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Tarot Reading 2022- Annual Tarot Card 2022 Predictions

Tarot Reading 2022- Annual Tarot Card 2022 Predictions

Annual Tarot Card Prediction 2022

A new year is a chance to explore new things, find new possibilities and do everything that we have missed doing in the past. No matter how your passing year was, 2022 is the time to seek the positive energy of the Universe and set new goals to achieve happiness and success. In New year 2022, nothing will be the same. Everything will be new and you will find various unexpected opportunities and challenges in your path. So, unravel your future and know what the Universe has for you in 2022. Explore your Tarot Card Predictions 2022 based on your zodiac sign!

Aries Tarot Card Predictions

Aries, this year is to bring change. Change your life, change your outlook and change the way you used to deal with life. The universe is asking you to step back for some time and review your progress. It is telling you to evaluate your journey and take a break from your daily mundane routine.

Let go of the past things and move forward. If you are repressing the past grudges and are still stuck with bad memories of past relationships. Move on! The Universe is opening doors of immense possibilities. Love is finding the way into your life and you will likely find the peace and happiness that you were searching for a while.

In a career context, the year is bringing new opportunities and learnings. Keep up your hard work and stick to the professional mannerism that has always worked for you. Your birthday month will be quite lucky for you and there are chances that you will find opportunities to grow and upswing your career.

Be cautious in your dealings and rely on your intuitions when it comes to making financial decisions. 2022 will be a moderate year for your finances and your card predicts that your right decisions will fetch profits and enhance your wealth.

Tarot Reading 2022 is indicating possibilities of good health. Let go of your fears and embrace life with both hands. Celebrate each moment of life and rejoice over the things that you have. Happiness is in your cards and if you are looking for any sign, this is it.

Tip for Success in 2022- Work in teams and show your creative abilities when you get the opportunity. Helping others would get you the support when you need it the most. 

Your Lucky Color for 2022– As per Tarot predictions 2022, off-white and pale yellow are likely to bring positivity and luck to your life. It is advisable to avoid black and brown colors for beneficial results.

Your Lucky Crystal for 2022 –  Red coral is the best gemstone for Aries 2022. It will likely help you to promote business, passion, and enthusiasm in life.

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Taurus Tarot Card Predictions

Luck will follow you, this year Taurus! Your 2022 Tarot reading predicts positive changes and good happenings. Things will be in your favor and you will find the stability that you are longing for. Your past efforts will be recognized and you will see new ways to grow your finances and career. Keep up your hopes and strive hard without thinking of outcomes.

Career wise, there is no limit to what you achieve. Set goals and map out plans to execute your ideas efficiently. Opportunities will knock on doors unexpectedly and you would require to be attentive. Stay cautious as you never know which opportunities will become the turning point of your life.

This year, the cards speak of emotional upheavals in life. Do not be scared. Every heartache and every pain is here to teach you some lessons. Embrace the life lessons and put effort to spruce up your connections. Remember before loving someone, you need to learn yourself first. The path of love passes through hurdles but your positive attitude will turn things in your favor. Trust the process and let the love find you.

With the luck at your side, financial situations will be favorable. Keep track of your finances and trust your hunches when you feel things are not going as you have expected them to be. Exercise regularly and boost your immunity in order to be immune to air-borne diseases.

Tip for Success in 2022- Go with the flow and force nothing. Enjoy the little things in life and don’t get so worked up about the things. Saving energy and meaning are the two things that you need to consider this year.

Your Lucky Color for 2022– Wearing Blue color will be auspicious for you this year. Your Tarot reading 2022 also suggests shades of yellow and red to bring luck and success. 

Your Lucky Crystal for 2022 – As per Tarot Cards Predictions for 2022, the lucky gemstones for you will be Opal or Diamond. Both of these stones are helpful to attain luck and romance in your personal and professional life.

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Gemini Tarot Card Predictions

More power to you, this year, Gemini! With great opportunities and possibilities, you will finally accomplish all your desires. Your emotions will be understood and you will see everything falling into its place. However, be cautious. Tarot card predictions for 2022 are suggesting busy and hectic days. Work will pile up and you may not get time to relax and spend time with your family and partner. Tarot predicts future challenges that will push your limits to make some tough choices.

Take time out for yourself and explore your inner power. Realize your potential and utilize the available resources to achieve your targets. At the workplace, stay calm and focused. Do not indulge in office politics. Concentrate on your deadlines and try to attain perfection in your work.

