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Which Celtic Animal Zodiac Sign Are You?

Which Celtic Animal Zodiac Sign Are You?

Celtic signs originated from the Celts. ‘Celts’ are the people who have been thriving through the ancient times and are also flourishing in the modern times. Oftenly referred as cultures, languages and people who are based in Ireland, Scotland, Brittany in France and different parts of the British Isles.

These people are intimately tied to the nature who followed the seasons and based their zodiac signs on the Lunar cycle, laying special importance on animals and trees. These people felt a close connection to animals, and laid emphasis on analysing the specific characteristics of different animals.


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Eventually they started drawing specific meanings from the qualities associated with different animals. Later, the Celts started observing the behaviour of humans and animals and discovered that there was a correlation between the Celtic animal meanings and Celtic zodiac signs. Ultimately, Celtic animal zodiac  signs were designed in relation to the zodiac signs based on lunar cycles. These signs are a little different from the zodiac signs that people generally follow.

Unlike general astrology, there are thirteen Celtic zodiac signs in the Celtic astrology calendar. These 13 Celtic animal zodiacs represent 13 lunar months of the lunar year.  As per Celtic astrology, there is no differentiation between man and nature. Thus, your Celtic star sign shows your strong connection with nature and the world around you. It offers deeper insights into who you are and what is your divine purpose in this life. By understanding your Celtic animal sign, you may expand your knowledge about the surrounding people and discover new possibilities that the lunar totem has in store for you. So, explore your Celtic astrology signs and know what does it say about you. 

Celtic Animal Zodiac Signs: Symbols and Meanings

1. Stag : December 24- January 20

Stag-December 24- January 20

Stag is the Celtic zodiac sign that represents a strong sense of self and folksy generosity. It is the first zodiac sign of the Celtic animal zodiac in the Celtic lunar year. The people with this zodiac have distinguished trailblazing traits which makes them fearless of wandering on the dreaded roads. However, they are blessed with a powerful understanding of their surroundings and are fully aware of their capabilities and innate powers.

Individuals born under Stag are super sensitive and have an exemplary sixth sense that keeps them aware about their environment.

Personality traits: Noble, Confident, Self-reliant, Driven, Overachiever

2. Cat: January 21- February 17

Cat-January 21- February 17

This Celtic zodiac sign represents the power of quick thinking and harmonizing. You are often challenged by your tendency of perfecting harmony. Your mind keeps wandering in all directions, and your cosmic intellect is to be blamed for that. Individuals with this Celtic sign are often overflowing with opinions and ideas, and are also outspoken about your vision and views. You are often thrown off-balance with the other people’s views about you, even though you are blessed with extraordinary self-acceptance. You can be enigmatic at almost all times. You love travelling, but find extreme comfort at your home. You love to learn, but ignore other people’s opinions. You are everyone’s best friend, but your solitude is closest to your heart.

Personality traits: Active, Curious, Determined, Cunning , Communicative

3. Snake: February 18-March 17

Snake-February 18-March 17

Celtic animal zodiac sign Snake represents deep understanding and magical wisdom. The most amazing quality of this Celtic sign is healing. This Celtic animal zodiac is associated with heart healing properties and corresponds to curing the sick. The individuals of this Celtic sign manifest a certain curative energy. Their tender heart is full of compassion for others. Nurturing and care-giving comes naturally to them, completely annulling the cold-blooded characterization of snakes as animals.

Personality traits: Artistic, Compassionate, Care-giving, Emotional, Imaginative

4. Fox: March 18- April 14

Fox-March 18- April 14

People with the Celtic Zodiac sign of Fox, portray clever and cunning antics. They love to be crazy and have a lot of fun. They have a bold personality that makes them the heart of every party that they attend. Individuals with the Fox Celtic sign are the most charming beings who love being stylish and playful. Active mind of the Fox tends to start rusting when they are not able to live in their own skin, because they love to live at the edge. There is a need for constant stimulation and motivation to keep the Fox individuals going.

Personality Traits: Clever, Impulsive, Enthusiastic, Adventurous, Stylish & Playful

5. Bull/Cow: April 15- May 12

Bull_Cow-April 15- May 12

This Celtic zodiac sign symbolizes balance and authenticity. The difference here is that this cCeltic sign is represented by two animals- bull and cow. In terms of Celtic symbols and meanings, Bull represents the Male and Cow represents Female. Both the gender Celtic signs encompass different underlying personality traits. Cow Celtic animal zodiac echoes feminine energies aligned with lunar attributes and represents motherhood, intuition, covertness and fertility. The Bull Celtic animal zodiac on the other hand reverberates masculine energies aligned with the solar attributes. This Celtic sign represents survival, machismo, fatherhood, sportsmanship and agility.

