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Virgo and Virgo Compatibility

Virgo and Virgo compatibility is a marriage made midway between Heaven and Earth, unlike the Leo-Virgo pair that is a match definitely made in heaven. Virgo-Virgo together can though be one of the most indestructible pairs in reality.

There is no dearth in understanding each other and this would be a world where no one can intrude to create false hopes, false desires. Falsities do not rule this pair. Practical, persistent and pragmatic, the three P’s rule the mini world that the Virgo-Virgo pair create around themselves.

The Virgo-Virgo pair may bear a child or two together and make them powerful people in the world. They do not believe in living weakly under someone’s mercy.

Virgo and Virgo Compatibility Traits

Virgo-Virgo compatibility rises since both arise to become the mutable species of the Earth. Virgo-Virgo duo can mutate together very well. When two Virgo heads are put together, they would improvise a law to make it perfect. This trust in each other is one reason why they always feel comfortable in each other’s company.

Let’s see some good and some bad about these characters.

Traits Virgo Virgo
Headstrong ✔️ ✔️
Practical ✔️ ✔️
Pragmatic ✔️ ✔️
Disciplined ✔️ ✔️
Stubborn ✔️ ✔️
Perseverance ✔️ ✔️

Virgo and Virgo Compatibility

Virgo and Virgo Love Life

Men and women of this tribe are often lone wolves of the tribe. Fiercely independent, capable of imitating the world flawlessly, they are quite firm and tenacious creatures in the Virgo-Virgo pair. They work by the laws of the woman- they are labile but not fragile, they are elastic, stretchable yet not brittle.

Talking is not what the Virgo-Virgo pair like to do and often would dodge from participating in mundane tasks and communications. They come out often as quite dry in their approach. They are strong and possess a fortified will. Often short-statured, or lean, not very glitzy, they bear a philosopher’s look.

Ruled by Mercury, known for their higher level of intellect, they may often be aloof, standing and thinking far beyond the normal human in the Virgo-Virgo duo.

But, when Love happens it balances between them on these five factors-

  1. The Virgo-Virgo duo can get to know each other’s secrets acting upon them efficiently
  2. Virgo-Virgo pair care about the other partner a lot
  3. Virgo-Virgo pair base their relationship on practicality
  4. The Virgo-Virgo couple would have individual goals and couple goals to complete
  5. Virgo-Virgo duo complements each other very well often and is wittily humorous.

Virgo and Virgo Sentiments

Virgo men are not sentimental but Virgo women are often sentimental in Nature in this Virgo-Virgo compatibility scheme. They have an air of arrogance around them. They are hot-headed, can be extremely cynical, and analyze every move of yours, before stamping you to be proper. 

The Virgo-Virgo pair can be extremely analyzing by nature. Scrutinizing and questioning every action and thought is how they reach a conclusion. Unfiltered truth matters to them. Often a Virgo’s sentimentality arises from the fact that they have not been given the scope to understand a situation better.

Sentimentality, however, does not make them egoistic. Sentiments are kept deep within their folds and not all know what upsets them often. The Virgo-Virgo pair prefer to keep to themselves and barely believe in speaking out their heart. They often find the world too cold and gruesome and often move through hardships to realize truths.

Virgo and Virgo – Intellect & Communication

Intellectually attuned, the Virgo-Virgo pair can analyze, and try to study human behavior more than anybody. They are skeptical and quite bohemian by nature. The intellectuality of a Virgo rises from their constant observation of the world. In the initial years, the Virgo-Virgo pair learn more about wisdom, often at the loss of several precious things of their life.

But slowly their struggle to survive becomes their religion and Virgo-Virgo duo moves into deeper forms of understanding. Thus, both are intelligent creatures, however, the levels of understanding at which they stand could differ hugely thus creating a gap in their world.

Communication is on an average level for them. The Virgo-Virgo duo communicates with each other at a deeper level, discussing not the spiritual self or the physical self but often the mental struggles that they have in the world.  The Virgo-Virgo duo does not speak monologues but a true dialogue can be often found in this couple. 

A true dialogue is always possible with a Virgo-Virgo pair and that’s the best part of them always. They are intent listeners and avid competitors when they run the race. The Virgo-Virgo compatibility is voraciously ambitious by nature and can often leap large when they cross from one zone to the other, one competitive zone to the other zone.

Virgo and Virgo Interests

A Virgo-Virgo pair is majorly interested in moving forward together knowing the world’s workings as they are- they invest a lot of time in knowing how, when and where of things, building their story right on facts. They do not believe in dreams, aspirations, and achievements for them is a one-way foray for these people. 

The Virgo-Virgo pair demand people to be factually correct when dealing with them. 

The Virgo-Virgo pair love reading books and spend their money judiciously. They are not people who can be enslaved to money but power is an addiction for these men and women. People often play the Virgo-Virgo pair as puppets putting power as bait in front of them.

Virgo and Virgo Trust

Trust is a very fragile word for the Virgo-Virgo pair, however since they are almost of the same nature, their task becomes easier in identifying each other to be a more constant and consistent partner. The Virgo-Virgo pair are stable together and they do create a very solid base for their children.

They learn to live in the process of their thought making and tries to be as harmless to others as possible, often. Their pain often solidifies them, yet it does not destroy them. In fact, the Virgo-Virgo pair stand above it to rise and shine.

Additional Information On Virgo and Virgo Compatibility

How Compatible Are Earth-Earth Sign?

Virgo-Virgo pair is extremely compatible with each other. A Virgo would not differ from another Virgo in any which ways. Earth-Earth signs are extremely self-conscious about their image and they are easily trapped in their own image easily.

Usually, an Earth sign like Virgo can never grow tardy or lazy. The only factor that might rule the Virgo-Virgo duo, is their eye to detail. That also can spoil their relationship, since this is one factor that can spoil the fun in a relationship.

If the Virgo-Virgo duo can be partners in this relationship then it is the best couple but if not, then this would ruin the fun of being with the other.

The Mutable v/s Mutable Signs – More Light on Virgo and Virgo Compatibility Traits

Developing a better world, in short, a better Earth is always the goal of the mutable signs together. Virgo and Virgo compatibility rests on the fact that they are a power couple and can change the world into something better if given time and space.

Virgo-Virgo pair is a sign of success achieved through perseverance. They grow together and can be viable partners and beautiful companions. They believe in growing old together. Though not utterly romantic, their belief in a long-lasting relationship is well evident from this point.

Virgo-Virgo together may require some work, however- since this is a bossy sign, basically believes in being dry. They solely focus on the exchange of commodities and goods.

Wrap Up

Virgo-Virgo should watch their anger when they do not succeed in their plans. They need to understand that each human is built of several flaws and removal of these flaws is not often always the aim of all the people existing around them.

The Virgo-Virgo compatibility can come alive as an impatient, rude pair when someone does not follow their will, constantly blaming each other.

They are not courageous enough to accept that their decisions led to an erroneous circumstance and quickly can put it on other’s shoulders.

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