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What is the Impact of Numerology on Your Life at Any Age

What is the Impact of Numerology on Your Life at Any Age

Do the numerology numbers really affect your life? Can you change your fortune with the help of numerology?

The recent trends of changing names according to numerology have made many to ponder upon the accuracy and influence of numbers on the lives. Nowadays, more and more people are getting inclined towards numerology for getting guidance and answers to all their concerns. It seems fascinating how numerology has taken the prediction world with a storm.

But is this new trend worth your time or you have your head in the clouds?

Let’s dig deep into numerology and find out the hidden secrets of numerology readings.

What is Numerology?

Numerology is the branch of astrology that predicts the future and guides seeker with the help of numbers. It is the way to explore the hidden aspects of life using numerology calculators. With the help of numerology, you may gain insights into the challenges and opportunities that you may face in your life.

It emphasizes the fact that the Universe is ruled by the numbers and by understanding it you may explore the world and yourself as individuals. Through this, you may discover the purpose of life and find out the traits associated with your numerology number.

Explore the History of Numerology

The science of Numerology is ancient, more than you can imagine. It is still a mystery when and how it originated in the world. According to ancient texts, numerology readings were first recorded in Egypt and Babylon. Some also connect this mystic art with Greek, Chinese, Roman, and Japanese civilizations.

It is believed that modern numerology is developed by the famous Greek philosopher and mathematician, Pythagoras. It is his theories that are still supporting numerology calculators with future insights. Another name that comes with the history of ancient art is Dr. Julian Stenton. He was the man who acquainted the world with “Numerology” and made it popular among people.


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How Does Numerology Impact Your Life?

The impact of numerology is deep and far-reaching. It can share in-depth information about you, your personality and your future and also help you with the orientation you have always needed. Whether it’s career, love, finance or success, you may use numerology calculators to get guidance and answers to all your concerns.

Derived from numbers associated with your birth date and birth name, numerology readings are reduced into four basic life directing numbers.

They are:
1. Life Path Number
2. Destiny Number
3. Maturity Number
4. Personality Number

How Does Numerology Impact Your Life

1. Life Path Number

Your life path number is the core number of your life that decides your path, purpose, and orientation. It is the single digit number that is calculated from the sum of digits of your birthday.

With this number, you may know the lessons and breakthroughs of life. A life path number reveals the upcoming challenges and shows the opportunities hidden in your path.

2. Destiny Number

Destiny Number or expression number is another important number that shapes your future. It is the single digit number which is calculated by adding the numbers associated with your birth name. In destiny number, your full name at birth including the middle name is used for calculation.

Your destiny number reveals your abilities, inner feelings, expectations and dreams you have for your future. As the name suggests, it is the number of your destiny and the expression of your life.

3. Maturity Number

Maturity Number is the number of your deep desire. It reflects the feelings you possess when you are in mid of maturity i.e. between 30 to 35 years of age. This number is the sum of your life path and destiny number. This makes it the outline of your whole life and the core number behind your real goals.

4. Personality Number

As the name suggests, this number speaks of your personality. It is the single digit number that is the summation of numbers associated with consonants in your name. This means it doesn’t include the vowels in the name of a person.

This is a real mirror to your inner persona and helps you to see what people perceive of you. By understanding this number you may improve yourself and strengthen your confidence. What can be more fulfilling than having the real introduction of you without any prejudice?

Note: If you are curious to know how these numbers are calculated, You may gain information on How to calculate numerology numbers or download a free numerology calculator

Effect of Positive and Negative Numerology Numbers

Every number has its story and is associated with some unique traits. Some numbers create a positive effect while some make people’s life full of pitfalls. However, it’s hard to find which number is positive and which number is negative to you. You cannot assume that number 13 (1+3=4) is negative just because of the mystic myth behind it.

To explore the real effect of a number, you need to have an insightful numerology forecast that may help you to know your number and share its effects with you. With clear insights, you may work on to strengthen the positive effect and suppress the negativity imparted by the number.


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Impact of Master Numbers in Your Life

11, 22 and 33 are the master number of numerology. These are the angelic numbers and termed as the most powerful numbers in one’s life.

Read on to know how these 3 numbers affect you:

Number 11:

Number 11 represents your inner instincts and proclaims the faith you have on yourself. Its negative effect may take you to the pit of fear and anxiety.

Number 22:

This master number indicates ambitions and proves vital to one’s success. It is the master builder that may take you to cloud nine and could drag you into the dark hour of time.

Number 33:

The number 33 resonates deep impact than any other number of numerology. Often associated with spirituality and creativity, this master number comprises various meanings that need to be decoded with high concern.

Numerology is the guide to your life. Whatever you see, what accompanies you, your surroundings, your world each and everything can be decoded with the number readings. It shares the barriers and reflects deep insights by simply decoding your birth numbers. It is the awareness you need to follow your dreams.

Numerology insights

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Let’s play the magic of numbers and choose the future you desire!

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