Allow love to flow into your life. Meet new people and open yourself to new possibilities. You will never know love until your surrender to it. So, ditch your pretentious nature and gain clarity about what you want and what you need in terms of relationships. Go for serious commitments if you are looking for a long-lasting relationship this year.

Monetary aspects will be significant this year. You may discover new opportunities to invest and generate new income resources. Pay off your debts and keep a check over your spending habits. Understand, your savings are your power that will help you on a rainy day.

As per Tarot card predictions, 2022 is marking a spiritual awakening. Spend time in prayer and look for blessings of the divine. Remember, the more you know yourself, the more clarity there will be. Stay positive and stay patient!

Important Tip for Success in 2022- You tend to be sarcastic and critical. In 2022, let go of this habit as it may hurt people and make them your foes. 

Your Lucky Color for 2022– Pink and its different shades will keep you in the pink of health. It will not only boost your positive energy but will likely help you gain luck, love, and success. 

Your Lucky Crystal for 2022 – Emerald will be the luckiest crystal for you, Gemini. Its strong vibrations will likely help you balance your unnecessary emotions and thoughts. It will also boost your confidence and help you stay mentally and physically agile. 

Cancer Tarot Card Predictions

Don’t let your emotions distract you from doing what needs to be done, says Tarot Cards Predictions 2022 for Cancer. You have always been over-sensitive to your surroundings and this may be the reason you have stumbled in the past year. This year, introspect your feelings and learn to keep a check over them. Do not take everything on your heart. Adapt with situations and take life on the light note. 2022 is the year when you can achieve your goals and fulfill all your dreams. Make the most of it and turn your weakness into your strength.

Career wise, this will be very favorable for you. There will be immense opportunities for your growth and you will likely feel more confident and enthusiastic about your profession. Long travel for business and job will help you to explore new horizons in your career. Start focusing on hidden possibilities that may help you to show your potential and creativity. Take advantage of friendly connections and expand your business.

No matter what happens in your love life this year, just know the Universe has plans for you. It is working on your behalf and will make straight all the crooked paths. If you are looking for love, you will meet someone who will understand your emotions and will help you to grow in life. However, in relationships, you will experience emotional turmoil but have faith as your tarot reading 2022 is indicating love showers after the worst storms.

Important Tip for Success in 2022- As it is said, sometimes the worst things that happen in our lives put us on the path to the best things that will ever happen to us. So, stay positive and trust the plans of the Universe.

Your Lucky Color for 2022– Green and its shades may prove lucky for you this year. In Tarot 2022 predictions, this color has been considered the most auspicious hue to balance your mind, heart, and soul. It is advised to avoid purple and violet when you have to attend important events. 

Your Lucky Crystal for 2022 – You are too emotional Cancer. Thus, you should wear Pearl and Moonstone to gain emotional and mental stability. As per Tarot cards predictions for 2022, these two crystals are very encouraging for love and business.

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Leo Tarot Card Predictions

This year is just to be you! Be yourself and display all the strong characteristics that you own as a Leo. Connect with friends, chase your dreams, be generous to others, spread love and do everything that you aspire to do. As per your 2022 Tarot card readings, you are about to explore fortune. Love is in your cards and in your career and finances, you will find opportunities to gain the spotlight.

This year, focus on expressing your emotions. Try to be more honest with your feelings and pour out your emotions instead of repressing them. Communicate with your partner and resolve the problems that have arisen due to your ego issues. Learn to compromise and be open to changing your ways as per the situation. Heed your partner’s feelings and try to understand their perspective. If you are finding a soulmate, surrender yourself to the Universe. It will unfold the ways to find love when it is meant to be.

With the change in your perspective, you will see new possibilities coming to you. Do not stress yourself too much for things that have not yielded positive outcomes. Keep trying and work hard to achieve your targets. Subside your ego issues at work and use your communication skills to build healthy relationships with colleagues. Above all, use your logic and stay rational at the time of making decisions. Especially, when it comes to money, be more vigilant. Do not invest in dodgy deals and save money by limiting your expenses. Overall. Everything will be positive. You just need to be cautious before taking any important decisions, says Tarot reading 2022

Important Tip for Success in 2022- Being prone to be in limelight, you may miss getting attention sometimes. Do not let it bother you. Instead, enjoy the time and spread love and happiness. You have the power of Lion and with this, you may achieve everything you desire. Stay positive!

