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Birthstone Guide As Per Birthday Month

Birthstone Guide As Per Birthday Month

The very idea of ​​precious stones according to the date of birth of a person originates from ancient times when the Greeks, Egyptians, Romans, Indians and Persians appropriated different stones according to the date of birth of a person. In several cultures, a certain stone corresponded to each month. The whole system of stones for the months of the year originates from the Biblical system that was created many centuries ago.

The effects of precious and semi-precious stones can be extreme on their owners. While the right choice can bring a lot of success in the wearer’s life, the wrong choice of a gemstone can adversely affect the owner and can have some serious repercussions.


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So, it gets extremely important to go for an Astrology Reading before wearing one and also you can wear a gemstone as per your birth month. Another way of finding the most suitable gemstone for you is, which is a more accurate one as well, is birth chart.

So, let us find out what is your lucky gemstone as per your month of birth through this birthstone guide by month.

January Birthstone – Garnet

January Birthstone - Garnet

Garnet increases willpower, gives energy and improves self-esteem. This gem has the power to protect you from nightmares and snake bites. Garnet is a symbol of elevation of mental strength, positive, indefatigable energy, which will help not only to remove chronic depression, but also to endure any life difficulties.

This is a gemstone of life, passion, and movement. It appeals to people who are active, and purposeful, and helps them in achieving their goals and find what they want.

But those who have a weak energy, and an inert life position, Garnet will not be able to bring benefit.

February Birthstone – Amethyst

February Birthstone - Amethyst

Amethyst symbolizes spiritual purity, dedication to ideals and integrity of thoughts. This birthstone is able to reflect bad forebodings, strengthen sleep, save memory and protect from the vice of drunkenness and drug addiction. The wearer of this gemstone will be bestowed with health, a happy life, and will get protection from negative energies.

It is believed that this gemstone is a symbol of harmony and relaxation, therefore it brings peace, and mental calm in the wearer’s life. Moreover, Amethyst is believed to preserve youth and beauty for many years.

March Birthstone – Aquamarine

March Birthstone - Aquamarine

Stone tends to strengthen the spirit of a person and expose deception. Aquamarine is one of the most magical stones. This gemstone has a calming effect on its owner; like a calm seascape – it calms the mind and emotions. Its energies are clear and pure.

Aquamarine is a talisman of true love, protecting friendship and preserving justice. If you wear this gemstone, you get protected from all types of dangers and deception. Moreover, it strengthens spirituality and gives prudence.

Aquamarine has positive energy, improves mood, revives the mind and heals laziness.

April Birthstone – Diamond

April Birthstone - Diamond

Diamond has a powerful healing power for the human body and spirit and enhances the influence of other stones. But it can bring both happiness and unhappiness.

Diamond is a symbol of innocence, firmness and courage, perfection, invincibility and power. It strengthens all energy centers in a person, gives him/her strength and courage, and brings happiness and success in all matters.

The stone is the personification of courage and bravery, integrity and dominion. This gemstone brings good luck, and self-confidence. A diamond helps a person to open up, and to become more communicative.

May Birthstone – Emerald

May Birthstone - Emerald

Emerald is a source of confidence, and blesses one with a positive attitude towards life. This gem can hone one’s creative abilities and strengthen intuition. The magic of Emerald affects the quality of a person: gives one the opportunity to dwell on the positive and blocks the negative.

Those who wear Emerald become more successful in the field of communication. They are blessed with excellent oratorical skills, improved mental activity and creative abilities. The stone has a positive effect on the welfare of the owner. In addition, the mineral suppresses manifestations of aggression, rudeness, and intolerance. This stone can increase self-esteem and generally paints life in bright colors.

June Birthstone – Pearl

June Birthstone - Pearl

Magical properties of Pearl give a calming state to the owner and set his ebb and flow in life. It brings purity, encourages faith and love, and ensures personal integrity. Thanks to the water and the moon element, Pearl pretty well balances emotions. By wearing this gemstone, one can feel a sense of calm in their mind and a balance in their thoughts.

