Electional Astrology - A Practice Of Identifying Auspicious Time

Electional Astrology - A Practice Of Identifying Auspicious Time

27 Sep, 2021 / Astrology

Astrological advice has always been of great help since the early times for humans in different aspects of their lives. They always considered astrological readings and interpretations before tying a knot with someone, buying a house, improving their quality of life, and so on. Later, however, there were critics and questions regarding the credibility and accuracy of astrology. It created opposing groups, one that believed in this and another that was a bit agnostic. But whatever it was, the concept of astrology always kept gaining popularity all around the world. Amongst all, one of the primary roles of astrology remained to be in the areas where an auspicious time for doing something important in your life is considered. This specific part has become so popular that it has been made a separate vertical of the whole system of astrology. It is called ‘Electional Astrology.’ Today we will keep our focus intact on this area of astrology only. We will know and understand how it works and when it is used. So let’s get to it without any delay now!

What Is Electional Astrology?

Electional Astrology is that specific branch of astrology that deals in finding just the right and auspicious time frame for doing anything prominent in your life. Here it should not be confused with the Free Horary Astrology readings as they predict the future regarding a specific question. And the readings are generated based on the time at which the question is asked. Whereas, the purpose of Electional Astrology is to get to the most favorable outcome of any event by predicting the most compatible time for doing it. Nowadays Electional Astrology calculators are available online to do the calculations for you.

How Does Electional Astrology Work?

While talking about muhurtha Electional Astrology, various charts and reports are created based on the information available. This is done by analyzing the person’s horoscope. Also, the positions of celestial bodies at the time of their birth are studied. A relationship between them is then established to see their exclusive impacts on an individual. This is not absolutely accurate as there is always a scope of uncertainty. It is because of the change in the planetary positions.

Does Astrology Really Work?

You must already know how it can amazingly alter the results if you have done something in your life based on the predictions of free Electional Astrology. But if you have not been a part of it yet, please understand that there is very little scientific proof available for the success of the outcomes of Electional Astrology. But on the other hand, there are many experiential proofs provided by the beneficiaries at different points in time. So believing it or not is absolutely a matter of faith. And gaining first-hand experience of this pious practice is the best thing that you can do for yourself. If your belief system is in a nascent stage, consider studying the Western Astrology system first.

Uses Of Electional Astrology

The basic meaning of Electional Astrology is clear. It is used to identify the most favorable time to carry out a particular event in life. There can be different events that can hold different values for various people. For example, in earlier times, wars and battles were planned and suggested by ancient astrologers. But now, when we look at it, the concept of battles looks absurd. However, there are still power battles going on between various countries of the world. But that’s a different thing altogether! Let’s see some examples of significant life events where Electional Astrology has been used.
  • Electional Astrology wedding dates
  • Hawans and Yagyas
  • Buying or selling something
  • Ceremonies and celebrations
  • Planning travels
  • Starting movie shoot
  • Electional Astrology for business
  • Scheduling an interview
The list is endless because various people believe in the practice of astrology with different intensities. Also, the areas of importance are subjective. Note that if you believe in various astrological systems, it is highly recommended to not mix the interpretations of Electional Astrology with Chinese Astrology predictions.

Electional Astrology Rules

Electional Astrology Rules When we know that astrology, whether Electional Astrology or any other, is not pure science, framing rules for the same will be a little vague. However, it does take into consideration specific things while attempting to identify the auspicious time for anything. I am mentioning the major ones here for you to gain a better understanding.
  • The querent’s place of birth
  • The querent’s date of birth
  • The querent’s time of birth
  • Position of primary planets at the time of birth
  • Position of other less significant celestial bodies at the time of birth
  • Components of each house in the horoscope
Many things play a significant role in developing and analyzing the results from the practice of Electional Astrology. It requires an in-depth knowledge of the subject which is why we have expert astrologers. Talking about knowledge, the psychics who practiced Vedic Astrology systems are considered to be the most reliable. This is because it is the most complex form of astrology and interpreting its results is not a cakewalk. Now, since you know a lot about Electional Astrology, let us understand one more essential aspect. It is the Electional Astrology chart.

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Electional Astrology Chart

The astrologers create a chart to know the presence of different planets in various houses. In Electional Astrology, each segment is assigned specific aspects of life, and the impact of planets is studied in those areas. Refer to the given Electional Astrology chart free information. Electional Astrology Chart:
Houses Related Aspects of Life
1st House Surgeries, Makeovers, Haircuts
2nd House Buying financial instruments, jewelry, art
3rd House Short travels, Stacations, Weekend getaways
4th House Selling or buying residential space
5th House Parties and conceptions
6th House Scheduling interviews, Adopting a pet
7th House Contracts, Weddings, Marriages
8th House Signing your will, Doing secret things
9th House International travel, Launching ad campaign, starting college
10th House Business startups and IPOs
11th House Entering social groups, Mingling with people
12th House Hiding yourself, Doing something extraordinary
These are the areas in someone’s life that hold a position in specific houses in their horoscope. It is not limited to just this as, when we move forward in our lives, many things come up that may require the guidance of Electional astrology.

How To Read Electional Astrology

There are various methods in which the data collected through Electional Astrology is read. The ultimate aim, however, is to get to a productive time bracket to do anything. It can be done through Electional Astrology consultation. The most common practice is to establish a connection between the position and impacts of planets in a person’s horoscope. When a non-cooperative celestial body comes in an unfavorable house, it is seen when it will come in the correct position. This is done for all the twelve houses and the major planets, thus creating infinite permutations and combinations to reach a beneficial situation. This is where we need the experience of astrologers to reduce the chances of mistakes and blunders. They can also provide you accurate daily prediction free readings for you to lead a better life.

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This is all about the concept of Electional Astrology and the basic things that you need to know. Whether or not you believe it, this practice has been admired by the masses since early ages. And you really need to experience the positive impacts of Electional Astrology to believe it. If you find it too specific to start with, consider other forms and systems of astrology. You may also be interested in the debate of Western Astrology vs. Vedic Astrology to enhance your knowledge and convenience yourself better believe it.
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