so on. It allows you to access your inner wisdom and gain insights into your past, present, and future.

Each card in the deck is enlightening. It shares the positive aura of the Universe and enables you to make the right decisions in life. No matter where and in what situation you are, you can ask your questions and seek guidance with the help of tarot cards. That is the reason, tarot cards are the most sought after foretelling practices used today.

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However, finding the right tarot guidance is overwhelming. You may boast about technology advancement and dismiss this thought. But having a clairvoyant reading is not easy with online deceits.

You need to have an accurate online tarot reading app that may interpret your cards and share the readings with 100% precision. An app you may trust upon, comprising all the intuitive features you need.

With more than 2 million choices on both the App Store and Google Play, it is nearly impossible to find the right prediction app. So, here, is your solution- the best free tarot card reading app available online to read tarot cards and get accurate tarot predictions.

Best Online Tarot Reading App

A best tarot reading app is a blend of accurate predictions, interactive interface, and insightful readings. Tarot Life is one such app where you find all the qualities inscribed.

The app is a wonder among online packs of apps because-

  • It is accurate and offers instant tarot readings.
  • Employs the famous Rider-Waite Tarot Deck, making interpretations easy and quick to understand for beginners and beyond.
  • Have an interactive interface and quick few tap features.
  • It can be accessed anywhere, anytime with and without the Internet.
  • Free to download.
  • Has all the predictive methods such as Tarot, Numerology and Astrology.
  • Comprises intuitive features sharing broader aspects for guidance.
  • Stands out an all-in-one app, negating the need for a number of foretelling apps

With one tarot card reading app download, you acquire not only a number of exciting features but also grab an opportunity to build your dream life.

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Read on to know what are these life-changing features and how you can use it to make a life of your choice.

Features for Tarot App

Features of Tarot App Features are the most important aspects of any tarot reading applications. It is the bet on which a user relies. And, this free tarot card reading app wins this bet.

So, without wasting a moment, let's check out the intuitive features that may amplify your love, career and finance opportunities. Here, they are:

Love Readings:

1. Love Tarot-

Looking for solutions to your love problems? This 3-cards spread reveals everything you want to know about your love life.

2. True Love Spread-

Want to know is he/she your true love? Or Need guidance for in-depth evaluation of love and relationships? The 6 card spread will be your save. With love tarot reading, you will know your inner feelings, partner’s expectations, connection with your partner, strengths, weakness, and truth about your love life.

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Career Readings:

1. Career Tarot-

If you dream of growth in the profession and need instant advice, then this 3-card spread career feature is your ultimate guide. It offers deep insights into the events and uncovers the possibilities of promotions, hikes, and challenges you may face.

2. Career Path Spread-

No matter if you are happy or dissatisfied with your career. You must view a comprehensive analysis of a career with a detailed 7-card spread. It will share the right choice of career, ways to success, challenges, present situation and growth prospectus with you.

Finance Readings:

1. Finance Tarot-

If you want to make money or save the earnings, tap on the amazing Finance Tarot feature. The cards will tell you everything you need to know about your investments, money and financial woes.

2. Success Spread-

Who will mind if one has surplus wealth, a better career and a fulfilling life?. The success spread will evaluate your present situation, share roadblocks, uncover opportunities, suggest new ideas and empower you with confidence to take the right step ahead.

Tarot Insights:

1. Daily Tarot-

Want to make the most of every day? You may do now with easy and instant daily tarot insights. Your card will help you provide direction, tell you about the positive as well as negative aspects of the day and provide clarity to your thoughts.

2. Yes Or No Tarot-

Are you in hustle or want to get an instant straight answer? Yes or No tarot will bring clarity with the precise answer for all your concerns in a simple yes or no. It is an effective way to make decisions. Get Personalized Tarot Advice

Other Features:

Despite the above features, the app also offers various features that may help you in different aspects of life. They are:


Based on ancient science, the amazing features offer guidance over all your life aspects by calculating your birth date, time, and place. It is a premium feature that provides detailed personalized reports of your birth chart, love compatibility, and timeline.


Your numerology number is the mirror of your personality, life, and destiny. With this, you may find your life path number, destiny number, personality number and maturity number in one instant.

Ask a Question-

Still in doubts? You may get clarity with a live tarot session and ask all your questions with experienced tarot readers. The premium feature allows you to have your first tarot question for free.

Moreover, you may also get your card of the day and learn tarot card meanings with ease through the extensive tarot card description feature.

I hope the air is clear now and with this, you know which is the best pick in terms of turmoil. Remember tarot is a guide for your life, you may use it anytime even if you are stable or standing on shaky ground.

Best tarot reading app for love career and finance

So, download Tarot Life and take the first step towards your bright future!

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