Frequently Asked Questions

At Tarot Life, we offer you Free 3 minutes of chat with 3 different Psychics. From your Home Page, click on the Chat with Psychics button, choose your expert from a list of Psychics, Tarot Readers & Astrologers and get guidance from them in a new more convenient way. You will be able to ask anything to your Psychic directly and get a quicker response without any charges for the first three minutes.

At Tarot Life, we give utmost priority to your privacy and security. The credit card information is not saved with Tarot Life. It is only shared with the secured and safe payment gateway opted at the time of purchase.

When you connect with an Expert on Tarot Life, you get the first three minutes of your session for free for 3 new chats with different Psychics, and thereafter you can select from 15-min, 30-min & 60-min plans to continue chatting with your chosen Expert. If you are finding any discrepancy between the amount you are charged and your session duration, you can reach us at support@yourtarotlife.comand we will help you resolve your concern.

All the Psychics and Astrologers on Tarot Life are chosen through a screening process based on strict criteria and it is followed by multiple interviews. Based on this process, only competent and qualified experts are chosen. Hence, be rest assured, you will only interact with trusted and gifted psychics at Tarot Life.

All the Psychics, Tarot Readers or Astrologers at Tarot Life are genuine and certified experts. So, in case the expert of your choice is not available online, you can always connect with any other Psychic and get answers and solutions for your concerns and problems.

No, currently the feature of Wallet is not available in the app. However, we have a selection of recharge plans you can choose from to connect with your chosen Expert. In case you have any query related to the charged amount or selected plan, please reach out to support@yourtarotlife.com.

We, at Tarot Life, always try to provide our users with a smoother and more convenient experience on our app. In case you find any issues regarding the app and live chat feature or with experts, feel free to reach us at support@yourtarotlife.com and we will resolve your concern, at the earliest.

All your data and sessions on Tarot Life are secured with end-to-end encryption. We ensure 100% confidentiality and anonymity of our users. Your personal sessions and data will not be disclosed or shared with any third party.

Rider Waite Tarot deck is used for all the readings.

Yes, All our Tarot readings are free. You only have to pay for personal sessions like for Ask A Question or Chat With Psychic feature.

Your Birth Chart report is prepared on the basis of Vedic Indian Astrology. Vedic Indian Astrology and Western Astrology use different representations of charts. That is why different signs are used for predictions. If you notice, you will find that your sign predictions according to Vedic Astrology will always align with your sign predictions according to Western Astrology.

You will get the response for your question asked through ‘Ask a Question’ feature or your personalized Astro reports on your registered email id within 48 working hours from the time of your order. With the Chat With Psychics feature, you can receive the solutions to your queries instantly through a one-on-one live chat session with our Psychics.

True Love Spread is specifically for those who are in a relationship. If you are currently not involved in a relationship then you should take our Love Tarot readings.

Your response will be sent to you in less than 48 working hours from the time of your order. In the case of the Chat With Psychics feature, you will get a response immediately through a one-on-one live chat session with our Psychics.

Career reading is done using a 3-card spread and is a basic career reading, while Career path spread is a very advanced reading that is done using a 7-card spread, where each card answers a specific question.

We always respond within 48 working hours of the order. If you haven't received your reading yet, then we advise you to check your Spam folder. If however, you still didn’t get it, please contact us with your order ID on support@yourtarotlife.com.

If you purchase the Ad-Free subscription Pro, your Payment Method will continue to be billed for the subscription until you cancel. If you do not want your subscription to renew automatically, you would need to cancel the same by following these steps :

On iOS:

Step 1: Go to the Settings of your iphone.

Step 2: Click on your Apple Id icon at the top.

Step 3: Select “Subscriptions” from the menu.

Step 4: Click on our application from the list of active subscriptions.

Step 5 : Tap on Cancel Subscription and then click Confirm.

On Android:

Step 1: Go to Google Play Store on your phone.

Step 2: Tap the menu bar and go to Subscription.

Step 3: Find our application from the list of apps you have subscribed to.

Step 4: Click on the application and then on Cancel Subscription.

Step 5: Choose the reason for cancellation and tap on Continue.

Yes, an Ads-free version of our App is available only on iOS as well as Android. You can upgrade to the Pro version of Tarot Life for an Ad-free experience.

Yes, we keep introducing new offers from time to time. Please subscribe to Tarot Life to get updates about the same through email. You can use Spin to Win to get daily promotional offers. This service can be used once a day per user.

You can unsubscribe by clicking on the unsubscribe button at the end of our promotional email.

The data is stored on our secure servers in an encrypted form. We do not share this data with anyone else, not even any third-party. You can read about the same in detail in our privacy policy.

Our service supports only English language for city input.

There are certain questions that are outside of the realms of Tarot that you should never ask in your reading. Tarot insights cannot predict when you will die, if you are pregnant, if you will win the lottery, if you have any disease, if you will win a lawsuit, if you are affected by black magic or evil eye, or anything about your previous life. Always ask direct and precise questions from a Tarot reader or Psychic if you want the correct guidance.

Here are some tips on writing an effective question- Give your complete details like your full name, your birthdate and your city. Be specific about the question that you are asking. Keep your question focused on a single aspect. Ask open-ended questions that give the reader the time to think deeply and reflect on your life to offer you the most helpful insights.

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