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Four of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning – Upright & Reversed

Four of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning – Upright & Reversed

Four of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

Tarot Four of Pentacles signifies that you are stuck to possessions, or past situations and issues. This Minor Arcana is believed to be both; a positive and a negative card.

When this Minor Arcana appears in your readings it can indicates your past deep seated issues that are still affecting you.

The readings of this card varies according to its position in the spread. If you want to know in detail about the readings of this card on various aspects of your life then hop into this Four of Pentacles tarot guide. 

Four of Pentacles Key Facts

Four of Pentacles is the 4th tarot card in the Suit of Pentacles of the Minor Arcana Tarot Cards list

  • Element- Earth
  • Planet– Saturn
  • Astrological Sign- Capricorn
  • Number- 4

Four of Pentacles Tarot Card Description

Four of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning Upright  Four of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning Reversed
Insecurity, possessiveness, hoarding, stability, savings, materialism, boundaries, guardedness Spending, giving, financial security, reckless spending, openness

Four of Pentacles depicts a man seated on a stool beyond the confines of his hometown. Despite the coin being tightly grasped, his arms look like they are tightened around it as if he fears losing it if he loosens them.

An additional pentacle rests on his head, impairing his connection with spirit, and a pair of pentacles sits comfortably on each of his feet. He is clearly not looking for his coins to be stolen. Due to his attachment to money, he cannot leave the house or move anywhere else. It is impossible for him to speak to anyone, including his friends and family in the community behind him. Having become fixated on wealth, the man remains in one place.

Four of Pentacles Time-Based Readings

Four of Pentacles Past Interpretations

Four of Pentacles tarot meaning in the past readings indicate that you are hovering around something materialistic in the past which is responsible for your current position. Sometimes, in order to move on for a better future, it is necessary to break the old bonds and let go of the past.

These past readings can also signal that you are trying to reconnect with your childhood memories (not good ones though) and this is keeping you from moving ahead in life. It is suggested that you only remember the good things from the past to live a better life.

Four of Pentacles Present Interpretations

The present readings of the Four of Pentacles tarot can mean that you are stuck on something which is of utmost importance according to you. But in reality, it is not. This card suggests leaving those things as it will not be beneficial for you to move ahead with them in the future.

This card in the present position can also mean that you are too busy in your work life that you have no time left for your personal life. This is not the right thing to do. Try to make a balance between both lives. Try to figure out what is important and what is not.

Four of Pentacles Future Interpretations

The future interpretation of Four of Pentacles indicates that you will desire a sense of materialistic and monetary security. You will be well taken care of on earthly planes. The time has come for you to examine how you want to spend your time here on earth. Take a good look at the card. In addition to holding one and having one on his head, the central character stands on the Pentacles. His foundation is financial wealth, his property is wealth, his mindset is wealth. Can you imagine being that way?

Four of Pentacles Yes or No Tarot Interpretation

Four of Pentacles yes or no readings are likely to work as a YES in the majority of the readings. Condition implied that you need to be a little cautious while taking every step in life.

Will my relationship last?

Yes, your relationship might last if you let go of your past.

Will I succeed in my career?

Yes, you will succeed in your career if you work hard.

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Four of Pentacles Upright Card Meanings In Tarot Reading or Spread

Four of Pentacles Upright Tarot Card Meanings: 

Upright Love Meaning  Upright Career Meaning Upright Finance Meaning Upright Health Meaning Upright Spiritual Meaning
Jealousy, clingy lover, feeling insecure, holding onto past Not working in collaboration, paranoia, impostor syndrome Stable finances, frugality, saving for future Constipation, water retention Deviating from the spiritual path

General Meaning of Four of Pentacles Upright Tarot

Four of pentacles in upright position is not likely to give favorable readings when occurred in your tarot spread. This card indicates that you are not letting go fo your past issues or possessions which is restricting you from moving towards better things in life.

When this card appears in your relationship readings it can signify that you or your partner are facing insecurities in the relationship or there is some grudges from the past which you two are not ready to let go off.

In context to job, career or finance expecting this card is not a good omen as it can indicate fear of losing a job or suffering financial losses by being careless or indulging in gambling or Ponzi schemes to make money. This card also signals towards the bad mental and physical health and retentions.

Four of Pentacles Tarot Upright in Love and Relationship Readings

Four of Pentacles in love and relationship readings is not a great card to expect. This Minor Arcana card can mean that either you or your spouse is getting insecure, possessive, or jealous in the relationship. It can also mean that you are holding onto some past issues or grudges which are adversely affecting your bond with your partner.

Whether you choose to forgive your partner and move forward together or end the relationship will depend on how they wronged you. Holding on to grudges breeds resentment and is toxic.

The upright position of Four of Pentacles as feelings for single natives can mean that they are not ready to enter into a new relationship as they are still holding onto the baggage of the past. This is making them fear change in life. It is advised that to move ahead in life you should have an open mindset and should welcome new things that come your way.

