Know the Power of Your Zodiac Color

Know the Power of Your Zodiac Color

30 Mar, 2020 / Astrology

Do you know wearing green can help you grow? Or have you ever thought of zodiac colors that may empower your inner strength? Yes, every zodiac sign has a color palette and by following it or wearing it accordingly may boost your inner power. Your Zodiac Color Palette possesses certain energies that affect your thoughts, emotions, mood and psychology. It invokes your consciousness and helps you to resonate with the energy of the Universe. In this post, you may find out your Zodiac Sign Color and learn about the powerful traits that these sign colors bring up in your zodiac. Curious? Let’s take a look.

What is your Zodiac Color and its Power?

Here are the twelve zodiac signs and the colors associated with it. You may learn about the power of the sun sign colors and know what color may take you to the road of success according to your zodiac sign. know  What Makes You Happy Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

Aries Color: Red

Aris powerRed is the color of Aries. It reflects excitement, aggression and assertion. The color of red brings up eagerness in you and empowers emotions of passionate love. Red is a bright color that can be seen from far. This means that Aries shows the attention seeking behaviour. They never like to be ignored and often show impulsive nature. By wearing Red color, an Aries can increase their natural power.

Taurus Color: Green

Taurus powerGreen signifies the connection with nature and in the same manner brings stability and patience in Taurus zodiac sign. It allows Taurus native to grow and progress spiritually and connect to their Higher Wisdom. Green color suggests generosity and tranquility. It brings peace into Taurus' sun sign and makes them thrive for materialistic possessions.

Gemini Color: Yellow

Gemini powerYellow is vibrant and bright. It inspires Gemini to explore their intellectual thoughts and make them feel vivacious. The color yellow represents sun rays that are full of warmth and light. Similarly, it brings up the quality of networking in Gemini. By wearing Yellow or surrounded by the same, they may connect with more people and stay bright throughout a day.

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Cancer Color: White and Silver

Cancer powerWhite and Silver is for Cancerians. White reflects the positive energy and silver signifies shining of the Moon, a calm symbol. Both the colors bring peace in the life of Cancer. By being surrounded by them, Cancer zodiac signs may attract a positive aura. They feel sensitive and develop deep understanding towards their surroundings. White and Silver color strengthen the intuitive abilities of Cancer and attract purity towards them.

Leo Color: Gold

Leo powerGold is the soul of Leo. It augments the inner strength and boosts the confidence of Leo sun sign. Warm and positive Gold color helps the native to get the spotlight they need. It reflects the attention seeking behaviour of Leo and boosts their dominating nature. Like Gold shines, it makes Leo native shine among their family and friends. By being surrounded by Gold, Leo can possess an optimistic outlook and have power and prestige.

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Virgo Color: Green and Brown

Virgo powerNatural brown and green are the colors closely associated with soil of the Earth. It keeps the Virgo sun sign grounded and makes them grow at all aspects of life. Brown represents stability and structure. It pushes the Virgo natives to work on improving themselves. Whereas Green relaxes the mind of Virgo making them more creative and constructive.

Libra Color: Pink and Blue

Libra Zodiac power Airy Pink and light blue are the Zodiac colors for Libra. These colors bestow calmness and encourage subtle behaviour. Pink offers sweetness and soft nature while Light Blue gives clarity to the Virgo person. These traits support the balancing nature of Libra and thus provides them courage to strike perfect harmony at every place. By using these colors from the zodiac color palette, Libra may tend to accomplish their goals with a great ease.

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Scorpio Color: Black

Scorpio zodiac powerScorpio are mysterious and the color Black represents their secretive nature perfectly. Dark and powerful black hides a strong energy into it and covers everything that is mixed with it. Using Black zodiac color in daily life, Scorpions may deeply investigate and get answers to all their questions. Black also represents death and rebirth. It’s dark energy enhances the strength of Scorpio to transform according to situations.

Sagittarius Color: Purple

Sagittarius zodiac powerPurple is the Power color of Sagittarius. It signifies spirituality and induces awareness in the Sagittarius native. It enlightens their soul and opens up their mind for new perspectives. Having purple colors around, Sagittarian may invite good luck and abundance. Also, they may improve their understanding by connecting the energy of Purple.

Capricorn Color: Brown and Grey

Capricorn zodiac powerEarth Grey and Brown are Capricorns’ zodiac power colors. These colors stabilize the energy of Capricorn and help them to think practically. These colors allow Capricorn to be grounded while continuing with their straightforward nature. Grey as the mixture of White and Black encourages the conservative nature of Capricorn sun sign. Also, it improves their concentration power and enables them to achieve their dreams.

Aquarius Color: Blue

Aquarius zodiac powerAiry Aquarius may enhance their inner power using light blue. The zodiac color Blue signifies vastness of thoughts and creates a spirit of freedom in Aquarius native. It supports their independent nature and helps them to make better communication. Surrounded by blue, Aquarian may calm their restless soul and improve themselves.

Pisces Color: Light Green

Pisces zodiac powerPale green color represents healing. It helps sensitive Pisces to heal their heart and move forward. By surrounding by this sun sign color, Pisces natives can renew their soul and rejuvenate their energies. Moreover, the color helps Pisces to realize their potential and fulfill their desires.


Colors carry a very powerful energy that affects your mind and soul deeply. By exploring your Zodiac Color Palette, you may allow this energy to flow into your life and empower yourself with a new and positive aura.
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