Your Lucky Color for 2022– Yellow and orange hues resonate best with your personality. Wearing these colors and their shades may help you gain luck and love when needed. 

Your Lucky Crystal for 2022 – Yellow Sapphire will be your lucky gemstone for New Year 2022. These crystals will help you to overcome the stress and anxiety caused due to upcoming challenges. 

Virgo Tarot Card Predictions

Every change is accompanied by discomforts. This year, change will be a constant process and you may feel a bit irked by them. But stay positive as everything that happens around is for some purpose. The Tarot 2022 Predictions indicate that your professional and personal life both will go through major shifts. You will juggle between responsibilities of work and home and will try to maintain a perfect balance. This struggle will be beneficial for you in the long run and you will learn many life lessons to analyze and deal with different people and situations.

In the beginning, you will experience some major upheavals in your love life that will bring positivity and happiness. You will eventually see all your romantic fantasies coming true. Fateful encounters will turn into meaningful relationships and you will find the love and respect you desire. However, relationships will go through tough times and your patience will be tested. Stay grounded this time and communicate with your sweetheart. Express your thoughts and let your partner know what you want. Engage in meaningful conversation with your partner and do not let your overthinking spoil the small romantic moments.

Your Tarot reading 2022 horoscope suggests minor hiccups in your physical health. A healthy diet and regular exercise regime are necessary for elevating immunity power. Spiritually, the year will be good for attaining divine knowledge. Practicing older and traditional methods would prove more beneficial. 

Important Tip for Success in 2022- Take care of your health this year and develop a healthy routine. Moreover, as it is said by Alan Watts, “The only way to make sense out of the change is to dive into it, move with it and join the dance.”

Your Lucky Color for 2022– White and brown are your lucky hues for the 2022 year. Brown color relates to security, comfort, and material wealth, and hence wearing it at professional events may benefit. 

Your Lucky Crystal for 2022 – Emerald or Green tourmaline can be worn to bring luck, love and success. As per yearly Tarot reading 2022, these gemstones will offer you enlightenment and motivation to make most of the new opportunities.

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Libra Tarot Card Predictions

You know how to balance things out and this is what you have to do this year. Balance the work and home responsibilities and maintain the harmony between people. Let go of your fears and insecurities and work on your goals to achieve success and abundance, suggests Tarot 2022 predictions.

2022 is the family time for you. Share your feelings with your loved ones and let them know how much you value their support and compassion. Help the little ones and guide them to pursue honest and good ways. Encourage your partner to follow their dreams and give the respect and love that they deserve. This year, work on your personality and if you are looking for love, be clear of what you want. Keep things straight with your potential partner and commit only when you are sure of your feelings for them.

Your art of balancing will help you professionally. Probably, you will find an opportunity to work from home and handle projects off-site. Seize the opportunity and take it as a chance to showcase your skills and talent. However, this won’t be easy. You might be required to handle home and work simultaneously. Do not panic. Stay calm and approach the situation with a positive attitude. Financially, limit your expenses and keep aside some money for tackling unexpected health ailments.

Your need for growth, change and evolution is ongoing. Do not miss this chance. Put your best efforts and make the most of this year. Moreover, do not ignore your health and take effective measures to boost your immunity and mental powers. 

Important Tip for Success in 2022- Mindfulness is your key to success. As per Tarot reading 2022, practicing mindful eating and controlling spending habits is necessary for maximizing happiness. 

Your Lucky Color for 2022– You should prefer wearing Yellow and Golden hues at important events this year. These bright colors are good at boosting confidence and enthusiasm. 

Your Lucky Crystal for 2022 – Tarot predictions 2022 suggests White Quartz or Diamond for Libra natives. Wearing these stones will subside anger, stress and hurdles by encouraging emotional and spiritual vibrations.

Scorpio Tarot Card Predictions

Small but consistent efforts will help you to achieve your goals. This year, Scorpio, take life on a light note. Put your feet up and keep aside the worries that are draining your energy.  The Universe wants you to connect to your inner self and tune-up with your higher wisdom. Learn to forgive and forget and do not keep a vengeful attitude towards others. Remember, vengeance is toxic and with a toxic mind, you cannot see the brighter of life.

Leaving past grudges and forgiving your past will help you to heal sooner. You will find positivity in your mind and receive the solace that you are looking for. Seek love and maintain harmony in the relationship. 2022 is marking the season of love and it will shower the love and compassion. Probably, someone interesting will come into your life and love you the way you have always wanted.