Four of Pentacles Tarot Upright in Work and Career Readings

Four of Pentacles Tarot card reading in work and career readings can mean that you are at a stable position in your career. At the same time, you are also in constant fear of losing your position. It is suggested that do not let fear dictate your life. Stop being paranoid as your hard work will always give you justice.

This card can also mean that your fear of losing your position is stopping you from collaborating with your colleagues for the project work. You are being possessive about your clients and are trying to go solo while dealing with them.

Four of Pentacles Tarot Upright in Money Readings

Four of Pentacles meaning in context to money readings indicate your financial stability and security. When this card appears in your readings it can mean that you trying to get a hold on your monetary wealth either through savings or by investing in real estate.

Four of Pentacles Tarot Upright In Health Readings

The health readings of Four of Pentacles is similar to the Three of pentacles tarot which reflects that you are holding the baggage of past issues which is directly affecting your mental health and overall health. You have become so pessimistic that you are not ready to welcome new opportunities in life.

It is advised that you start living a healthy life by letting go of your past. This card also represents retention so there are chances that you might be suffering from water retention or constipation if it appears in your reading.

Four of Pentacles Tarot Upright in Spiritual Readings

The spiritual readings of Four of Pentacles signifies that you are unable to move on the path of spirituality because you are still stuck in your past. This baggage from the past is stopping you from stepping into a beautiful future.

You are still surrounded by the fear, negativity, or regret from the past which is hindering your growth. It is advised that you need to let go of the negativity. Meditation can help. To know more about the spiritual readings of other cards you can also get access to Tarot card reading free here.

Four of Pentacles Reversed Card Meanings In Tarot Reading or Spread

Four of Pentacles Reversed Card Meanings

Four of Pentacles Reversed Tarot Card Meanings: 

Reversed Love Meaning  Reversed Career Meaning Reversed Finance Meaning Reversed Health Meaning Reversed Spiritual Meaning
Overcoming past relationship and jealousy Generosity with colleagues, risky work decisions Charity, donating, spending, sharing resources Recovering from anxiety Connecting with spiritual path

General Meaning of Four of Pentacles Reversed Tarot

The reversed position of Four of Pentacles is a good omen. It indicates that you are in the position to let go of possession, people or situations of the past. This gives favorable readings in context to love and relationship. It means that you have sorted out things with your partner to keep your relationship healthy. Whereas it can also mean moving away from a toxic relationship for your own good.

This card also shows positive outcomes in context to health readings. It indicates towards a speedy recovery from all the anxieties and retentions that you have been suffering from.

Four of Pentacles Tarot Reversed in Love and Relationship Readings

Four of Pentacles reversed love readings are said to be positive. This card is a good omen if it appears in a reversed position. It indicates that you are trying your best to give a positive direction to your relationship. You are now in a position where you have overcome your past situations.

Four of Pentacles love also indicates that you have gathered the courage to get away from your toxic yet hard to leave the relationship. This is the best thing you have done to move ahead in life for better things. So you should be proud of yourself.

If this card appears in the readings of single natives, then this means that they are ready to enter into a new relationship by letting go of the past baggage. You have overcome all the fears and insecurities which were stopping you from moving ahead in life.

Four of Pentacles Tarot Reversed in Work and Career Reading

It is a positive card to expect in your work and career readings. This card means that you are no more afraid of losing your job role and are ready to collaborate with your colleagues to achieve efficient outcomes from the project. You are also ready to guide your juniors at every level which is a good thing.

However, in some cases, this card can also indicate losing a job or failing a business. It’s better to read this card in combination with other Minor or Major Arcana cards. You must be wondering What is Major arcana tarot card? Well, you can know about it here.


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Four of Pentacles Tarot Reversed in Money Readings

When the reverse Four of Pentacles appear in your money readings it can mean that you are not able to manage your finances which is leading you to suffer monetary losses. The reason behind this can be either your carelessness or risky investments. It can also mean that you have lost some of your valuable assets either through theft or by getting involved in some gambling or Ponzi schemes.

Four of Pentacles Tarot Reversed In Health Readings

The occurrence of Four of Pentacles in health readings is a good omen as it indicates that you are recovering from your past situations and relationships and you are ready to look forward to new things in life. This is also improving your mental health. If you have been suffering from some anxieties in your past then be ready to heal from it if this card appears in your health readings.

Four of Pentacles Tarot Reversed In Spiritual Readings

The meaning of Four of Pentacles in spiritual readings is an indication that you are letting go of your past baggage which is inclining you to the path of spirituality. You are likely to make progress by overcoming your regrets, fear, and negativity. You will approach things with an open mindset.

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Four of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning Summary

Four of Pentacles is believed to give both good and bad readings when appeared in your spread. In its upright position this Minor Arcana denotes holding onto past baggage, situation, or possession. In context to relationship readings it can be a bad omen as it indicates either you or your partner is getting insecure, jealous or possessive in the relationship. This will further impact the bond between you two. If you want to know the compatibility between you and your partner then using a Love compatibility calculator is good idea.

In context to money, health and career, expecting this card is not a good omen.

In reversed position this card is believed to give positive readings in context to your love, health and career.

No matter what fate brings in for you but you should always keep a positive mindset and should give your best in everything.

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