Complete Information About Destiny Number in Numerology

Complete Information About Destiny Number in Numerology

24 Jun, 2019 / Numerology

“I wish I could change my destiny.” Once or while we all have uttered the line and thought to have a destiny number that may unlock the count of fortune. But does it really happen or it's just a phantasm?Those who know about numerology would surely agree with such number. But, there are many who still are unaware of the fact that they can actually change their luck and embrace fortune with destiny number calculator.

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If you are eager to make a change, read on and explore the hidden aspects of your destiny number. The post covers everything from basic to advanced, which may help you to transform life the way you want. So, let’s begin the journey to know your destiny number.

From “What is my destiny number” to “how to find my destiny number?” all the answers to your numerology destiny number questions can be found. Here you may also learn how to calculate your destiny number with easy destiny number calculations.

What is Destiny Number?

Destiny is not confined to one thing or can be associated with one phase of life. It impacts all. In the same sense, destiny number works. Destiny number is an important constituent of life. It signifies your life’s purpose and shows the pattern in which you will achieve that.

It's an expression of your life. Through this, you may know how you will express your feelings, thoughts, and emotions in the path of achieving goals. That might be the reason, numerologists also term it as “expression number” of your life.

Unlike Life Path Number, your destiny number is based on the name given at the time of your birth. It is basically a single digit number that is calculated after adding up the numbers linked with the letters of your full name.

To make it simple, let's see how destiny number is calculated and what numbers are linked to each letter of the alphabet:

Numbers Associated with Each Letter

According to numerology, every letter of the alphabet is associated with a unique number. It doesn't vary and remain constant in all the numerology calculations.

Here is the numerology chart showing numbers and the letters associated with them:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Table 1: Numbers And Its Associated Letters

How to Calculate Destiny Number?

Calculating your numerology number is easy if you know the accurate way to do it. With the below method you may easily calculate your expression number and master this important numerology concept. For this, you may also use a destiny number calculator which will quickly share your root number with you.

Easy Steps to Calculate Destiny Number:

  • Choose your birth name. Remember it should not be an alias, adopted name or name was chosen under specific circumstances.
  • Add all the numbers associated with your full name. It should include your first name, middle name and last name.
  • Reduce the number into a single digit. If it comes as a double-digit number then add the two digit to be one digit. For instance, if the number comes as 13 then it should be reduced to 1+3= 4.

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Example of Destiny Number Calculation:

Lets us calculate the expression number of the famous Hollywood personality Demi Gene Moore.We will use the above-shown chart to get the numbers linked to respective alphabets. First Name - Demi : 4+5+4+9 = 22 => 2+2=4; Middle Name - Gene: 7+5+5+5= 22 => 2+2= 4; Last Name - Moore: 4+6+6+9+5= 30 => 3+0= 3; To get the final Root Number, we need to add all the name numbers together 4+4+3= 11 => 1+1= 2 Thus, the Destiny number of Demi Gene Moore is 2.

You need to use the same process to find your destiny number or you can just tap to numerology calculator for an instant result.

What Does Your Expression Number Say About You?

What Does Your Destiny Number Say About You After finding the destiny or expression number the first thing that comes in mind is what to do with it. So, here is a quick look at what your expression number tells about you and how can you use it for life transformation.

Remember your numerology forecast is the magical mirror that reflects your abilities and shows the challenges you may face in life. And, here is a tiny glimpse of it.

1.) Number One

Top of the world! That's what your number says about you. You are a born leader and you need to use it for your betterment. You want to excel and love perfection. It is always you who takes initiative and leads the pack. You are filled with vigor, courage, free- spirit. You love freedom and can never be suppressed from anyone.

Qualities you own: Leadership, Courage, Independence, Self-confidence.

2.) Number Two

You are born for harmony and love! Number 2 makes you a person who thinks more about others and less for yourself. Your mission is to establishing fairness and harmony. Emotions and sensitive nature is your asset and it can at the same time becomes your weakness as well. You are best seen in groups and care deeply for your loved ones. Number 2 asks you to focus on a bigger picture and that will become your key to success.

Qualities you own: Friendly, Open- hearted, Caring and Harmonizer

3.) Number Three

You are destined to be an inspiration to the people. The number 3 is a sign of healing, energy, and inspiration. It asks you to be positive, compassionate and live your life to the fullest. Number 3 imparts numerous qualities onto you and thus it’s your call to take them to the table. So, don’t resist yourself and express yourself fully. Your expression number is truly a call to express and present your charm to the world.

Qualities you own: Positive, Funny, Affectionate and Good Orator.

4.) Number Four

The number 4 speaks of your life purpose to build a valuable and long-lasting bond with the world. You are born to be remembered and that is what you have to do. You need to maintain stability, security, and a sense of relief for others. Use your hard-working nature and honest values to become something big. This is the key to your success and biggest challenge too.

Qualities you own: Orderly, Self-sacrificing, Caring and Stable.

5.) Number Five

Not everyone can adapt but you can and that is what destiny has to say. Number 5 shares a free-spirit and makes you amazingly adaptive to every situation. Your destiny wants you to be constructive and use your free-spirit in a good way. You are fearless and curious which bestows you with enormous charisma. So, stand up and follow your passion.

Qualities you own: Fearless, Independent, Adaptive and Adventurous.

6.) Number Six

Nurture and safeguard everyone. This is what your destiny wants from you. Born with a responsible attitude, you are trusted and admired by others. You may fulfill all your dreams if you choose your way to love and service. One thing that your expression number wants to convey is to focus on your goals and don’t fear taking risks. You are born to add beauty to the world and enrich it with compassion.

Qualities you own: Generous, Friendly, Compassionate and Responsible

7.) Number Seven

Seek and you will find. Number seven wants you to find your own path and analyze yourself. It is the number of self-introspection. You need to find the purpose of your life and explore yourself to achieve high goals. You have to be rational and connect with higher wisdom for all your concerns. Your destiny wants you to use your observational skills and seek spirituality in every need.

Qualities you own: Intellectual, Rational, Wise, Observant and Intuitive

8.) Number Eight

Number 8 is destined to manifest security in finances with their authoritative power. You are destined to get success in money matters. However, the onus is on you to do tasks with full integrity. Materialism will always be the main focus of your life. Thus, it's your call to realize your power and be authoritative to achieve things you want. But beware number eight to not be greedy, it is a sign of ethics too.

Qualities you own: Materialistic, Dominant, Ambitious and Business Oriented

9.) Number Nine

Destiny wants you to achieve higher wisdom and teach people the same. You are humanitarian and can spread love unconditionally. It is your responsibility to work for human welfare. The number nine speaks of your kind heart and creative mind. However, it also marks the intimidating quality that prevents you from achieving success. Number 9 states your life as a beautiful journey which is possible when you find out your true purpose to life.

Qualities you own: Down to earth, Philanthropist, Activist and Understanding.

It's overwhelming how each number extends purpose to your life. By understanding it, you may find your path and reach the pinnacle.

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Final Words:

A person without aim and life without purpose is like a barren land. You may not expect any growth from them. To grow better and make life fruitful you need to understand what your destiny wants and what it offers. And, it can be only possible when you calculate your numerology numbers with an accurate numerology calculator.

Hopefully, with the help of this post, you have got the answer of questions such as “what is my destiny number? And, how to calculate destiny number? Following the above mentioned step by step guide on how to find your destiny number can make it very easy for you to explore your numerology destiny number with easy and simple destiny number calculations.

Keep exploring your divine gifts and stay prepared at every stage!

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