July Birthstone – Ruby

July Birthstone - Ruby

First of all, ruby is a stone of power.

Also, this gem is a symbol of love. It helps the people who own them find love, compassion. It can instill the feeling of self-sacrifice, selflessness both to individuals and to humanity as a whole, thereby bringing harmony and joy to the world.

Ruby helps to overcome the forces of darkness, to fight fear. It is a stone of superiority, but also vanity. It attracts happiness. Ruby strengthens the person and drives away longing.

August Birthstone – Peridot

August Birthstone - Peridot

The birthstone provides family stability, prosperity and happiness, and also strengthens family ties and relationships.

This gem will help overcome life changes and resolve all difficulties. It is believed that this stone helps to become stronger in the realization of important plans and dreams. It makes your intuition better and gives you clarity in life. The person who has this gemstone feels light, calm and happy.

Among the magical properties of the stone is protection from negative emotions. It can reduce stress, especially in relationships, and helps get rid of anger and jealousy. It also helps to improve relationships of all kinds, especially in marriage.

Peridot is associated with money and wealth. It attracts good luck, eliminates unfavorable energy, provides peace and tranquility, maintains good health. Peridot has the ability to maintain a balance of mind and body.

September Birthstone – Sapphire

September Birthstone - Sapphire

Sapphire is called the stone of fate. It has a magical property to attract financial gain. It enhances attractiveness, gives confidence and helps in the realization of goals.

Sapphire is attributed the properties to protect and heal its wearer, to develop talents and one’s best qualities. It is believed that this stone of heavenly clarity and purity brings prudence. It brings hope, good health, strength, joy, vigor and faith. I

October Birthstones – Opal

October Birthstones - Opal

Opal is a stone of inspiration; it is able to influence the imagination and enhance inspiration. Wearing Opal can enhance one’s creative and innovative abilities. This stone can enhance feelings and desires, including passion and love. This is a perfect stone to help achieve goals, it will help to accumulate and redirect the forces in the right direction for victory.

The stone also makes people clean up and maintain cleanliness, both in the head and in the house, and is able to control the mind of a person, influencing his organizational activities and coordination of movements.

November Birthstones – Citrine

November Birthstones - Citrine

Citrine is a legendary stone, known since ancient times for its ability to eliminate negative influences of any kind. At the same time, it does not absorb the negative, but dissipates it. It is useful for removing unwanted energies from any space, even from home, office, car, etc. Family problems caused by external influences can be resolved thanks to Citrine. Thus, it works great as a talisman.

It is good for meditation and removes all the negative from the aura, promotes spiritual growth. Also helps to memorize dreams.

Faceted citrine is a lucky stone. They believe that it can bring happiness to the person who wears it. It eliminates depression and mood swings. It reduces the destructive tendencies themselves, as it makes it possible to overcome the emotional trauma and grief that causes such tendencies.

December Birthstones – Tanzanite/ Turquoise

December Birthstones - Tanzanite_Turquoise

Tanzanite increases the owner’s charm and makes him more attractive to the opposite sex. Thanks to this stone, a person can find true love and build a strong family.

The gemstone helps to find the right solution even in the most difficult situations. In addition, tanzanite guides a person on the right path and helps him realize his mission in life.

Turquoise brings happiness in love, establishes peace in the family, ends the quarrel of spouses, attracts friends and excites sympathy for its owner.


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The birthstone brings well-being and prosperity (it brings money to the owner), makes the intuition stronger, makes a person ambitious, courageous, and insightful.

The main property of Turquoise is to reconcile everything hostile, to pacify quarrels, to establish peace in everything, to divert unjustified anger and evil thoughts.

Who has not dreamed of a magical assistant which would protect his owner from negative events, while attracting good luck, success and happiness?

So, it is time for you to get your own gemstone! But do not forget that they manifest their magical properties to the maximum when you believe in their power. Each month has its own unique stone, and each of it has a unique meaning and historical significance. The gemstone of your month will possess incredible abilities, such as luck, health and prosperity. But, before you plan on wearing one, it is always advisable to talk to an experienced Astrologer!

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