How to do Celtic Cross Tarot Reading and its Spread

How to do Celtic Cross Tarot Reading and its Spread

06 Jan, 2020 / Tarot

The most commonly used Spread is the Celtic Cross Tarot Spread nowadays. Celtic Cross Tarot Card Spread is a very accurate and detailed account of your life at a certain point of time and can help vulnerable people immensely.

Wondering why on Earth is this Tarot Spread more prominent over others? So, to know that, maybe you have to know a little more about this Tarot Spread.

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The Tarot Cards are long being used for prediction purposes. Love compatibility predictions, relationships and other such factors can be estimated.

Origin of Celtic Cross Tarot Spread

The Celtic Cross Tarot Spread seems to have originated in Europe. It was a conglomerate of all the previous Cross Tarot Spreads. One theory suggests that it was laid out for the first time in this form by Rider Smith Waite in collaboration with the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn in 1910.

Another hypothesis suggests that the Celtic Cross Tarot Spread was laid out first by Florence Farr. Her idea behind creating such a deck was mostly a numerological or elemental approach.

The most prominent reason behind the use of this Celtic Cross Tarot Deck to the maximum is the fact, that this deck has not changed in any form or manner since its inception in the year 1910.

History of Celtic Cross Tarot Deck

Interestingly, the Cross Tarot Spread was a popular way of spreading Tarot Cards for a long time now. The 10-card Tarot Spread, was used originally, much before the original Celtic Cross Tarot Deck came into existence. This 10-Card Tarot Deck was in use in the 16th and the 17th Century. Originally used more frequently by the gypsies wandering from land to land, this 10-Tarot Card Spread was enormously a strong weapon in those days towards predicting a man’s survival.

Let us look at the placement of the Tarot Cards in the 10-card Tarot Spread. The Cards 3, 2 & 1 are in a vertical straight line. The Cards 10, 9, 6, 8 and 7 are in another vertical line to the right of smaller line. Cards 6, 2 & 5 are horizontally across each other.

  • Position 1: It addressed the central issue.
  • Position 2: Crossing Card, represented the problems related to the questions.
  • Position 3: Ground Card; symbolised the root of the question.
  • Position 4: Recent Past Card; recent changes affecting a person.
  • Position 5: Possible Outcome; alternative outcome to the problem.
  • Position 6: Near Future; some external force that would impact the situation though not a lasting impact.
  • Position 7: Self; how the person thinks and feels.
  • Position 8: Others; symbolises the person’s physical and spiritual situation
  • Position 9: Hopes & Fears; card 7 & 8 is summarised.
  • Position 10: Likely outcome; What happens if the situation remains as it is now.Prior to this, 10-Card arrangement, there were several other Cross Tarot Spread laid out in the European courts and the streets, however, the 10-card Tarot Spread is the one from which the Celtic Cross Tarot Spread descended.

How to make Celtic Cross Tarot Spread

Celtic Cross Tarot Spread can be laid down using 10-cards and the arrangement of the Cards is as follows: 1.Cards 4, 1, 6 and Cards 5, 2, 3 form a Cross with Card 2 above Card 1. 2.Card 7, 8, 9 and 10 are in another vertical line across Cards 5, 1, 3.

If you check with the previous arrangement of Cross Tarot Spread, you would find it is different from the Celtic Cross Tarot Spread. Make sure you follow your ritualistic methods before pulling the draw. Let us briefly remember the process below

  • Clean a space, you intend to use.
  • Spread a high stool or a mat on the clean space.
  • Then arrange a few items of your choice around the altar.
  • Preferred choices generally are candles, gemstones, incense, and water in a cup or a saucer.
  • You can arrange them around the altar in this way- place the four candles around the mat, arrange the gemstones in between the candles. Place incense across the mat and also a bowl full of water.
  • If you cannot offer gemstones, you can surely offer ordinary stones in their place.
  • The sole purpose of all these articles in your altar while praying is, to ensure that you are invoking all five natural elements before pulling the draw.
  • A short prayer, given below may also help.
I pray to you all, Be present in my prayer, Be a part of this wall, that I raise to be away from the slayers. I beseech you, do not let me fall. I pray you all, to be a part of all the layers that I need to toss, to reach the hall of clarity, beyond the tower of doubt, as I set my sail.

