General Interpretation & Meaning of the King of Pentacles Tarot

General Interpretation & Meaning of the King of Pentacles Tarot

08 Apr, 2020 / Tarot

Upright general interpretation & meaning of King of Pentacles.

The basic meaning of the King of Pentacles tarot cards is maturity and analyzing the deep aspects of the things from start to the end. This tarot card   is the representation of a king who is supportive, reliable and steady in his approach. This tarot card also represents the results of burning midnight oil, getting better day by day, achievement of goals and being boastful of the results achieved. This tarot card reading represents a phase of transformation and deep introspection along with the zenith of success in material aspects of life. The scepter & crown of this tarot card are the representation of authority & strength. He need not get violent or use his indiscriminate power on others. The basic nature of this tarot card is that he is extremely responsible and dependable. This tarot card is focused on practical aspects more compared to the emotional matters and hence may come across as stubborn at times. This tarot card is a symbol of masculinity and he is the man that you absolutely trust and believe in. Upright King of Pentacles Meaning

Upright meaning of the Love & Relationships

The King of Pentacles love upright meaning is an indication that you may feel stable, comfortable and secure in your existing relationship. This tarot card in your love tarot reading depicts that you are quite serious in your love relationship. The singles may expect someone special coming their way and the same will be a steady relationship in the long run. The King of Pentacles love also indicates that this is an apt time to sit back and have fun with all the persistent stringent work you have done in the past. If you desire for a settled life and looking for a partner who can provide you all comfort (Emotional, financial & physical) then this tarot card is the apt card in your reading. This card may also depict that you may get to meet someone special who has all the traits of this tarot card . However, in some of the cases, the partner may not be emotionally expressive and he/she may struggle to express the feelings but he/she will make up for this lacuna by being a great & robust provider who will leave no stone unturned to provide all type of comforts to his/her partner and the much needed sense of security.

Upright meaning of Money & Career

With regards to the aspects of career, the King of Pentacles is considered to be good to be a positive sign. The very presence of this tarot card can be a morale booster and it may take you to the pinnacle of success in your career & business front. You may reach a new level of status in your work or profession or achieve your targets in a seamless manner. This tarot card also depicts that a mature and an elderly man may motivate and give you the much needed support. This man may play a pivotal role and may give his valuable support, precious time and above all his thoughts, if you can listen to him then it may work wonders for you. This tarot card in your reading also indicates that you may go ahead and pursue a career in the fields like banking, finance or business. On the finance front, this tarot card looks to be a positive sign and it depicts that you may generate good returns due to your sheer hard work. You may get the much needed financial stability in your life; wise investments made in the past will play a pivotal role in the same. Through this tarot card in your reading, you may feel stable, splurge a bit on luxuries and donate some amount to the needy people as well. [xyz-ips snippet="new-to-tarot"]

Upright meaning of wellness & Health

The King of Pentacles in your reading is a good sign on the health front and your physical capability and overall health should be awesome. This card in your reading depicts that you may expect your health level to be stable and good. If you have been suffering from some ailments in the past, with this tarot card in your reading, you may expect them to fade away. The health problems may not look as bad as you think them to be. You should think deeply about the activities

Upright meaning of Spirituality

For years, you have been engrossed in making yourself financially stable and hence could not focus on spirituality. Now, with the King of Pentacles in your reading, you have the opportunity to think about the same. Whatever you needed or craved for is now at its place and you may now diversify your horizons and make connection with your inner self. The same will give you a feel good factor. Reversed King of Pentacles Meaning

Reversed general interpretation & meaning of King of Pentacles.

On the tarot spread, the King of Pentacles reversed depicts that you may get distracted and lose control over the life aspects. You may not see the things in their right perspective and you may also not achieve your targets as per the King of Pentacles reversed. You may have to face the failure and your social status may fade away, predicts this minor Arcana card. You may also take some impulsive decisions in haste, your approach may be impractical, may take some risks based on the poor advice and your judgment may be bad as per this tarot cardin your reading. Also, this is a high time that you develop a positive attitude to embark on the path of success, advises this tarot card. There can be two different versions of the person as per the King of Pentacles reversed that may be poles apart as per the King of Pentacles reversed. One is a corrupt person who does not care for others; he is extremely greedy and unfaithful as well. He may try to motivate other people around him to reach that level which he himself is incapable of achieving. He does not care and is only after money. The other fellow is lethargic and is not able to work properly on the business front. He is a quintessential gambler and filled with loads of negative thoughts.  