Stepping up for evolution will uplift your professional career. Positive changes will boost your confidence and nurture your creative skills. You will be able to manage deadlines and engage in learning activities. Helping your colleagues will establish cordial relationships at the workplace. If you are freelancing or working from home, this year is about developing new skills.  that may help you in exploring new career dimensions.

2022 brings the energy to attract wealth and profits. Invest wisely and strive to generate more income resources. This is the time when you should focus on saving for the future and be more financially secure. For staying healthy and fit, spend on a nutritious diet and avoid eating junk and fast food. Overall, Tarot 2022 predictions show the possibility of enrichment and success. You may gain benefits from the places that you have least expected. There will be ample opportunities to rise and earn. So, stay positive and keep your finger crossed!

Important Tip for Success in 2022- Look at brighter aspects of people. Only finding faults in work can only make you lose your friends. For success, collaboration is important.

Your Lucky Color for 2022– White, off-white, and cream colors can bring harmony, peace, and love to your life. These hues and their tints balance your energies and offer the boost that is required for success.

Your Lucky Crystal for 2022 – Wearing Red Coral or Carnelian may prove lucky for you as per Tarot predictions 2022. These gemstones will bring luck by offering you strength and confidence.

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Sagittarius Tarot Card Predictions

2022 promises growth, abundance, and rewards to you, Sagittarius! Stay vigilant and grab the opportunities that are coming your way. This is the time when you may reap the rewards of hard work and find positive outcomes for your efforts. Work hard and be kind to others. Do not indulge in unhealthy habits, instead, adopt a healthy lifestyle and maintain a positive and patient approach towards life.

This is your year of turnarounds and breakthroughs. Chase your dreams and map out plans to execute your ideas. Upswing your career by showing your skills and do not shy away from taking risks. However, stay prepared for the crisis and create backup plans. If you are looking for a job change, this is the time to make the effort. Look for job opportunities and in the meantime, develop your career profile. Financially, maintain a balance between your spendings and incoming finances. Do not overspend and make sure you keep aside money for the hard times. This is not a good year for investments, thus don’t try your luck. Invest only when you are sure of the deals and financial ventures.

Things will be good on the romantic front. Passion will rise and you will experience the love showers. In relationships, work on resolving differences. Try to build a communication bridge and spend more quality time with your partner. For love birds, this may be the time to look forward to some serious commitments. Singles, wait for some more time to meet your dream partner.

Important Tip for Success in 2022- Trusting intuitions, healthy living, and wise judgments are the keys to prosper this year. You are advised to refrain from lying and losing your temper for profitable results.

Your Lucky Color for 2022– Hues of Green and Turquoise will help you nurture and energize your spirits. You should avoid orange and yellow colors at the time of distress suggests the Tarot prediction horoscope. 

Your Lucky Crystal for 2022 – For your outgoing, calm, and friendly personality, Tarot cards predictions suggest Ruby and Yellow Sapphire. These crystals will be very encouraging and are likely to bring out your best version in the coming year. 

Capricorn Tarot Card Predictions

This year, be the creator of your own destiny and do everything that you have always wanted to do. Pursue your dreams and engage in the activities that you have always loved. You have been running in the rat race and struggling to achieve the place where you are. Now, enjoy the abundance and live life to the fullest. The Universe is asking you to surrender and enjoy life’s pleasures. Leave the worries and contemplate on your achievements.

Professionally, strive for excellence but also take time for your family and friends. Do not let the work stress take a toll on you. Be steady to your goals and try to manage the time and work. Prioritizing work can change your life. It may help you focus on your work and optimize time to get more work done. New job opportunities are brimming and if you are looking for a good job or position, this year you will see things turning in your favor. Financially, you may expect profits and good returns from your past investments. Track your funds regularly and limit spending on things that create burden on your monthly budget. Investing in long-term finances will be fruitful.

Learn to prioritize your happiness. Speak of your feelings and share what you want from your partner. Do not burden yourself alone instead hand off the responsibilities to your partner and take some time out for yourself. If you are looking for love, Tarot predicts that you are in for something interesting. There are chances that you will meet someone who will share the same belief and ideas as you have. Keep your hopes high as you never know when love is coming your way.

Capricorn, understand you cannot live your life for others. This year, focus on your happiness and let go of the things that are not meant for you.

Important Tip for Success in 2022- Jealousy and conventional nature can restrict you from attaining heights. Bring changes in your attitude and try to avoid backbiting about others.

