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15 Bizarre Wedding Rituals Across The World

15 Bizarre Wedding Rituals Across The World

Are you ready to beat the groom before his wedding? Or Will you enjoy breaking the porcelain plates for newlyweds? Seems amusing right?

All this may sound insane to you, but all this is a part of weird and bizzare wedding rituals followed by different communities around the world.


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Across all cultures, marriage marks an important part of an individual’s life. Not to mention the different ways in which it is celebrated.

From bizarre to ridiculous, every custom and tradition is unique to its specific religion and community.

Let’s Find Out How Freakishly Insane These Marriage Customs Can Get!

1. Spit Blessing

Spit Blessing

The Masaai tribe of Kenya and Tanzania lives a simple traditional life. They are believed to be the most ethnic and religious people.

They follow a ritual where the bride’s father spits on her before she departs for her husband’s home. Reason? It is assumed to be a way for a father to bless his daughter.

What sounds like an absolutely creepy wedding tradition to others, is actually a good luck charm for these Masaai people.

2. Blackening of The Bride

Blackening of the Bride

Imagining pretty well-dressed bride? Not in Scotland!

Wedding traditions and customs here include applying mud and garbage to the bride and the groom! Friends and family of the couple cover them in mud and litter and tie them to a tree!

As disgusting as the ritual may sound, it symbolizes that the bride and groom are ready to face all the challenges in the future together.

3. Who wants the Swedish kiss?

Swedish Kissing

Swedish weddings include risky games!

During the ceremony, if the bride excuses herself from the room, all the girls line up to kiss the groom. And if the groom leaves the ceremony hall, all the men stand up to kiss the bride!

Seems like even going to the bathroom may prove to be tricky.

4. A Whale’s Tooth To Convince The Bride’s Father

A Whale’s Tooth To Convince The Bride’s Father

Remember the song –All I Want for Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth? By Spike Jones! But in Fiji, the groom may sing- All I want for a wedding is a whale tooth!!

Yes, you read it right. When a man asks for a girl’s hand in Fiji, he must present a Whale’s tooth to his father in law.

Do they really go hunting for the Whale’s tooth if they are unable to find it in the market??

Keep wondering!!

5. The Chinese Crying Bride

Chinese Crying Tradition

In China, a bride will cry every day for an hour before one month of the wedding. Wedding traditions and customs in China are a bit strange. Tujia people in China cry a river before the wedding month to welcome good marriage fortune. Friends and relatives of the bride also join her in this weird wedding ritual.

6. Holding their shit together

House Arrest

The Tiong community in Borneo follows a very queer tradition in marriage. They put the couple under house arrest for three days and nights before the wedding, and they are not allowed to go to the washroom during these three days and nights.

This signifies that the couple will always stick together through all the obstacles and problems in life.

Such a bounding tradition! Imagine the agony before and the relief after the arrest!

7. Beating the groom with dead fish and bamboo sticks

Groom Beating Ceremony

In South Korea, people beat the groom to make him ready for the first night! The groom is beaten with dead fish and a bamboo stick!

We wonder how this may be of any help!!

8. Chubby is Lucky

Chubby Bride

In Mauritania, it is believed that a fat lady brings good luck to the house. So brides work towards getting chubbier as their wedding date nears. They increase their calorie intake to gain weight even if it means negative effects on their health.

As per the Mauritanian customs, a fat bride symbolizes good luck charm and is assumed to bring happiness and prosperity with her.

Tell this to the girl who is on a liquid diet for a month to get 2 sizes down trying to fit into her wedding dress.

9. Marrying a tree to get rid of the bad luck

Tree Marriage

India is a land of diverse religions and traditions. Different indian wedding traditions are linked with different cultures all over the country.

Indian wedding traditions and customs are based on astrological birth chart that explains placements of the stars and planets of the bride and groom.

It is believed that if a girl has Mars and Saturn in the seventh house of a horoscope, she is under a curse and is called as “Manglik”, which implies that her husband will suffer the consequences of this curse after she gets married.

In order to prevent this, the girl is made to marry a tree before getting married to her partner. It is believed that since tree will be her first husband, the curse will transfer on to the tree.

10. Do you mind Honeymoon mates?

Family Honeymoon

If the above disturbing wedding rituals and traditions are still hovering over your mind, Africa has more to shock you!

And this one is really peculiar. In some African tribes, mothers or some older adults accompany the newlyweds on their honeymoon so they can educate them about the first night.

11. Pay-Pin-Party

Pinning Ceremony

The extravagant Greek weddings are nothing less than impressive. Greeks always find unique ways to celebrate their customs!

In Greek weddings, the relatives of the couple have pin money on the dresses of the bride and groom as a symbol of their blessings.

After this tradition, they will start their first dance as a couple. And this is a hilarious sight of the party. Later all the family and friends join them in this dance.

12. Love Spooning

Love Spoon

In Wales, the groom needs to gift his new bride a carved love spoon. It is a way for the groom to prove to the girl and her family members that he will fulfill all her needs.

13. The Porcelain Breakdance

Plate Breaking Ceremony

In Germany, guests have to bring Porcelain plates with them at the wedding. And then they have break it!! Wedding tradition here is really a joyful stress release remedy!

14. A human carpet for newlyweds

Human Carpet

In Marquesas Islands of French Polynesia, after the wedding is done all the guests will lie down on the floor and make a human rug. The newlyweds have to walk over this human carpet.

15. Two is The Best

Two kids

In southern Sudan, a specific tribe believes if the bride gives birth to two children, the marriage is prosperous. And if a bride fails to deliver two kids, her husband is free to divorce her and marry another woman.


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So, these were some of the most intriguing worldwide wedding traditions! Even though they seem awkward and outlandish, they symbolize good luck and prosperity for newlywed couples. These cultural differences make the world beautiful and enjoyable. Wedding is the most prominent life event celebrated with the help of unique traditions around the world, that make it more enjoyable.

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