Importance of Creating a Sacred Space For Tarot Reading

Importance of Creating a Sacred Space For Tarot Reading

15 Jul, 2019 / Tarot

Tarot reading is divine in nature and all the tarot card readers emphasize on a few basic rules to follow, in order to be able to achieve the level of spiritual awakening required for an absolutely angelic experience.

Selecting a perfect set of the tarot deck that connects with your inner soul is a major step for beginning a tarot card reading. The next is creating a sacred space that allows you to center your energies and clear your chakras of negative forces for a tarot reading.

Everything that you put up in your sacred space for a tarot reading, has varied effects on you and your reading. The colors, the candles, the crystals, the light, the sound- every little thing that makes you feel connected to your inner spirituality, matters.

A Sacred Space for Tarot Reading: Why Is It So important?

The space in which you perform tarot card reading plays a very important role in your readings since this space helps in creating the trust between you and your client, allowing the free flow of energies between you and your client throughout the reading, for in-depth perception and insights.

The importance of sacred space does not point towards just a peaceful physical space for a tarot reading, but it indicates a combination of physical space, mental space, emotional space and spiritual space. In short, a place where you can coalesce your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energies to provide a wholesome experience to your client; after all, that is what builds their trust in you as a reader.

Everyone has at least once in their lifetime experience getting a tarot card reading at open booths infests or parties, so you must know the difference in the readings done at a private space and a public area where you are surrounded by so many people and loud noises. For that reason, each one of you prefers getting your reading in a private space.

However, a sacred space need not be confined within the walls of a house or office, it can also be in open spaces like a garden or terrace, whatever makes the reader feel connected to their inner self.

Importance of Sacred Space in Tarot Reading

Importance of Sacred Space in Tarot reading

To let your spirit flow uninterrupted by creating a perfectly sacred physical space for tarot reading.

Physical space includes the material things like seating place, the room, the place where the tarot cards are spread and the different things that you keep in your private space, which affect the environment of the space. This physical space should be such that it creates a private environment for uninterrupted readings so that the reader can focus their attention on the reading. This space is not necessarily in the confines of closed walls; it can be in an open garden, a pool-side space or the terrace. The main element that matters here is that the reading area should be unperturbed.

To allow your mind to clear the distractions and focus on the readings by creating a perfectly sacred mental space.

Just having a private and enclosed physical space does not guarantee a divine tarot reading experience, but what matters more is that the reader’s mind is free from the other distractions like their household work or other feelings that are making you feel overwhelmed. Sacred mental space will allow the reader to focus all their energies on the problem of the client and provide them with clear insights.

To clear your mind of all the negative thoughts by stepping into a supremely sensitive space for tarot reading.

The sacred space for tarot reading should be comprised of different elements that help the reader to clear all the negative thoughts from their minds. Candles, Crystals, music, water and salt are the things that help you balance the energies on the table. The different colors of candles and lighting in the room bring different kinds of energy during a tarot card reading. Hence, these should be selected by the tarot card reader themselves, depending on the connection they feel with a different color of candles. For instance- blue color brings peace and harmony, white color candles help in cleansing and purifying the aura, Purple color enhances psychic abilities and spiritual awakening of the reader, red color symbolizes passion.

Many readers prefer keeping crystals that help them feel the connection with their inner psychic. Salt or salt elements should be included in the reading space to remove the negative energies from the reader’s mind.

Balance the Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Energy

To devise an environment that stimulates your psychic energies and brings your spiritual powers on the reading table by creating a holy space for your readings.

Readers believe in inculcating all the four elements that make up the world in the reading space- Earth, Water, Fire and Air. These elements help them feel the connection with the cosmic world and their intuition. These four elements affect the human emotions and inculcating all these elements can prove to be helpful in balancing the emotions of the reader in order to center their energy on their inner wisdom.

To connect with your spiritual self by clearing your chakras.

Meditating before and after every reading is a ritual that all tarot card readers should follow in order to clear the chakras and connect with the spiritual powers. Chakras are the energy hubs of the body and cleansing and empowering the chakras can boost the vision and inner wisdom of the reader to facilitate in-depth readings.

Closing statement Forming a deep connection with all the elements in the space used for tarot reading forms the essence of creating a sacred space for tarot reading. It is a private place where the reader feels in control of their mind and emotions and can let their intuition flow freely around the entire space. It enhances the psychic abilities of the reader by assisting in spiritual enlightenment, letting the reader provide a mystical experience to the clients.

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