Personality traits: Loyal, Caring, Nurturing, Reliable, Materialistic

6. Sea Horse: May 13- June 9

Sea Horse-May 13- June 9

The Celtic sign seahorse represent the most unique characters in the world. They are one in a million in terms of physical, mental and emotional diversity. One of the most versatile creatures come from the seahorseCeltic animal zodiac sign. Duality is one of the most talked about trait of the seahorse Celtic sign. Balancing out things and feelings can be a challenging task for individuals from this Celtic sign. Their double thoughts about every subject can prove to be problematic in times of decision making. This duality is actually good for the seahorse Celtics, as it adds to their versatility. They are one of the most adaptable individuals.

Personality traits: Versatile, Energetic, Persuasive, Unconventional, Restless

7. Wren: June 10-July 7

Wren-June 10-July 7

Loyalty.Passion.Imagination- these are the special qualities of the Wren Celtic animal zodiac. They have immense knowledge to offer to the world. The only thing they lack is the sense of self-expression and self-love. Lacking a sense of self expression doesn’t really symbolize that these individuals have a problem in expressing their thoughts to the world, but they tend to withhold sensitive information from sharing. Rather they choose creative ways of putting their views into words. Just like the Wren is devoted to her complex music making, which is the best in the world, you are inclined towards devotion, nurturing and caring.

Personality traits: Humanitarian, Protective, Mothering, Faithful, Unpredictable

8. Horse: July 8- August 4

Horse-July 8- August 4

Royal and Regal are the best words to describe the red carpet worthy personality of the horse Celtic sign. They love being adored by people surrounding these individuals which gives them a sense of positive energy. Individuals with this Celtic sign are always conscious about their public status and opinion of the people around them. They can go to any extent to elevate their personality and position. It’s like the individuals of this Celtic animal zodiac were born to rule the world as leadership and problem-solving comes easy for them.

Personality Traits: Proud, Ambitious, Influential, Opinionated and Action-oriented.

9. Salmon: August 5- September 1

Salmon-August 5- September 1

Individuals of Salmon Celtic sign have a perfect blend of special personality traits and skills. Although, their self-preservative nature can give them a little isolated exterior. As a result, others might perceive these individuals as proud or arrogant. Although in reality, these Celtic animal zodiac people are loving, nurturing and warm hearted. By establishing secure environment and developing a sense of self-acceptance in the salmon Celtic animal zodiac, the real inner self of these individuals can be discovered.

Personality Traits: Isolated, Organized, Imaginative, Studious, Practical

10. Swan: September 2-September 29

Swan-September 2-September 29

One of the most admirable Celtic signs is the Swan. Brimming with style, grace, elegance and multitude of attractive qualities, Swan individuals have an altogether different level of depth to their personalities. They love working on different levels, given their high level of potential. People belonging to this Celtic animal zodiac may appear extremely calm and composed, while they are almost always in complete control of their environment. They are very well aware of how to navigate themselves through difficult situations. Individuals from this Celtic sign have the ability to shred the problems by analysing every situation.

Personality Traits: Calm, Precise, Analytical, Reasonable, Graceful

11. Butterfly: September 30- October 27

Butterfly-September 30- October 27

Individuals belonging to the Butterfly Celtic sign come off as very attractive creatures and have a divine aura in their presence. As beautiful as they themselves are, they like to keep their surroundings filled with adorable people and things. The butterfly Celtic animal zodiac creatures are supremely classy and radiate a very infectious charm, and that’s the main reason why people are so attracted to these individuals. One thing that they need to realize is that people are enchanted by their personalities, not with their actions.

Personality Traits: Social, Tasteful, Optimistic, Peace-loving, Understanding

12. Wolf: October 28- November 24

Wolf-October 28- November 24

The most awe-inspiring Celtic animal zodiac is the Wolf. Their superb perception skills makes them instantly pick up what’s missing, in almost every situation. These individuals are blessed with the wherewithal to maneuver and adjust their environment to make it suit their level of comfort. The creatures of the wolf Celtic sign are stimulated by travelling to and living in foreign lands. They are fascinated by the realms of the afterlife and are generally ambiguous and vague. The most interesting thing about this Celtic zodiac sign is that, these individuals are not freaked by the places and situations that may be overwhelming for others.

Personality Traits: Wild, Intense, Strategic, Complicated and Strong-willed.

13. Hawk: November 25- December 23

Hawk-November 25- December 23

Individuals with the Hawk Celtic zodiac sign are imbibed with a deep-seated potential that is so unique that it sets these creatures much above the rest. They have a vision of the hawk that defines their characteristic nature. These individuals soar the greatest heights in all aspects of their lives. Astonishingly insightful creatures who attain their vision from their intuition, idealism, exploration and philosophy.

Personality Traits: Focused, Witty, Philosophical, Impulsive and Willful


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As interesting as these Celtic animal zodiac signs are, they can be used in combination of astrological zodiac signs for creating a different level of understanding of individual personalities and characters based on zodiac signs.

Creating a blend of Celtic animal zodiac signs, Zodiac signs as per birth and zodiac signs by name along with tarot and numerology can pronounce really interesting outcomes.

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