Begin to pull your draw, and after shuffling the Tarot cards correctly, place them side by side in the Tarot Spread. With proper breathing techniques, you can calm yourself down a lot.

After pulling the Tarot cards, arrange them side by side as your Tarot Spread.

Then place them on the high altar in the exact order Celtic Cross Tarot card Spread

Slowly, turn the Tarot cards upside down to note your Cards and the meaning you can draw from it in the Tarot Spread.

Meaning of Celtic Cross Tarot Card Positions

After coming till here, let us find out if we can help you with the Tarot Card positions. Which Tarot Card position holds what meaning for you? If you know the meanings of each position well, during your practice, then it can be easier for you to understand what the Cards in various positions bring to you.

Position 1: Situation The Tarot Card in the Celtic Cross Tarot Spread position is capable of explaining you the situation that you are in right now. If the situation is not clear to you or if it is a blur, then you can learn it from here well. Let’s say you are facing a situation and you are completely blur. Keep calm and then assess the Card that you have in the Situation Position.

This Tarot Card would be able to show you your true situation. If you are in a veiled situation as per the Tarot Card, then your job would be to remove the veil from the situation.

Position 2: Challenge The Tarot Card in the Celtic Cross Tarot Spread shows you the challenge on your ways. While the first Tarot Card shows you the situation, the second Tarot Card talks about the challenges in your ways- there could be two types of challenges in your way.

  • First type would be your situational challenges.
  • Second type would be between your goals and your situations.

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Position 3: Beliefs Your core beliefs might be very different from the ones you endorse every day. Try to get in touch with your core beliefs and try to make sure that you know what it means to be away from them.

Your beliefs can fetch your soul a direction in which you have to move. Every path has difficulties and every problem is not easy. Make sure you find your beliefs again.

Position 4: Root of the issue/ Distant Past Root of your situation might be somewhere else than you believe it to be, so this Tarot Card in the Celtic Cross Tarot Spread would point out to the root of the issue. It would point to your distant past that could be the cause of the problem.

Try to check them out.

Position 5: Near Past Near Past of Celtic Cross Tarot Spread is where your problem was bubbling, your situation was in a cauldron being cooked for you..

Position 6: Near Future Near Future is when you would come face to face with the situation. Near Future could also be a time when your solution appears to you out of the blues or through your well thought out actions as prescribed in the Celtic Cross Tarot Spread.

Position 7: Self-Perception How do you perceive yourself? When the whole world is busy changing your perception about yourself, you can busy yourself in being who you are. Not that it would lessen your troubles, not that it would give you promoters but it is just that you may know who you are at the end of the day, even when you stand amidst a crowd who is shouting out false slogans to you.

Position 8: Outside Influences/ How others perceive you Generally, people may not at all perceive you the way you are, the Tarot card in this position would indicate their viewpoint about you. What does the world think about you? You are gullible, naive, a schemer, plotter or rather, are you a cauldron to fulfill their wishes, are you a clever bee no one can touch. What are you? Find out through the Tarot Card in this position in the Celtic Cross Tarot Spread.

Position 9: Action Advice It is an action advice Tarot Card in the Celtic Cross Tarot Spread. It is the advice, a Tarot Card can give you to perform your actions. Action to be undertaken, the advice to be undertaken if you want to move out, if you want to expand. Advice to act or not to act, is the most important question of all.

Position 10: Likely Outcome The Tarot Card in this position may provide you with a possible outcome. The possible outcome could be a distant goal or a goal you can fetch now or today.

Likely outcome is not possibly what you may immediately presume it to be, but rather it could be something different, not apparent but far more deep.


To conclude, we can say that the Celtic Cross Tarot Spread can show you an entire world, an entire rhythm and an entire vision live in front of your eyes. It would be nice if you can draw out a Spread for health, relationships or for your finances and careers.

Written by

Shankar Saini

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