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Spells that Work Instantly

Spells that Work Instantly

What are spells?

Are you here to know the spells that work instantly?
We will tell you for sure, but first, let us know what spells are?
Spells can simply be defined as incantations directed with a certain magical energy to derive a desired effect.
Now that you know what spells are, we would try to see if you can cast spells that work?
Do you need to be that special someone to cast a spell on others?
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What kind of spells can you cast?

It is true, not all humans can cast a spell. Only energies, directed and focussed can cast spells to achieve certain ends. You definitely need not be a “witch” or a “wizard” to do so but your energies need to be organized and sharp enough to hit the desired targets to make spells that work instantly.
Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned player, can be crucial when you are deciding to cast spells that work instantly


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What matters most is your EIR factor- energy, intent and your reasons.

  • Your energy level– The more turbulent your energies are, the less skilled you are in casting spells that work
  • Your intent– Your intent matters, if you intend to destroy, slightly lower directed energy levels can also bear fruit. If you intend to create, or if you intend to spread Light, your energy levels have to be at a certain threshold or need to be higher to create spells that work
  • Your reasons– The stronger the reason, the greater would be your energy levels. Your reason provides you energy. So, make sure you know what you are doing if you want to cast spells that work instantly.

Let us learn some spells that can impact your life in a lot of ways.

Different Types of Spells for Real Life

Different Types of Spells

There are different types of spells that work instantly for you to use in your real life.
Let us see however, some simple, yet very effective spells,

  • Money Drawing Spell
  • Banishing Bad Energy spells
  • Strong Spell for Love and Passion
  • Prosperity Spell
  • Healing Spell
  • Spells for a Peaceful Home

Money drawing spell that works instantly

Level: Beginner’s level

  1. White candle and 
  2. Green candle, 
  3. Silken thread or even a simple green thread would work well.
  4. Small branch or dry twig/ green wax crayon
  5. Clean space
  6. Glass of water


  • Place the white and green candle apart. 
  • Encircle them with the green thread. 
  • Write your name between the two candles using the twig. 
  • Dip your stick in a green paint or use the green crayon to inscribe the name on the floor.
  • Practice it for seven days. Each day bring the candles closer by one inch roughly. On the last day the candles should have covered all the alphabets in your name.
  • Imagine money around you, with each day strengthen this thought process. Recite the below incantation.
  • Keep a glass of water and drink it after each session.

Money, money come to me.
Thrice the amount I have now with me.
Do no harm to none while you come,
Make me rich harmlessly.

Usefulness: This is one of the spells that work instantly. This spell would help you find the direction and job that could fetch you the maximum.

Banishing Bad Energy spells that work instantly

Level: Medium

  1. Towels
  2. Candles


  • Make a big circle with the towels. Wet them if you have some water handy.
  • Burn two candles beyond your towel circle. 
  • Sit within the circle and imagine a fireball in the middle of the room in front of you.
  • Let this ball of fire grow bigger and bigger.
  • After a point it would encircle your whole room and being.
  • Slowly open your eyes.

Usefulness: You feel a lot lighter and cleaner as you practice it daily. It is a real spell that actually works. Try to do it at a particular time everyday for more benefits.

Strong Spell for Love and Passion

Level- Beginner

  1. Fire from any medium- candle, burner or a burning flame
  2. Red Rose petals
  3. Dry Basil leaves.


Try this on a moonlit night- if possible on Full Moon. This is a spell that actually works in real life.

  1. Start the fire, slowly offer rose petals one by one into the fire, followed by Basil.
  2. Chant the below incantations.
  3. Chant for three months on all the moonlit nights focussing on the Full Moons always.

Fire, Fire, raise the flames in (name of the person whom you love)’s heart.
Make the flames move towards me like a dart.
Let me love (name of person) for all  my life.
Let him/her love me through all the strife.

Usefulness: It is said the Basil makes the love bond pure, and the red rose petals work magic in the heart of the person you love. A spell that works instantly and is definitely a spell that actually works in real life.


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Prosperity Spell

Level: Advanced

  1. Any stone or crystal that you like
  2. Fire source like candles or burner flames
  3. Some fresh flowers
  4. Incense
  5. Bowl of water
  6. Wet towels


  • Wet your towels and surround yourself.
  • Place the stone, candle fresh flowers and the incense one after the other in front of you.
  • Place the water body between you and other things mentioned in the earlier point.
  • Draw your energies, focus on all those things that could make your life prosperous in comparison to what you have now.
  • Chant the below incantation and imagine the night slowly turning into the day. 
  • Do it for a 3 month span daily. It is though one of those spells that work instantlybut you can gain more from it if you practice each day.

Prosperous may I be,
On my own terms, may I see
the ways that make life like the golden tree.
May I rise to touch the sky in the very hours of wee.

Usefulness: You can slowly turn towards ways that will lead you to prosperity using this spell that works in real life. Ways that you did not see existed till now.

Healing Spell- a spell that works instantly

Level: Beginner
Requirements: A simple candle

Procedure: A mere simple candle is enough to make things work. All you need is a simple space, quiet and serene. Just focus on your will. 

Usefulness: You can pass the healing vibes to anyone, if you know how to pray, and is a spell that works in real life.

Spells for a Peaceful Home

Level: Advanced

  1. Incense
  2. A handful of dried Basil leaves
  3. A handful of dried Thyme leaves
  4. A white candle
  5. A bowl of water
  6. A pair of tongs


  • Place the candle on a table top or an altar, if you have one.
  • Sit calmly and gaze at the water.
  • Burn the incense beside you.
  • Pick a chunk of basil and thyme with a pair of tongs. Take them closer to the fire and once they are burned enough, put them in the water bowl.
  • Do it as long as there is basil and thyme on your plate.
  • Sprinkle this water in every corner of your house. You can store it for three to four days. Repeat the process every 3-4 days. 

Usefulness: This can cleanse your house like no other and is one of those spells that work instantly. Use lavender along with basil and thyme for fragrance. This is for sure a spell that works in real life.


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We can use these spells that work definitively. These are spells that work instantly.
The core power rests within you- The EIR within you, if powerful will yield long term benefits.
But if the EIR is weak, then you may not receive the desired results.

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