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Why Love Compatibility is Important According to Astrology?

Why Love Compatibility is Important According to Astrology?

Falling in love is easy, it’s staying in love that is the most difficult part in a relationship. A love compatibility test in astrology can really help you gain confidence in your relationship and take it to the next level, when the time feels right.

Astrology compatibility by date of birth is a priceless tool that helps in gaining a deep understanding about self, which is necessary for a successful relationship and an Astrology love compatibility can help you find the answers to your doubts related to your relationship with your partner.

Relationships come to an end and marriages fall apart, not because of lack of love, but because of lack of compatibility and lack of guidance. But the bigger question is what exactly is compatibility?


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Is it really as simple as having similar thought process and common points of interests? Or is it more than that? Is it possible for two entirely opposite people to be compatible?

Let’s find out

Defining Compatibility From an Astrological Point of View

Calculating love compatibility in astrology by birth date needs analysing the planets in different houses that impact the way you behave and act in relationship, what you expect in a relationship, what you need in a relationship to feel emotionally content, the challenges you face in a relationship and the way you need to deal with the challenges in your relationship with your partner to make it an everlasting love bond.

‘Falling in Love’ is the first step of a relationship, but it needs willingness, self-understanding, commitment, compassion, communication and patience to create a loving relationship that brings mutual happiness.

Let’s try to understand how astrology compatibility by date of birth helps you decode your relationship needs, identify a compatible partner and finding ways to get through the challenges in your relationship in order to nurture and retain a mutually loving relationship

What You Need In Love- Compatibility Test For Understanding Yourself

Self Understanding Can Make Your Relationship Stronger

A love compatibility calculator App describes the astrology compatibility by date of birth, that lists the astrological aspects which affect you and your

partner in different facets of the relationship.

The most important part in a relationship is being aware of yourself and your needs in a relationship, and love compatibility astrology by birth date helps you in getting a better understanding about the same.

Love compatibility by birth date and name draws your birth chart or natal chart that provides a detailed map of your desires, values, strengths, inner resources and ideals that both the partners bring in to the relationship.

The astrological aspects also define the level of communication in a relationship, for instance, an individual is likely to struggle in finding the right words to express their emotions if their Mercury is in a water sign (Scorpio, Cancer or Pisces). In addition to this, an astrology compatibility by date of birth also indicates about the level of intimacy required for an individual in order to feel the emotional connect in the relationship.

Nurturing Your Emotional Needs- Impact Of Lunar Aspects

Nurturing Lunar Love

Love compatibility in astrology based on the love compatibility calculator report, prepared using the astrology compatibility by date of birth supports understanding of how an individual finds comfort and emotional support in a relationship.

Every human being is different and even though everyone has similar emotional needs, the importance and how they meet those needs differ from person to person. The lunar aspects in astrology aspects list, helps in understanding the amount of emotional support and comfort an individual needs and how they can fulfill that need by themselves, rather than depending on their significant other to do that for them.

For instance, as per the astrology aspect list, an individual with their Moon in Sagittarius- adventure and travel may be more nurturing, while for someone whose Moon is in Taurus, may cherish a quiet meal in a stable home environment.

The more self sufficient and self nourishing an individual is, the more stable their relationship with their partner will be.

How You Communicate In A Relationship- Mercury Defines

Mercury and Communication in a Relationship

Every individual has different ways of expressing their feelings and emotions, and things tend to get more complicated when it comes to communicating in a relationship.

In astrology compatibility by date of birth, placement of the Mercury in an individual’s birth chart plays an important role in describing how they communicate in a relationship. Understanding the operation of the astrological aspect mercury, helps in building the connection in a relationship.

Communication plays the most important role in relationships, given the fact that most relationships suffer from miscommunication or communication gaps, causing emotional instability for both the partners.

True soulmate love calculator focuses on understanding the position of Mercury in birth charts of both the partners in love compatibility by birth date and name, and describe how it affects the partners in order to gain knowledge of your partner’s need for communication in your relationship.

Individuals with Mercury in the Earth signs like Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn tend to be overly cautious while communicating with their partners. While individuals with Mercury in Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces), don’t need very obvious words for communicating their feelings, as they understand the feelings behind your words.

The individuals with Mercury in Fire signs (Aries, Leo and Saggitarius) and Air signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) don’t have problems finding the exact words to express their feelings, although at times they themselves don’t remember what exactly they said.

Work Through Your Challenges In Love With Guidance From Mars

Mars Guide For Challenges In Your Relationships

The major challenges in any relationship originate in the aspects of emotional connection, sexual intimacy and shared finances.

So, when you decide to move to the next, more committed level in your relationship, compatibility test using the love compatibility calculator, can help in understanding the astrological aspects of Mars in your birth chart.

Love compatibility in astrology by birth date defines how each partner overcomes the challenges in love relationships. Mars helps in identifying different individual’s ways of coping with obstacles and challenges in love, how they keep their individuality alive in a relationship, as the placement of Mars in natal chart will help in identifying what you actually love and are attracted to, and also how you react when your personal boundaries are crossed.

Finding Someone to Love

Love compatibility astrology facilitates individuals with their love compatibility by birth date and name that helps them recognise their needs in a relationship by gaining knowledge about self.

True love soulmate calculator provides a clear understanding of self and your partner that helps you in embracing your soul connections to evolve into more fulfilled beings.

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