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Virgo and Scorpio Compatibility

Virgo-Scorpio duo can again be a compelling pair when it comes to their compatibility. Emotional black holes often, the Scorpio would have a grueling need for emotional fulfillment that can only be fulfilled by the Virgo. But the Virgo-Scorpio compatibility has to learn to survive the thanklessness nature of the Scorpion in this regard.

No one can understand the Scorpion’s emotional needs better than the Virgo, yet there would be no rewards and the Virgo must be prepared for that kind of an approach. With a Scorpio in the Virgo-Scorpio compatibility, the clean Virgo might have to face aftershocks.

A Scorpio would like to preserve the birth chord of a newborn child or a piece of paper given to them by their first crush and living with a garbage bin is not the choice of a Virgo ever. Virgo-Scorpio compatibility is a very strong force together only if the Scorpion learns to appreciate the clean nature of a Virgo who believes that:

“A clean house is an indication of a clean mind.”

A Virgo would not mind rendering emotional back-up to a Scorpion only if it is appreciated. The Virgo-Scorpio compatibility is always an emotional slushpile where each would find something slushy about the other.

Virgo and Scorpio Compatibility Traits

Virgo and Scorpio compatibility is questionable and they are not compatible mostly, except if there are different rising moons and other zodiac faculties helping the union. Virgos are usually shy, timid and reserved people. They have a high level of self-confidence, they are quite patient and caring people, and that may sit well with the Scorpion.

In the below table, you would find a few traits that chalk out the differences and the similarities between these two people.

Traits Virgo Scorpion
Emotional ✔️
Stubborn ✔️ ✔️
Headstrong ✔️
Skewed ✔️
Physical fitness ✔️
Cleanliness  ✔️
Secretive ✔️

Virgo and Scorpio Compatibility

Virgo and Scorpio Love Life

The emotional pull of the Scorpion is the most attractive facet for a Virgo to consider. On the other hand, the slightly dry Virgo can make a Scorpion’s life easier by managing all their work. A Virgo and Scorpio compatibility definitely would be a couple that would be power studded thanks to the die-hard nature of a Scorpion and the never-say-die attitude of a Virgo.

The Virgo is the silent one, listening and analyzing a Scorpion as the Virgo-Scorpion duo share their heart out. After a certain point, the tables turn and the Virgo becomes the talker, while the Scorpion listens mostly to the chattering of the Virgo silently.

Both prefer a “me-space.”

The silent Scorp in this Virgo-Scorpio compatibility can stay as such for years, and no matter, even if the Virgo analyses these suddenly-gone-silent creatures for 60 years, the Virgo might still be where they were originally in their assessments.

Virgo and Scorpio Sentiments

Virgo is a loyal companion, once their studies are over. Scorpion too is a loyal companion and bestows Virgo with all the attention they seek to have from their partners. A Scorpion is forever in love with power and a Virgo needs a good life in the Virgo-Scorpion pair.

Sentimental often, a Scorpion is amazingly calm for a brief period of time in an argument but then explodes out of their own blues. A Virgo is always very quick to retreat in an argument since they do not prefer a fight and would avoid it at all costs.

The Scorp of the Virgo-Scorpion has a streak of stubbornness and often wins arguments easily. A Virgo is mostly about attention, and can often grow sentimental if not paid proper attention.

Virgo and Scorpio – Intellectuality & Communication

Virgo and Scorpio compatibility rather face difficulty in intellectual sensing of a situation. They both think differently. Scorpion is though the emotional of the two of them and Virgo is more about reasoning, rational and stacked, clean conversations.

Emotionally messy is the word for a Scorpion and Virgo is like a staircase of logic and reasoning stacked against one another.

Virgo and Scorpio Interests

Power is the ultimate point of interest for a Scorpion, and a good life for a Virgo in the Virgo-Scorpio compatibilityThe Virgo-Scorpio compatibility can tick a long while for these points to materialize. A Virgo tries to find a good job, puts up a nice life and loves to be in control of life.

A Scorpion can never feel any pressure when it comes to managing the home with the tidy Virgo dipping their toes everywhere. Both loves to stay at home, a Scorpion can always show the Virgo the underside currents of life since Virgo is mostly transparent about themselves and life.

Seeing life’s darker sides and also responding to those oddities is not the Virgo’s forte. The Scorpion manages to do well on this front. A clean table is the Virgo’s policy and the Scorpion never has to worry about managing the tabletop. Mysteries, mostly the not-so-visible elements (darker elements) create ripples in a Scorpion’s mind.

Virgo is mostly analyzing people to find out how different people are from what they show to be, in reality. A Virgo in the Virgo-Scorpio pair is mostly interested in knowing all the three faces of every human walking the street. 

But a Scorpion is interested in life and believes that greater forces than humans are at play impacting life as a whole.

Virgo and Scorpio Trust

Trust is a hard word for Virgo in the Virgo-Scorpion pair. A Virgo has karmic influences on Scorpion being two signs apart. Being a feminine sign, a Scorpion does initially put everything on the platter for Virgo to gobble.  

Eventually, trust is build up in Virgo for the Scorp, and slowly Virgo invites the Scorpion to their inner realms of expectations and understandings.

On the other hand, a Scorpion of the Virgo-Scorpion pair is always able to understand that the Virgo is generally not the kind of people who would cheat. Being cheated is not something a Scorpion would take too well. 

Sometimes, a Scorpion can lay an entire life waste if they are cheated by people they believe.

Additional Information On Virgo and Scorpio Compatibility

How Compatible Are Earth-Water Sign?

The Virgo-Scorpion pair is compatible, there is no doubt about it. But, with a Scorpion-Virgo, it is more about finding the right pair. All Virgos may not match all Scorpions and vice versa.

Earth is nourished by the Waters, so they both do well together. The Scorpion in the  Virgo-Scorpion duo is always the most benevolent with those they value and a Virgo would easily find a space with a Scorpion given the Virgo would turn out invaluable to each other from the moment they meet.

Scorpions of the Virgo-Scorpion pair are overall very professional and are good partners when they both put their heads together into one set law or thing. The Virgo is ruled by Mercury and Scorpion is ruled by Mars and Pluto. 

Pluto is one factor that gives them access to the unknown far beyond the normal realms. Mars and Mercury do well together, they gel well in short and Pluto definitely is not a hindrance in their union.

The Fixed v/s Mutable Signs – More Light on Virgo and Scorpio Compatibility Traits

The Scorpion is a Fixed sign and Virgo is a mutable sign when the Virgo and Scorpio compatibility is to be considered. The mutation is their way of survival and being a Fixed sign, they survive by fixing their grounds to local soils.

A Cardinal sign would create an idea, a Fixed sign would enforce and maintain the idea and a Mutable sign would make it better. It’s like Newton, a Capricorn and a Cardinal sign-extended his equations to space.

Thomas Edison was an Aquarian and a Fixed sign maintained the idea of bringing proofs in its favor. Albert Einstein, a Pisces, and a mutable sign made it better and more accurate.

Wrap Up

To understand humanity better, a Virgo-Scorpion would leave no stone unturned. To understand life better, a Scorpion would try very hard. Both have their said goals and in-between if both have children then there will never be any diversion and no short cuts for them.

A Virgo-Scorpion pair would do well together if there is a sane balance between them. Life is too sickly if one tries to dominate the other.

When both stay together and try to make life easier for the other, try to recognize and eliminate the Karmic debts, it would not be such a bad journey at all.

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