Reversed meaning of relationships & Love

The King of Pentacles reversed in love reading may be an indication that you’re beloved may go through really turbulent times due to a lot of pressure in work and business. Your endeavor should be to stand by them and make them feel important much more than their work. This tarot card in love reading states that if you are single and looking to mingle then you might have to check the factor of a vast difference in your income levels. The person with higher income may pamper you with lavish gifts but this may be a trap, be cautious! Be open to such a situation and compromise for the same because the person with higher income may try to dominate you. For the people in an existing relationship, King of Pentacles reversed indicates that the sense of security, stability & comfort may be lost in your relationship and the same has been causing friction between you and your partner. There may be a lot of hustle & bustle in your relationship like trying to take control of each other, manipulative tendency , being jealous and becoming over possessive as per the King of Pentacles reversed card. Also, if this is a representation of a fellow in a relationship then the King of Pentacles reversed may depict an old man who is irresponsible, no supportive, impatient, unstable and unreliable. He may be engaged in illicit relationships, visit prostitutes and e disloyal & cheat in his demeanor. This fellow may engage in some wrongdoings and risky activities like gambling and also ignore his family including the children by being lethargic or overly inclined towards the material objects. He may give a cold shoulder and be ignorant towards the feelings of his partner. Also, he may try to dominate through the money and curb his partner.  

Reversed meaning of Career & Money Matters

The King of Pentacles reversed in money matters advice that thinking long term is the best way while dealing with the money & finance matters. If you get to see some short term roadblocks, do not lose heart and continue to work towards attaining your long term goals, advises this tarot card. Do not lose heart if you face some financial losses, it's just a bad phase, this too shall pass! Be positive with your approach. In general this tarot card is considered to be unlucky as it indicates the fall of the business empire. Those who are working for some other organization may lack the motivation, sense of commitment or determination to work. This tarot card may also signify extortion and corruption so be fair with your business dealings and also this minor Arcana card indicates an old man who can demotivate you from doing your work. If you are gunning for the promotion or raise in your pay then you may not qualify for the same at this moment.   This tarot card advises you to associate yourself with positive people and maintain distance from negative people. This card also indicates that you may not have an appropriate financial plan to tackle the situation and become secure. On the flip side, you may have abundant money as well but you may be a bit miser and spendthrift, you should be large-hearted and share your wealth with others, suggests this tarot card. [xyz-ips snippet="free-tarot-insights"]

Reversed meaning of Health

The King of Pentacles reversed in the health reading suggests that if you are brave enough and may stand up to face the health ailments. Also, be a little tough and don’t let the negative feelings creep into your mind. Just because you could not attain certain fitness goals does not mean that you are a complete failure, rise up and be brave! This tarot card indicates that you may be unstable and insecure regarding your health; the same may lead to anxiety. You may become over obsessed with the issues and ailments may surround you. This tarot card indicates that you need to sit back and just relax. Move out and visit your doctor and get yourself thoroughly checked. Do not become ill because of tensions and worries. This tarot card also indicates that you may indulge in an unhealthy lifestyle and take undue stress through excessive workload or on the flip side, you may become extremely lethargic. This tarot card advises you to find the much needed balance in your work and life, find time for each activity and remember that you should follow moderation in each of the activities. Once you find moderation, you will lead a happy and healthy life.

Reversed meaning of spirituality

The king of Pentacles reversed indicates that you have been trying too hard to become financially secure for a long time.   Can allow, your brain may become more open and this would be a great breather in your life. You need to do a bit less to earn your livelihood. This Tarot card suggests that if you can develop inclination towards spirituality or develop your understanding towards the same, you may get immense benefits  in the future  and long run. The King of Pentacles reversed gives an indication that you have been engrossed in pursuit of the material assets and monetary benefits that you have forgotten your actual path. This tarot card indicates that you are lost in the path of the material world and need to find your true essence. Remember that when you leave this world then what actually will matter is the love you have given to others and the care you depicted. The King of Pentacles reversed says that your material possessions, cash, Big bungalows, luxury cars, expensive & luxury items won’t matter much. The King of Pentacles reversed in your reading urges you to start looking at the things that matter more in your life and follow the right path of spiritual enlightenment. Sit back, think again and start making connections with the people that matter the most before it gets too late!
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