Your Lucky Color for 2022– yellow, orange, and light shades will brighten up your life. These bright colors imply power, energy, and intelligence. You may wear these hues and their shades to elevate positivity, memory, and happiness.

Your Lucky Crystal for 2022 – Blue Sapphire and Diamond will help you stay active and strong in 2022. You will realize your personal strengths and will likely feel more confident to make important decisions.

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Aquarius Tarot Card Predictions

This will be a year of twists and turns, Aquarius. Learn to deal with things more strategically and be more diplomatic with people around.  Do not continue to be impulsive. Stay patient with things and maintain consistency in everything you do. It’s time when you should overcome your fears and insecurities and tap into your higher wisdom. Believe in yourself and set out to turn all your dreams into reality.

It’s all about love in 2022. Although you are not into emotional things fully, this year, you will feel the chilly feelings of love and romance. You and your partner will work on your relationship, build plans and stay on the same page to make things work. Even for singles, this year will mark the beginning of a new relationship. Expect to meet your soulmate who will understand your goals, give you proper space, and share the same ideologies about life.

While chasing your goals you will enjoy the rewards and appreciation for your hard work. As per 2022 tarot readings, you will find the right way to succeed and get recognition for your good work in the past. You may find helping hands at the workplace who will help you to learn and grow in your profession. Enjoy this time of growth and gather knowledge as much as possible. In terms of money, do not haste. Stay patient and wait for the right opportunity to invest. This year, you will have immense opportunities to grow your wealth and increase your income sources. However, saving is the key to gaining financial freedom.

Overall, love. luck and money, everything is on cards. Just realize your strength and make the smart one. You never know which move of yours will change your life forever. Do not stop, just keep going!

Important Tip for Success in 2022- You tend to lose friends due to your cold and distant nature. This year, communicate with your old friends and reconnect with your old connections. At work and personal front, networking and good communication will help you gain success.  

Your Lucky Color for 2022– Purple or Indigo is the lucky color for you in 2022. It helps in achieving spiritual transformation, artistic abilities, and relaxation. Avoiding red, brown colors are suggested by psychic experts. 

Your Lucky Crystal for 2022 – The energies of Lolite and Blue sapphire will keep you safe and positive this year. It will encourage you to lead groups and eliminate unnecessary obstacles. 

Pisces Tarot Card Predictions

2022 is about trusting yourself. Have faith in yourself, your abilities and the great willpower that you won. You have the power to pass any hurdles and achieve what you have always thought is impossible. Groove your personality and practice self-love. This year, you are about to witness a big change emotionally as well as professionally. Be ready for new things and do not let your emotions overpower your intelligence.

A beautiful chapter is about to start this year. You may meet your love of life and may begin a meaningful healthy relationship. However, be smart and trust your hunches to save yourself from hurt. If you are already in a steady relationship, work on rekindling the spark that feels missing between you and your partner. This is an exciting year for relationships and with emotional intelligence, you may head to a long-lasting intimate relationship.

Procrastination can damage your potential and career. Thus, organize yourself and leave the habit of delaying important tasks for later. Focus on accomplishing targets on time. Meet the deadlines and ensure that you put in your best efforts. Those who are looking for better career prospects will find luck in law, medicine, and creative fields. Creativity will be the key to success this year. Tracking money is essential in 2022. As Tarot future predictions signal unexpected events and health issues that may cause unnecessary dent in your wallet. Save money, look for new income resources and be cautious when it comes to investments and buying assets.

Pisces, you always ignore your happiness while taking care of others. This year, crave out and take time to care for yourself and kindle your own fire. Roar your way to excellence!

Important Tip for Success in 2022- Act more and daydream less. This year, your main focus should be on implementing your plans rather than just thinking about them. A proactive attitude and strategic approach would help you gain the desired success

Your Lucky Color for 2022– Green, Blue and Purple are the lucky hues that can make you feel tranquil, relaxed, and confident. It elevates creativity and boosts your intuitive abilities to a great extent.

Your Lucky Crystal for 2022 – Pearl and Yellow Topaz will be your lucky gemstones in the year 2022. These gemstones will inspire you to take on new roles and maximize your potential. 

So, these were the future predictions by tarot cards for the year 2022. Live 2022 to the fullest, and plan your days with Tarot predictions online. You may also check your Tarot card predictions by dob or birthdate to reveal your Birth Tarot suggesting strengths, goals, challenges and the most important thing to learn in the new year. 

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